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"He's right, Mike. I can't do this either. I'm sorry, it's just too much."
—Joshua's mother to Mike.[src]

Joshua's mother is a character first encountered in Issue 173 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. She is a former member of the Whisperers along with her son Joshua and husband Mike. They were very recent recruits and were about to be killed by other Whisperers for failing to adopt their lifestyle, but were saved by Paul Monroe and Aaron.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this woman's life prior to or as the outbreak began except she got married to Mike and had Joshua.


Joshua's Mother and her family spent two years on the road before coming across the Whisperers.

Lines We Cross

Joshua's Mother is first seen at the diminished camp of the few remaining Whisperers following the fallout of the Whisperer war. After Joshua unsuccessfully tries to adopt the ways of the Whisperers and wear the human flesh mask, they refer to each other by their names and take off their "masks". This causes the other Whisperers to go and attempt to kill them while Mike begs for some time to adapt. Right before getting attacked by one of the Whisperers, the trio is saved by Paul Monroe and Aaron.

Aaron tells the group about the network of communities they have established, which prompts Joshua to eagerly ask if they make people wear human skin and get rid of their names.

This character is not seen or mentioned in the 25 year time-skip, leaving her fate unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this woman has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Volume 29: Lines We Cross