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{{SimilarName|the actor|the Social Game [[Joseph Wilkinson|character]] or the Novel Series [[Joseph Bressler|character]]}}
{{SimilarName|the actor|the Social Game [[Joseph Wilkinson (Social Game)|character]] or the Novel Series [[Joseph Bressler (Novel Series)|character]]}}
{{Actor Info
{{Actor Info
|name = Joseph Setticase
|name = Joseph Setticase

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This article is about the actor. You may be looking for the Social Game character or the Novel Series character.

Joseph Setticase is an extra who portrayed a man living in Woodbury in Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

  • "Home" - Guard duty on front wall.
  • "Prey" - Helps load the Humvee with Martinez, Shumpert, Ben, Allen, and another man.
  • "Welcome to the Tombs" - Gun taken by Governor and given to Tyreese, apart of the prison raid, murdered by Governor when he tried to escape in a car, eaten by a reanimated resident. murdered by Governor on road.

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