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Jolene's Camp is a minor location featured in "Starved For Help" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One


"Starved For Help"

This camp was set and occupied by Jolene and Danielle, former members of the Save-Lots Bandits. Its location was discovered by Danny St. John during one of his runs off of his family's farm, who believed it to belong to the gang itself. After Mark is shot by bandits while checking the fence, Danny suggests that he and Lee Everett go to the camp and get revenge on the assailants. Upon arriving, the two find it to be empty. Some searching reveals several boxes from Danny's farm, a video camera that causes Danny to panic until Lee discovers that it's broken, and a tent with two sleeping bags in it, one of which is kid-sized. Lee searches the tent and is surprised to find Clementine's missing hat. At that moment, Jolene arrives back at the camp and threatens the two men with her crossbow. Danny yells at her for attacking the farm despite the deal they had with the bandits, but she says she is no longer with them. Lee is then given the option to shoot Jolene on the spot, or can attempt to talk her down. He gets her to admit she stole the hat and that the bandits took her daughter, but she once she starts talking about Danny and the St. John's true motivations, she is shot by Danny. Lee is incredulous at the act, but Danny brushes off, claiming that it was in self-defense and that the bandits will stop their aggression once they find her corpse. He takes Jolene's crossbow and the two head back to the farm. 

Later, after the group loots the station wagon they find, Carley or Doug fixes the camcorder Lee found and shows him the footage on it. There is a short clip of several Save-Lots Bandits assaulting Jolene in her camp mixed in with footage of the Travelier Motel.




  • Whilst Danny and Lee are scoping out Jolene's camp, the theme/slide music begins to play from "Amid The Ruins".