"They told me I'd be safe with them... Men who lived here. But it weren't safe. Not for me, and not for my girl. They didn't treat her nice. Not at all. They took her away, into the woods. Wouldn't tell me where. And I begged 'em. Every way I could think. They just laughed... So I killed 'em. And I'm staying here 'til she comes back to me. One way or another...she'll come back."
—Jolene to Lee Everett about her daughter. (Determinant)[src]

Jolene's daughter is an original character in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One seen in a photograph and mentioned by her mother in "Starved For Help".


Rural Georgia

Very little is known about this girl prior to the outbreak. She was the daughter of Jolene, and they lived together near Macon.


Season 1

"Starved For Help"

Following the outbreak, Jolene joined the Save-Lots Bandits, and moved into the woods. For some reason, she was forced away, out to fend for herself, her daughter being taken away into the woods with the bandits. It is hinted through dialogue that she was raped and murdered by the Save-Lots Bandits. This causes Jolene to go insane, and leads her  to accuse Jake, Bart, and Linda of being "rapist monsters".



"And I'm staying here 'till she comes back to me. One way or another... she'll come back."
—Jolene talking to Lee and Danny about her daughter. (Determinant)[src]

While their relationship is not explored in the game, and the daughter never makes a physical appearance, it can be assumed that she cared deeply for her mother. Jolene kept mementos of the girl in her tent, such as a photograph and a bloody stuffed rabbit. She also seems distraught in the video found on the camcorder in her camp concerning the supposed rape and death of her daughter, and it is assumed that the event is what triggered her mental instability.


Video Game

Season 1


  • Unused lines tell us that Jolene's daughter's name was Danielle. As the name Danielle is never mentioned in the final game, that name should not be considered as her canonical name.
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