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This article is about Juanita's Apartment in the Comic Series. You may be looking for its counterpart in the TV Series.

Juanita's Apartment is a location seen in Image Comics' The Walking Dead. It is the place where Juanita Sanchez resides.


Nothing is known about this apartment building before the apocalypse aside that Juanita Sanchez may have lived here.


Juanita offers to bring them to her shelter nearby. After arriving, Juanita seemingly signals her group to attack by yelling out, but this is revealed to be a practical joke. She tells Michonne to keep the gun while she goes in to get some supplies. As she does so, Michonne eyes her suspiciously.

Juanita tells Michonne she's got to work on her sense of humor and goes inside the building. Yumiko says that they should let her tag along, commenting that at least the trip would be 'entertaining'. Michonne is about to ride away when Juanita comes out with a backpack and a large spear she found within the city. When asked if she can give back her gun, Michonne declines; Juanita shrugs it off, stating she has others.




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