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"Lost both fighters ages ago, nothing but dead bodies and biters on chains out there. Nobody's leaving, though... they're just getting wasted on their BYOBs and throwin' shit at the zombies'"
—Johnny informing the Governor.[src]

Johnny is a character from The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is a resident living in Woodbury. He is described as "an overgrown farm kid from Macon dressed in a ratty down coat and stocking cap" with a "sheepish face".


Macon, Georgia

Nothing is known about Johnny's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he grew up on a Macon farm.


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point after the outbreak began, Johnny became a guard in Woodbury.

The Road to Woodbury

"This Is How The World Ends"

While Manning and Tommy Zorn fight in the arena, the Governor turns a corner under the racetrack and finds Johnny loading his AK-47 by a deserted food stand while on guard. Philip goes to check on Bruce and Gabe by the exits and tells Johnny to make sure the walkers stay inside the infield and don’t wander back toward the gates. Philip is then tased and kidnapped by the conspirators and thrown into the back of a van along with his henchmen. Johnny remains unaware of this and is forced to keep the crowd calm after the two fighters in the arena are killed. Once the Governor returns alive, Johnny finds him scolding the surviving kidnappers in a concession room. He tells him that the crowd is getting restless out there after they lost both fighters ages ago. The crowd are just getting waisted on their BYOBs and throwing things at the zombies. The Governor orders him to tell the audience about an important announcement he'll be making in a few minutes. Johnny speaks on the arena's PA system with his nasally voice and gets the crowd's attention for Philip to announce the end of Woodbury's barter system.

Johnny isn't heard of again and his job as arena announcer is replaced by Rudy Warburton.


Killed By
  • Unknown

Johnny isn't mentioned or described again after his first appearance, making it likely he died prior to The Fall of the Governor.


Novel Series

The Road to Woodbury

This Is How The World Ends