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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the actress.

"This group works because WE know how to communicate."
—Joyce to the Gil's Pitstop survivors, deciding on what to do with the hostage. (Determinant)[src]

Joyce is an original character who first appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One, along with Vernon, Brie, Clive, and Boyd, as well as in "Shel's Story" in "400 Days" with Clive and Boyd still with her.


Savannah, Georgia

Not much is known about Joyce's life prior to or as the outbreak began. At some point, she had a child and was diagnosed with cancer. She was a member of a Cancer Support Group led by Vernon in Savannah, Georgia, however, she still has active cancer inside of her, causing her immense pain.


Season One

Following the zombie epidemic, she, along with her support group, moved into Crawford, which, at the time, seemed like an ideal safe haven from walkers. However, the leader, Crawford Oberson, tightened his control and lost his sanity. He began eliminating any he deemed liabilities within his community. Unfortunately, Joyce, being a cancer-patient and elderly, was targeted along with her other support group members. Half of the members were killed, the others fleeing Crawford and creating their home in an abandoned morgue within the sewers of Savannah along with Vernon, Brie, Boyd, and Clive.

"Around Every Corner"

After Lee Everett arrived in search for help, she did not speak, being in much pain from her cancer. Boyd was seen caring for her, assisting her in laying down in bed. He was very reluctant to see Vernon go to assist Lee in getting back to the mansion, as Joyce was in very much pain, and he couldn't bear to see her that way. After Vernon returned, she disappeared with the others.

"400 Days"

Some point after Joyce and her group steal the boat, their leader Vernon dies from a unknown cause. Later she along with Boyd and Clive come across and join up with Roman's group.

"Shel's Story"

On day 236, Joyce is with Boyd and Clive at Gil's Pitstop with other group members; Roman, Shel, Stephanie and Becca. She listens to Becca play the guitar in the diner. Later, she argues against releasing the intruder and suggests they execute him because she believes strangers are the reason they lost Brie and Vernon. Depending on Shel's choice, if the man is let go, he will storm the pitstop with other people to raid the camp. In the ensuing battle, Boyd dies. If the man is killed, no more outsiders will come to the camp and Boyd will remain alive.

On day 259, Stephanie tries to make off with the group's supplies and leave the pitstop. However, she is caught by Roman and thrown into the back of a van truck. Roman requests to speak with Shel about the matter, which she has no idea of. On her walk to meet Roman, Shel can speak with Joyce about what occurred. After the end of Shel's story, Joyce's whereabouts become unknown.

Killed Victims

This is a list of victims Joyce has killed:



"Vern, we need medicine. Joyce is in a lot of pain, I can't bear to see her like this. Maybe it's worth the risk."
—Boyd to Vernon about Joyce. (Determinant)[src]

Boyd was shown caring for Joyce in the morgue in "Around Every Corner" when she was laying on the bed. He does, however disagree with her in "400 Days", when it comes to Roberto's fate, as Joyce wants to kill him, while Boyd wants to set him free. If he was let free, Joyce was shown to be deeply affected by his death.


"The last time we did that... we lost Brie, and then Vernon with that goddamned boat!"
—Joyce to Roman's group about trusting Roberto.[src]

Joyce and Brie seem to good friends during "Around Every Corner", where Brie was shown caring for Joyce in the morgue in, when she was laying on the bed. Joyce was affected by Brie's death during "400 Days", where Joyce warily speaks of their past run-ins with outsiders and insists that having dealt with such people is a direct cause of losing Brie.


Joyce and Clive have a good friendship. They stayed together at the morgue and Clive was shown to be concerned about Joyce's health. They later ended up at the Pitstop, where both of them agreed it was a bad idea to set Roberto free.


"The last time we did that... we lost Brie, and then Vernon with that goddamned boat!"
—Joyce to Roman's group about trusting Roberto.[src]

Vernon and Joyce were never seen interacting due to Joyce staying at the morgue while Vernon and Brie went to Crawford with Lee and the others. When Lee and the others went looking for Clementine, Vernon and the others took the opportunity to steal the boat, beating anyone who stayed at the house. Once Boyd, Joyce, and Clive arrived at the pit-stop, Joyce revealed that she supported what Vernon did, saying that when the group trusted Lee's group their support group fell apart, blaming Lee and the others for Brie's and Vernon's death.


Video Game

Season One


  • She is one of the oldest survivors encountered in the video game, alongside Walt and Jean.
  • Although Joyce's status is still unknown, she is most likely dead by the time the Final Season takes place, given her age, cancer, and the fact that almost 10 years have passed since the start of the apocalypse.