"Join Or Die" is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


A rivalry between factions has become deeply personal, and we’re ready to take the fight to them.


Feeling confident about their victory over the Brigade, the Eckington Camp survivors decide it's time to bring the fight to Hurst. Hurst waits for them at the Lincoln Memorial, however the survivors take a maintenance tunnel to get close and get ready to take Hurst down once and for all.

The survivors arrive at the tunnel and take it to the Lincoln Memorial, however they are blocked by shutter that need to be opened using a generator that needs fuses. Afterwards, the survivors continue their way through the tunnel and find themselves in the Brigade's camp. After fighting their way through the camp, the survivors find the exit that needs to be opened using a generator which they need fuel for. After this is done, the survivors find the Lincoln Memorial, when they get close enough, they have to find Hurst, but first they need to open the security gates that require authenticate requests. Once the gate's opens, if the survivors are stealthy they can outright kill Hurst, but if they are too loud, Hurst will lock himself in a panic room, which the survivors will have to unlock, once the panic room opens, the survivors kill Hurst. Afterwards the survivors fire a flare to signal Caleb. After getting to Caleb's truck (There's also a side objective to get Heather's bag to Caleb's truck), the survivors escape.

With Hurst dead and his men scattered, the survivors celebrate their victory, but Anderson realizes Hurst wasn't acting alone and a man called Patterson was giving him orders. Despite knowing he won't be easy to take down like his lieutenant, the survivors have confidence that they'll take him down like Hurst, as a family.



  • Hurst
  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade


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