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"Woah! It's cool! I swear! Buddy, you can walk right out that back gate there, and I won't say anything to anybody. I'm supposed to be there now, but, listen... I'm... I'm just trying to get by, just like you. Please?"
—Joey's final words, pleading to Daryl Dixon.[src]

Joseph, more commonly known as Fat Joey, is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Saviors.


Compared to the rest of the Saviors, Joseph is shown to be jovial and light-hearted. He is a skilled engineer who is in charge of of redirecting walkers away from the Sanctuary. He is shown to be loyal enough to the Saviors to the point he's willing to do things such as beat up Daryl when ordered. However, he seems to follow Negan out of fear and states that he is just trying to get by. When he witnesses Daryl escaping the Sanctuary, he promises not to tell anyone. Not wanting to take any chances, Daryl brutally bashes Joseph's head in. It's then revealed that Joseph had a gun that he could've used but chose not to, showing he might've genuinely allowed Daryl to escape.


Location Unknown

Almost nothing is known about Joseph's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he worked as a border patrol guard. One day, he caught a kid sneaking over the border and his colleague encouraged him to shoot the kid but he refrained out of kindness and mercy.


Washington, D.C.

At some point in the apocalypse, Joey somehow came into contact with a group named "the Saviors" which he subsequently joined upon where he was appointed as one of the Sanctuary guards and the engineer in charge of disposing the herds of walkers from the compound.

Joey aided his group in terrorizing other survivors and communities around the area into subjugating to Negan's will, where their victims would be forced to give half their supplies in exchange for not being murdered.

Season 7

"The Cell"

Joey is walking inside the Sanctuary with Negan when he is ordered to watch Daryl as Negan speaks to Dwight. Later that day, Joey gives Daryl his lunch in his cell and seemingly forgets to lock the cell door as he leaves. When Daryl is captured in a courtyard after trying to escape, Joey is among the Saviors to surround Daryl. When Negan asks Joey who he is, Joey responds with "Negan" and eventually beats up Daryl with the other Saviors.

"Sing Me a Song"

Joey is at the Sanctuary with Negan and the other Saviors ready to unload the truck from the Hilltop and talks to Negan on how something went wrong in the process of leading away the walkers, but that he'll get right on it by making more explosives. He then watches in shock as Carl guns down a couple of Saviors.

A while later, Joey nervously interrupts in Negan's room and returns Lucille to Negan since he left it outside by the truck. After laughing along with Negan's jokes on how he handled Lucille, Joey is rudely dismissed.

"Hearts Still Beating"

Joey witnesses Daryl attempting to escape. He pleads Daryl not to kill him, insisting he's just trying to get by and will not speak a word of the escape to anyone. However, Daryl ignores his pleas and proceeds to beat him to death with a metal pipe as Jesus arrives and witnesses it in shock. Once Joey is dead, Daryl notices that he was armed with Rick's Colt Python and takes it from his corpse.

"Hostiles and Calamities"

Dwight and a group of Saviors discover and gather around Joey's corpse. They stare at his dead body and Dwight notices that Daryl's motorcycle is missing.


Killed By

When Joey catches Daryl attempting to escape, he pleads Daryl not to kill him, but Daryl ignores his plea and brutally bashes his head in with a metal pipe.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Joey has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


TV Series

Season 7


  • It's implied through both a conversation between Chris and George as well as Negan and Joey himself that Joey may have been an engineer, in charge of making explosives in order to lure walkers away from the Sanctuary as well as possibly other communities such as the Kingdom and the Hilltop.
    • This was confirmed by what Joshua Hoover (the actor who portrays him) said in an interview with comicbook.com
  • His death was filmed to be more brutal than it was in the actual episode, but due to violence needing to be toned down on the series on orders of the network (especially after "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"), little to no gore was shown.
  • Joseph receives a short eulogy from Negan over the radio in "Rock in the Road" and a post-death mention by two of his fellow Saviors in "Say Yes".
  • When Joshua Hoover was asked about any backstory for Fat Joey he gave his thoughts that he worked for the Border Patrol and once caught a kid sneaking over the border and his colleague encouraged him to shoot the kid but he refrained, due to his personality and heart.[1]
    • Ironically, his job prior to the apocalypse was being a border patrol guard. He died by not keeping guard of the Sanctuary's "borders" (i.e., gates and doors).

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