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"You didn't do this. I did. He doesn't deserve this. He shouldn't have to suffer for my mistakes. (...) He saved my life--twice now... Now I have to take his. I thought I was doing the right thing, thought I was keeping a promise. I thought it was about Emile... The whole time, it was about me. I didn't want to let him go."
—Josiah to Morgan while comforting a dying Rufus.[src]

Josiah LaRoux is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the twin brother of Emile LaRoux and served as the primary antagonist of the episode "Breathe With Me".


At first, Josiah seems similar to his brother, a cold and remorseless killer. After he finds Emile's decapitated head, he vows to get revenge on his killer. He finds Sarah and forces her to help him find Morgan. However, it soon becomes apparent Josiah is not a bad man and is shown to be honorable, fair, and patient. At one point, he buries the dead, claiming they deserve respect. He also agrees to help Sarah find her brother. When Sarah begins to panic after seeing a leaking warhead, he helps comfort her and remains optimistic about them finding Wendell. Sarah keeps her promise and lures Morgan over to them, but tells Josiah he isn't going to kill him because he is not a killer.

Eventually, Josiah finds Morgan and fights him despite Sarah's pleas to stop. In an attempt to get justice, he tries to use Emile's head to bite and kill Morgan. However, this would indirectly lead to Rufus' death, when he is bitten by Emile. Josiah is immediately filled with regret and remorse, blaming himself for his death. He lets go of his grudge against Morgan, admitting that it was not about a promise he made to Emile, but his inability to let him go. Josiah's promise to Sarah is also fulfilled, when they find Wendell at Strand's Tower, though she is not allowed to see him. Feeling complete, he leaves Sarah and Morgan on good terms.


Location Unknown

Before the outbreak, Josiah worked as a park ranger for fifteen years with his identical twin brother Emile. Together, the two ran search and rescue with the help of Rufus. On one occasion, Josiah got lost in the midst of a forest fire while rescuing some lost hikers. Emile refused to give up on his brother even when everyone else insisted that Josiah was dead and Emile kept getting trapped in the smoke searching for him. Eventually, Rufus found Josiah thanks to Rufus and Emile insisted that he could feel that his brother was still alive, something that Josiah never believed.


Season 7

"Six Hours"

When Morgan and Grace are preparing to leave with Bea and Fred, a car's headlights approach from behind in the fog. A spotlight suddenly turns on and the engine revs. Morgan tells the others to hide as he aims his rifle. The silhouette of an armored man steps out of the car and begins walking toward Morgan, who warns him to stop before shooting him once. Stumbling a bit, he continues walking and is shot another two times, falling down and going motionless. Morgan takes his attention off him to handle the oncoming walkers and an endangered Mo. After handling the situation, Morgan notices him driving off.

Later on, he is seen at his campsite, now with Rufus, who came with him at some point during the altercation. He sits on a log and observes the box labeled for Morgan's head, with Emile LaRoux's still-reanimated head inside. He removes the lid and gently holds his head close to him, before removing his hazmat mask, revealing himself to be his twin brother. Josiah tells his zombified brother that Morgan may have beat him today, but there was still tomorrow.

"Breathe With Me"

When Sarah finds Rufus and the zombified head of Emile in Josiah's parked car, she is suddenly approached by Josiah who holds her at gunpoint, telling her to step away from his brother. Sarah questions why his brother's head is in a box with Morgan's name written on it. Josiah threatens Sarah, saying she will help him lure Morgan into a spot so that he can kill him, or he will find and kill Wendell, who he heard the two talking about over the radio. Sarah reluctantly makes contact with Morgan, asking him to meet.

Before preparing to leave, Josiah notices Sarah's anti-radiation medicine, saying she will give him and Rufus some if they are exposed. Sarah refuses, saying they are for her brother. Seeing a couple walkers approaching, Josiah removes his shovel-pickaxe like weapon and kills them, before starting to dig graves for the two. Watching, Sarah questions why Josiah would dig a grave for walkers. Josiah claims the dead deserve respect. After completing the graves, the two hear Rufus barking in the distance, rushing to the scene. Upon seeing a stalker releasing walkers near a barking Rufus, Josiah holds him at gunpoint, saying he should kill him for putting Rufus in danger. Josiah has the stalker strip down and has Rufus sniff his clothes for any scent of Wendell. He retrieves a red piece of clothing, demanding the stalker to show them where he found it.

Upon being led to a barn full of walkers, Sarah finds Wendell's unoccupied wheelchair, covered in blood. Entering a state of panic and anger, Sarah prepares to kill the stalker before he releases the walkers from their pens, running off. Josiah begins fighting off the walkers, before running back to his car. Sarah, who had gotten to the car first, sees Josiah coming and, in a panic, starts to drive off without him. Catching up before she can leave, he jumps into the passenger seat, berating Sarah for almost leaving him for dead. Sarah angrily yells that they are done, before opening Josiah's door and attempting to push him out. In the panic, Sarah drives the truck over a hill and into a ravine, knocking the two out.

Waking up hours into the night, the two come to their senses, with Rufus fortunately uninjured in the back seat. Sarah notices the leaking warhead close by, and begins to panic again. Josiah tries to calm her down. Sarah, in grief, explains how she knows her brother is dead, but Josiah disagrees, saying that she wouldn't be looking for him if he was dead. He explains that during his time as a park ranger, he was caught in a forest fire, and his brother Emile insisted on trying to rescue him even when the other rangers said Josiah could not have survived. He says that Emile persisted because he would have felt if Josiah was actually gone, and that he felt the loss of his brother when Morgan killed him. He says Sarah would have felt the same if Wendell was dead. He also mentions that Rufus was the one to enter the smoke and save him that day.

Upon getting out of the wrecked van, the two kill the surrounding walkers before Morgan approaches. Shocked at seeing Emile's face again, Morgan confusingly says that he had already killed Josiah. The two begin to fight, with Josiah successfully tackling Morgan to the ground. Sarah yells at Josiah that he is not a killer, before he takes his brothers head out of the box and prepares to let it bite Morgan. When Sarah tackles Josiah off of Morgan, the head rolls to the side. Rufus, seeing his old master, rushes over to the zombified head but is bitten on the muzzle, causing the fight to stop. Sarah splits Emile's head in half. Seeing that Rufus was bit, Josiah regretfully embraces Rufus, tearing up at his fatal mistake while Sarah and Morgan watch.

At a campfire, Josiah lets Rufus rest against him while he pours some hot sauce in a heating can of beans, feeding them to Rufus. He says that beans are his favorite food, and hopefully would help bring him some peace. Morgan says that he is sorry for Rufus, and Josiah takes the blame for it, saying that his desire for revenge was not about Emile but about him. He says Rufus had saved his life twice now, and now he had to take his. Morgan compliments Rufus, saying he is a good dog. Sarah tells Josiah about how, when she was born, her mother died having her and that she was unable to breathe unless her incubator was placed beside an infant Wendell. She says she understands why Josiah did not want to let his brother go, because she feels she can't breathe every second she is away from hers. At some point off-screen, Josiah puts down Rufus out of mercy, and is later seen completing his grave, patting down the dirt and leaving the can of beans at the top. Morgan tells the two that Wendell may be with Strand at the Tower, and the three leave Rufus's gravesite.

In the morning, the three arrive at a post set up outside the tower. Picking up the phone to contact the inside, they are suddenly approached by Howard and another armed guard. Strand approaches, telling Sarah that Wendell is in the Tower, but that she is not permitted to join the community. He says that Wendell can come out, but can't go back in. Accepting this, Sarah asks that Victor doesn't tell Wendell that she was there. As they leave, Sarah reacts in tears to her decision, with Josiah coming to her side, guiding her to breathe with him. She says she did not want to let him go, but Josiah insists she did the right thing and did what he could not do. Morgan offers Sarah and Josiah to come back to the USS Pennsylvania with him. Josiah denies, saying he is probably exposed to radiation and they wouldn't want a sick man to deal with, but Sarah offers him the anti-radiation pills she intended to give to Wendell. He thanks her. Josiah still says he needs more time to process the loss of his brother and dog, and Sarah offers him to join them if he changes his mind. Josiah leaves the two.


After Alicia passes out near Strand's Tower, she wakes up being carried to safety by Sarah, Dwight, Luciana, June, Daniel, and Josiah. Dwight explains that they heard her SOS and Josiah introduces himself to Alicia. Sarah explains that Josiah is a friendly and that he had gotten to Alicia before they did. "Good thing too, or you'd be a part of that herd," Sarah comments. Josiah and the others are confused by Alicia's continuing insistence that there was a young girl with her, but June points out that Alicia is burning up while Josiah insists that she was alone when he found her.

With Alicia intent on going back to the Tower to find the little girl, all of the group, including Josiah, decide to back with her and help clear the tunnel to the Tower. The group succeeds in clearing the tunnel for Alicia, but Josiah warns her that they can't be sure that the tunnel will be stable for long. Alicia orders the rest of the group to go back to the rafts and wait for her to radio them if she finds out where PADRE is, listing the various reasons that her friends can't risk their lives on this mission. Reluctantly, they all agree to leave.

Later, Josiah is amongst the people who flees the area on the rafts.

Season 8

Josiah will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Josiah has killed:


Emile LaRoux

Being his twin brother, and based on how Josiah has talked about him, the two were very close before the outbreak. The two were both park rangers, often working search and rescue missions with the help of Rufus. On one occasion, a group of hikers were trapped in a forest fire, along with Josiah. Despite that the other rangers were sure that Josiah couldn't be alive, Emile insisted he was, having not 'felt' the loss of his twin. Eventually, Rufus was the one to find Josiah in the smoke. It it unclear whether Emile and Josiah were separated at or sometime after the outbreak. Months after Emile's death at the hands of Morgan Jones, Josiah eventually found his brother's head in a box labeled "Morgan Jones", though he later describes to Sarah that he had already felt a similar feeling to what his brother felt the day he was trapped in the forest fire, this time of actual loss. Seeking revenge for the loss of his brother, Josiah reunited with Rufus and used him to track Sarah in order to reach Morgan. When the time came, Emile and Morgan's fight was cut short when Emile's head bit Rufus as he was defending his new owner. Realizing that his desire for revenge had led to a fatal mistake, Josiah understood it was never a promise of revenge but instead his inability to let his brother go. After putting down Rufus, Josiah had moved on from Emile's death and made amends with Morgan.


Based on Josiah's descriptions of their past, it can be assumed that Rufus is just as loyal to Josiah as he was to Emile. Before the outbreak, Josiah and Emile used Rufus on search and rescue missions as park rangers. On one occasion, Rufus saved Josiah in the midst of a forest fire when the other rangers insisted to Emile that he couldn't be alive. After being separated for presumably years, Josiah reunited with a lost Rufus after his first attempt to kill Morgan Jones as revenge for murdering Emile, taking him along to help him with his journey. He used Rufus for some time to track down Sarah, who he'd plan to use to get to Morgan. When Morgan and Josiah finally confronted one another and fought, Rufus rushed to Josiah to defend him from Emile's zombified head and was bitten. Guilt-stricken, Josiah realized that his blind anger was costing him the loss of his remaining family, and eventually put down a bitten Rufus, burying him and leaving a can of beans on top of his grave. After accepting his brother's death and mourning the loss of Rufus as well, Josiah was able to forgive Morgan.

Sarah Rabinowitz

Josiah and Sarah initially met on bad terms. After catching Sarah going through his car and the box with Emile's zombified head, he held her at gunpoint. Josiah would reveal to Sarah that he intended to use her to get to Morgan, and threatened to find and kill Wendell if she refused. While traveling, the two mutually became more trusting of each other, despite what he intended to do to Morgan, although she frequently tried to talk him out of his desire for revenge by relating to him with her experiences with Wendell. When the two forced a stalker to show them where he found an article of Wendell's clothing, Sarah found Wendell's abandoned wheelchair in a walker pen, and in anger, tried to kill the stalker before being stopped by Josiah. In a mixture of anger and panic, Sarah tried to leave in Josiah's car without him but failed, and tried to push Josiah out of the speeding car before getting in a wreck. After the two woke, Wendell talks Sarah out of a panic attack by explaining that she wouldn't be looking for Wendell if he really was dead, and described that twins would feel if they lost the other. When Morgan arrives, Josiah still attacks him, despite Sarah's efforts to talk him out of it. Though, when Rufus is bitten by Emile's zombified head, the fight abruptly stops as Josiah embraces his wounded friend. Later, as Josiah is caring for Rufus, Sarah tells him about how she understands what Josiah felt when he sought revenge, because she feels like she cannot breathe whenever her 'twin' is gone. After putting Rufus down and burying him, Sarah, Josiah, and Morgan arrived outside Strand's tower, where he confronts them and tells Sarah that Wendell is in the tower, but he can only come out to her and cannot go back in. After accepting to leave Wendell without him knowing she was there, Sarah entered another panic attack, with Josiah immediately coming to her aid, guiding her to breathe and telling her she was able to let her brother go when he couldn't. Denying Morgan's offer to join him and Sarah at the USS Pennsylvania, Sarah reminds him that he knows where to find them if he changes his mind, before leaving the two on a good note.

Morgan Jones

After killing his brother, Emile sought revenge on Morgan. After reuniting with Rufus, he would use him to track down Sarah, who he intended to manipulate into luring Morgan to him. When he finally confronts Morgan, the two fight, but the fight abruptly stops after Rufus is bitten. While caring for a sick Rufus, Morgan apologizes to Josiah. Full of guilt and regret, Josiah admits his quest for revenge was not based on a promise to his brother but his inability to let his brother go. After putting down and burying Rufus, Josiah, Morgan, and Sarah travel to Strand's tower in hopes of finding Wendell. When Sarah is given an ultimatum and agrees to leave Wendell supposedly safe in the tower, Morgan offers both of them to come back to the USS Pennsylvania with him, showing that he now trusts and forgives Josiah as well. Josiah denies, saying he needs time to himself, but is told to reach out to them if he changes his mind.


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  • The name Josiah was originally used for Emile LaRoux, but for reasons unknown, the name was changed at the last minute. Instead, they used the name for his brother.
    • The surname LaRoux derives from the Old French word "rous," meaning "red," or "red-haired, suggesting Josiah and Emile trace their ancestry to French colonies.
  • Josiah was mentioned by his brother, though not by name, in "The End Is the Beginning". After Emile gives Walter some cooked beans, Walter compliments them and asks what's in them (tabasco sauce). Emile tells him it's his brother's secret recipe, and that he'd kill him if he "spilled the beans".
  • As of "Gone", Josiah LaRoux is one of the two named characters from Season 7 confirmed to still be alive, the other being Maya Vazquez.

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