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"Your dad really sleeps here? Well, he's like the boss of the whole world, isn't he? Can I see his room?"
—Josh to Carl about Rick.[src]

Josh is a character first encountered in Issue 70 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, alongside his parents.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Josh's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he had a father, Vincent, and mother, Julia.


Life Among Them

Josh has been seen playing with Carl Grimes, Sophia, and Mikey. He is also seen talking to Rick Grimes.

No Way Out

In Issue 80, he attends the community's meeting and listening to Rick's instructions on keeping safe from the undead hordes at the gates.

A New Beginning

Josh and Carl make a deal to trade a hooded sweatshirt for a wood sculpture that Josh would give to Wendy. Before Carl leaves for the Hilltop, he makes sure to give Josh his wood sculpture. Josh is upset that he doesn't have Carl's sweatshirt to give to him, but Carl says that he will collect it on his return visit. 

Life And Death

Josh was somehow lured outside of the fair in the Alexandria Safe-Zone by a disguised Alpha, and was later decapitated by her along with 11 other victims.


Killed By

In order to mark a border between the land belonging to the Whisperers and the communities, Alpha disguises herself and infiltrates the fair to lure people off the fairgrounds. Afterward, she decapitates them and then places their heads on wooden pikes to mark the border, with Josh being among them.

After finding the border, his zombified head is put down by Carl.


Carl Grimes

In Issue 128, Carl takes Josh to see his wood carvings. During this interaction, Carl doesn't seem to care much for Josh's questions, shortly denying Josh's request to see Rick's room. This is most likely due to Carl feeling like he's not pulling his weight by only doing wood carvings, implying he would usually be more friendly with Josh had they been discussing something different.

When Josh is among the twelve people killed by Alpha, Carl puts down his zombified head and subsequently breaks down. He tells Lydia how he hasn't lost a friend in a long time and Josh was a lot of fun to be around, showing that Carl really did consider Josh a good friend.


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  • Josh was first seen in Issue 70, but wasn't named until Issue 128.
  • He is the youngest person to be killed by Alpha.