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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his Novel Series counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Joshua

Joshua Lee Hamilton is a novel-adapted character who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Pre- & Post-Apocalypse

For Joshua's whereabouts prior to or during the outbreak:

Main article: Joshua Hamilton (Novel Series)

As A Playable Character


  • Persona: Peacekeeper
  • Trait: Strong
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare (4 Stars)
  • Leader Skill: All melee teammates get +20% attack and +20% defense.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Shattering Strike (Deal 250% damage and cause 40 damage bleeding for 4 turns to one enemy.)
  • Specialist Skill: Does not have one.

Joshua - "Hardened Survivor"

  • Persona: Rebel
  • Trait: Fast
  • Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
  • Leader Skill: All teammates get +30% attack against Fast enemies and a medium bonus to AP when taking damage.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Stirring Strike (Deal 350% damage to one enemy. All teammates get +60% attack for 1 turn.)
  • Specialist Skill: Does not have one.

Joshua - "The Road to Woodbury"

NOTE: This character is only obtainable through character ascendance.

  • Persona: Hunter
  • Trait: Alert
  • Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
  • Leader Skill: Does not have one.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Advantage Shift (Revive one teammate with 45% of their max HP and stun one enemy for 3 turns.)
  • Specialist Skill: Retribution (When this character is defeated, all of the character's surviving teammates will immediately receive 25% of their max AP.)


Killed By

After returning to Woodbury with Lilly from a community of houses nearby, Sam (who runs a type of market trading favors in exchange of goods) spots the bag of supplies that they had with them. When Sam asks to give him the bag to pay off his massive debt, Joshua Lee Hamilton declines, which leads to a brief struggle between the two and ends when Sam quickly proceeds to take out his pistol and shoot Joshua in the head. Joshua's death date is November 11th 2012, mentioned later in The Fall of the Governor novel.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Joshua has killed: