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Now new dad and new bro start tying me up, throwing me in a closet when I acted out. Leave me there for hours. I'd piss myself sometimes. So they'd take turns... beating me. And all I'd hear was, "Juanita, there's a roof over your head." "Juanita, the bills are paid." "Juanita, it could be worse." Well, you know what? Fuck that thinking.
―Juanita explaining to Mercer how she was abused when she was younger.[src]

Juanita Sanchez, more commonly known as "Princess", is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a good-natured and energetic lone survivor encountered by Eugene Porter, Ezekiel Sutton, and Yumiko Okumura, who soon allow her to join them on their mission. After entering the Commonwealth, she is assigned a job as a clerk at the general store. She later develops a close relationship to Michael Mercer, General of the Commonwealth Army.


As she hasn't had much interaction with other people for some time, Juanita comes off as quite foolish, yet intriguing to the members of the expedition. She admits that she's been on her own for over a year, and 'it totally sucks', even questioning at first if the trio were actually real or just hallucinations. Regardless, Juanita is open to try and build trust with the survivors.

Juanita comes off as extremely talkative and easy-going. She is willing to make jokes at any given moment, despite the severity of the situation.

Juanita also appears to be very childish, as she dyed her hair purple and chose to wear a pink fur jacket and goggles, just for fun. She also gave herself the nickname "Princess" and states that being called a "Queen" would make her sound old and pretentious. Regardless of her happy-go-lucky nature, she can be taken seriously in combat and is able to mow down walkers easily. She is also shown to be surprisingly observant, noticing little details about the Commonwealth soldiers guarding her, Yumiko, Eugene and Ezekiel that her companions didn't notice.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania[]

Juanita Sanchez was born in 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In her early childhood she was diagnosed with ADHD. Her father left the family in 2001, when Juanita was nine years old, for unknown reasons, which caused her to speculate he may have left due to having caught her smoking his cigarettes one day. About six months later, her mother met and married a man named Dougie and prioritized him over her own daughter, resulting in the two of them abusing and neglecting Juanita. Dougie brought his son into the marriage, who eventually joined in on the abuse. At school and home, Juanita was a lonely and socially awkward individual, who never had any real friends, and was once told that she was "hard to love" by someone, possibly a family member. However, at some point, a neighbor or teacher named Mrs. Travis was kind and accepting of her.

In high school, Juanita met a "cool girl" who taught her how to dye her hair and it helped Juanita's self-esteem and image. When Juanita was 14, she was locked in the closet by her stepfather. While trying to chip the wood away, she got a splinter. The splinter caused a serious infection and kept her home from school. Her mom then sent her back to school before the hand could heal and her hand got infected again. Her mother didn't notice or seem to care, while her stepfather was disgusted by it, kept her from eating at the dinner table and laughed at her. When Juanita retaliated, her stepfather smacked her against her jaw. Juanita asked her mom for help and pleaded with her to not make her eat out in the garage. Juanita's mother then told her to not eat.

When she was 15, Juanita got her first job as a waitress at Missy Moose's Pizzeria. After receiving her first paycheck, she went to the bank and asked for a $2 dollar bill. Since then, Juanita kept the bill in her pocket to remind her of earning her own money for the first time and being independent from her neglectful family. During high school, she was also employed at a music record store. At some point, Juanita was arrested for an unknown reason and claims that she didn't do it, that someone else had done the crime.


Unspecified Mid-Atlantic City[]

At some point in the apocalypse, Juanita settled into an abandoned city in the mid-Atlantic area, mostly cleared of the undead where she found entertainment in posing walkers in strange positions that resembled everyday life with exaggerated clothing. She recalls that the last time she encountered another survivor was over a year prior to meeting Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko.

TV Series[]

Season 10[]

"Look at the Flowers"

Upon arriving in an abandoned city while en-route to meet Stephanie, Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko come across multiple walkers strangely posed doing regular things, such as two walkers appearing to have a tea party and a walker dressed in a police uniform giving a ticket, set up by Juanita. After hearing Ezekiel laugh in reaction to one of her setups, Juanita comes face to face with the three, reacting with extreme excitement at the sight of other survivors.

"The Tower"

During her encounter with Eugene's group, Yumiko asks for her name and what she wants. Offended at her tone, Juanita points out that Yumiko and her group were the ones making noise, and that she thought they needed help, and goes on to lament how the first people she's seen in over a year turned out to be "meanies". Ezekiel tells her she just startled them, and they didn't know if she was attacking. Bemused, she tells the group that, if she wanted to attack them, she would point the gun at them, but claims she was just saying "hello". Juanita, however, proceeds to hold the group at gunpoint, unsure of their intentions. Ezekiel defuses the situation, claiming they don't want to hurt her and were simply admiring her "displays". Juanita quickly lightens up and reveals that she tied up the walkers to make the city feel more alive. She is ecstatic that she met actual people again, but then wonders if the survivors are actually hallucinations. Still, she is excited at the prospect of talking to potentially real people, and introduces herself as Juanita Sanchez, but adds that she prefers the moniker of "Princess", since she never liked her first name and "Queen" makes her sound "old and pretentious". After Ezekiel introduces himself and his friends, Juanita offers to show them around the city, but Eugene informs her that they can't stay, as they are on an important mission. Slightly peeved, Juanita still offers to act as their guide through the city, but Yumiko declines, as the survivors don't know her. Juanita protests that they do, and demonstrates how "helpful" she can be by mowing down a few approaching walkers with her machine gun. Unfortunately, the gunfire startles the group's two remaining horses, and they run away. Juanita apologizes, as the survivors angrily glare at her.

Later, the group discusses what to do next. Ezekiel is confident they can find the horses tomorrow, but Eugene doesn't think they have enough time, and that their chances of making it to the meeting on schedule are slim even if they start walking now. Ezekiel proposes that they enlist Princess' help, but Yumiko opposes the idea, believing Princess to be too selfish and mentally unstable from being on her own for so long. Ezekiel doesn't want to follow Princess blindly, but points out that she might know where to find transportation. Yumiko, however, is skeptical, and believes Princess would have already left the city if she had means to do so. Eugene interjects that, while Princess might be crazy and it is unlikely that she has access to working vehicles, it might be the only chance they have, so he sides with Ezekiel. With that, Ezekiel summons Juanita, much to her joy. Princess apologizes again, and confirms that she knows where to find transportation and can take the there. Yumiko insists that Princess surrender her gun, but the latter is hesitant, as she doesn't fully trust the survivors either. She ultimately relents, however, and hands the machine gun over to Eugene. With that, they commence their journey, as Yumiko quietly reiterates to Ezekiel that Juanita is selfish and crazy.

Back in the abandoned city, Princess leads the survivors to an empty field, and warns them to stay close to her and watch their step. Continuing further, Princess counts her steps, as Yumiko continues to express her doubts about Princess, with even Ezekiel slowly starting to share her feelings. The survivors soon stumble upon the remains of one of their escaped horses. Yumiko wonders if it was devoured by walkers, but Princess casually reveals that it's more likely the horse stepped on a mine. Naturally, the survivors are aghast that Princess would bring them into a minefield and keep it from them, but the latter tries to reassure them that she walks through it all the time and can lead them out safely. Unfortunately, Princess lost count when she stopped, so needs a minute to think. Yumiko threatens to kill her if she doesn't lead them to safety, which Princess considers fair. With that, she takes out her water canteen and tosses it forward to check if the way is clear. Unfortunately, the canteen detonates a mine, setting them back to square one.

Still stuck in the minefield, Juanita attempts to orient herself while Yumiko complains that they never should have followed her. Eugene warns that they are running out of time on multiple fronts, pointing to a walker approaching through a hole in the fence. Beside the fence's integrity, Eugene also worries that the mine placement could lead to a cascade. When Yumiko asks him what a "cascade" is, the approaching walker trips one of the mines, which also detonates another mine right next to it. Eugene cites this as an example of a cascade, cautioning that they don't want to be stuck in the field in case of a chain reaction. Ezekiel thinks that he can help, and goes over to Juanita to talk to her. Princess thinks that she is blowing it with them, and while Ezekiel acknowledges this, he also tells her that leading them to safety could go a long way. Juanita once again apologizes to the group, and goes on to chose the route based on a game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo. She then risks her life by taking a few steps on the chosen route. Satisfied that she is still alive after this, she invites the survivors to follow her.

Finally out of the minefield, Yumiko berates Juanita for putting their lives in danger when Eugene spots a street sign identifying the road they're on as Fleetwood Drive. He angrily confronts Juanita about this, as he remembers that they already passed Fleetwood Drive. Juanita claims that there are several streets in the city named "Fleetwood", but Eugene is certain it was, in fact, Fleetwood Drive. As Princess tries to make excuses, Yumiko draws her bow and points it at Princess. Juanita finally confesses that she wanted to take the scenic route to keep the fun going. Yumiko furiously points out that she led them into a minefield, but Juanita pleads that she never thought it would be a problem, as she'd traversed it countless times before. Juanita goes on to explain that she wanted more time to befriend the survivors, so they might decide to stay with her, but realizes now that she screwed up. She also recounts how, when she first arrived to the city, she figured someone would show up eventually, but as the moths went by, Juanita realized the loneliness she was feeling wasn't too different from how she felt even before the apocalypse. She laments how someone once told her she is difficult to love, so acknowledges that the problem might be with her, and that a little voice inside her kept telling her this. Juanita knows she should have told them the truth, but didn't want the little voice to be right. She apologizes to the survivors once more. Feeling sorry for Princess, Yumiko relents, and Eugene comforts Juanita by identifying with her, explaining that he also made poor decisions and lied to people so he would be left alone. He then asks if she does, indeed, have access to the wheels she mentioned earlier.

Princess and her companions have finally reached the garage, where it is revealed that the "wheels" Juanita was talking about were actually bicycles. Eugene points out that 15 mph is still faster than walking, while Ezekiel observes that Juanita wasn't actually lying about the garage. Yumiko then approaches Juanita, but before she can get a word out, the latter states that she is not a bad person, and realizes how difficult it is to trust people, so is sorry that she blew it. Yumiko, conversely, reveals that she was actually coming over to ask if Juanita wanted to join them. Princess ecstatically accepts.

"A Certain Doom"

As Juanita, Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel travels, Eugene crashes his bike. The group tries to fix it, but Eugene tells them not to, because it will take long time and they won't be in time to meet Stephanie. Yumiko tries to reassure him, but he says that the time was set in stone and if they are too late Stephanie won't be there. Ezekiel steps up and tells that after all they've been through, they won't turn back and will go till the end. He tells how Eugene helped him in his moments of doubt and now is offering the same thing back. Eugene is still in doubt, but Ezekiel tells that they must end the journey for the sake of everyone. Eugene points out that he wants to end the journey too, but Stephanie isn't going to be there after tomorrow's sundown. Juanita says, that she has never told that and Yumiko adds, that they will deal with these problems the next day.

The group arrives at the location, where they are supposed to meet Stephanie, but finds out nobody is there. Eugene yells out to Stephanie, that he has arrived, but gets no answer. He is unhappy about this, but the group supports him. After that he tells they are not turning back and states that there are people out there and Stephanie as well around the trainyard. Eugene says that they are going to track these people down and look for them. As Eugene and group shares a little laugh, searchlights turns on and unknown armed people runs out telling everyone to put the weapons down.


Princess, Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko surrender to soldiers at the rendezvous point that Eugene had arranged with Stephanie. A soldier beats up Yumiko for resisting. A soldier throws Princess into a train car. Princess hears soldiers putting her friends into other train cars. She huddles in a corner.

Princess hears soldiers outside and pounds on the door. She has flashbacks to Yumiko's violent clash with the soldiers and calms herself by counting in Spanish and reciting state capitals. She gets a splinter while chipping away at the wall. She hears Yumiko in a nearby train car and asks how she's feeling. Princess offers to summon the soldiers to check on Yumiko's wounds, but Yumiko implores Princess to remain calm and obey the soldiers. Princess urges Yumiko to stay awake and describes how her stepfather beat her as a teenager. She hears Yumiko collapse. Soldiers open Yumiko's door and tell Princess to be quiet.

In the morning, Princess calls Yumiko's name and gets no answer. She notices a large board nailed to the wall. She pries off the board and finds a hole in the wall. She sneaks out through the hole and spots Eugene in the adjacent car. Eugene urges her to return to her car and guesses that the soldiers are treating Yumiko's wounds. He says they must earn the soldiers' trust if they want the soldiers to help his community. Princess returns to her train car and puts the board back over the hole. A soldier summons her to come with him.

Princess stands naked in a shower room with her hands in the air. A soldier checks her body for bite marks. A soldier interrogates Princess about her group. She refuses to answer their questions, aggressively demanding to see Yumiko. Not getting any answers from Princess, he grows frustrated and eventually smacks her across the face after she gets agitated, calling her a "bitch". At that point, the interrogation ends and Princess is brought back to her holding cell by another soldier.

Princess wakes up with a sore jaw. Despite Yumiko's absence, she tells Yumiko that she did as she was told and did not reveal anything about their group to the soldiers. She hears soldiers open the door to Eugene's train car. She sneaks out and sees that Eugene's train car is now empty. She goes back to her car and panics. Ezekiel opens a hatch in the roof and jumps down. He suggests they run, but Princess refuses to abandon the others. Ezekiel says they can't trust the soldiers, then hides as a soldier enters the car with a tray of food. Ezekiel ambushes the soldier and knocks him unconscious.

Ezekiel takes the soldier's gun and handcuffs him. He demands to know what the soldier did with their friends. The soldier says Yumiko is probably with a medic and insists his people can help Ezekiel's group. He explains that he's merely a grunt tasked with delivering Princess' food. Ezekiel chokes the soldier and punches his face. Princess screams at Ezekiel to stop. She then notices blood on her hands and realizes that Ezekiel, Eugene and Yumiko were all in her head, and that she was the one who was beating the soldier.

Princess flees the train yard, then changes her mind. As she turns back to save her friends, she hallucinates Ezekiel hanging out with a couple of walkers. Ezekiel assumes the character of her stepfather and tries to convince her to flee. Princess ignores his advice and goes back to help her friends.

Princess returns to the beaten soldier and agrees to unlock his handcuffs. The soldier acknowledges that he'll be punished for letting her escape, then asks for his gun back. Princess keeps the gun but offers to answer his boss' questions in exchange for seeing her friends. The soldier agrees. Princess reveals the names of her friends and explains that she had known them for just one week. The soldier thanks her and again asks for the gun. Princess gives it to him. The soldier knocks on the door. Someone slides it open. Princess sees Yumiko, Eugene and Ezekiel lined up outside with hoods on their heads, guarded by soldiers. The soldier inside the train car throws a hood over her head.

Season 11[]

"Acheron: Part I"

Princess, Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko are transported into a compound guarded by paramilitary troopers. Inside an interrogation room, a man and woman introduce themselves to Eugene as auditors for the Commonwealth. They question him for hours, as well as Princess, Ezekiel and Yumiko. Ezekiel interrupts his interrogation, and correctly guesses that a trooper who's quietly been watching is actually the person in charge. He coughs uncontrollably. The trooper, Mercer, passes him a glass of water.

Princess's group eats together in a detention center. Princess, Yumiko, and Ezekiel agree that they must try and escape, but Eugene argues that the Commonwealth might be able to help Alexandria. Princess asks some fellow prisoners how long they've been there. One of the prisoners says he can't remember on account of the "reprocessing," then trails off. Troopers haul away a prisoner to take him in for reprocessing. Eugene changes his mind and agrees they need to escape.

Eugene's group discusses an escape plan. Princess watches their guards with amusement, and describes details about the troopers that no one else has noticed. She reveals that two of the troopers routinely disappear for half an hour to have sex. They hatch a plan to escape during this window of time. Yumiko and Eugene wear trooper uniforms and escort Princess and Ezekiel down a hallway. A trooper demands to know where they're going. Yumiko says they're taking the prisoners to reprocessing. The trooper lets them go.

They escape the building and pass by a wall papered with photos of prisoners. Princess recognizes Yumiko in one of the photos. Yumiko sees that the photo is accompanied by a note from her brother, asking if anyone has seen Yumiko. She realizes her brother is at the compound and decides she must stay and find him.

"Acheron: Part II"

At the Commonwealth interrogation center, Yumiko concludes that the Commonwealth is indeed real, based on the notice board she found. Princess comes to the same conclusion, although she gets lost in her own train of thought. With that, Yumiko determines that the best course of action is to talk to the person in charge, while being cold as ice. Princess questions whether Yumiko is capable of this, since her brother is involved, but Yumiko assures Princess that it comes naturally to her, since she was a lawyer. Yumiko goes on, but Princess shushes her as the same trooper that encountered them during their escape attempt walks by. Princess thinks the guard knows they tried to escape, but Yumiko is skeptical of this, as they haven't been confronted about it yet. Just then, Eugene arrives and informs them that Ezekiel is gone, with the guards having taken him somewhere, apparently. Eugene starts to panic, believing that the guards know they tried to escape, and suggests they come clean about who they really are. Yumiko firmly tells him to not talk to the Commonwealth's law enforcement, or stick to the story if he has to. When Princess asks what they should do, Yumiko gets up and demands to know where Ezekiel was taken, and then to speak to the person in charge.

Outside the interrogation room, Eugene asks Princess to stop fidgeting, as she is making him more nervous than he already is. Princess replies that she can't help it, as she needs to pee. Finally, she decides to ask for a bathroom, but Eugene protests the idea of her splitting off. Princess assures him that, since Mercer walked into the interrogation room with a coffee, things must be going well with Yumiko. She then asks a nearby trooper for the bathroom in Spanish, and is excited that they have working toilets and even toilet paper. In the interrogation room, Eugene inquires about his companions, but Mercer simply replies that they're being processed.

With a bag over his head, Eugene is taken to a train car where he is overjoyed to be reunited with his friends. He asks Ezekiel where the soldiers took him, but the latter says it was to the infirmary, where they gave him a syrup for his cough. Their conversation is cut short when Mercer strides into the room. He formally admits them into the Commonwealth, and sarcastically comments that they'll be escorted by a "beat cop." Before walking away, he indignantly informs Ezekiel he went to West Point. Mercer then knocks twice on the door. When it opens, a woman steps in who introduces herself as Stephanie.

"Out of the Ashes"

A Commonwealth clerk turns off the video, and hands out work and housing assignments to Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel, and Princess.

Ezekiel and Princess inform Eugene that they won't be able to speak to the case supervisor for five weeks. Eugene asks Stephanie if she can get him unofficial access to the radio.

Stephanie brings Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess to the train station, which now serves as headquarters for various Commonwealth agencies. She sneaks Eugene up to the radio room.

Princess sees Mercer approach the train station and flirts with him as a distraction. Mercer briefly engages with her but turns stoic the more she talks. Mercer bursts in on Eugene and Stephanie and arrests them. Ezekiel and Princess stand in the hallway, also under arrest.

A supervisor informs Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess that they've been charged with several crimes and will be banished if found guilty. The administrator tells them that their trial will occur quickly.

"Promises Broken"

Ezekiel and Princess clear a nearby building of walkers. Ezekiel coughs and doubles over in pain. Stephanie seeks Hornsby for medical help. They see Mercer escorting a young well-groomed couple across the grounds.

Ezekiel rejoins Eugene and Princess feeling rejuvenated from his medical treatment. Hornsby assigns Eugene and Stephanie to a new location, then tells Ezekiel and Princess to come with him.

"New Haunts"

A crowd mobs the red carpet outside the masquerade ball, including Princess and several Alexandrians and Hilltoppers, who watch as dressed-up guests arrive for the ball, including Lance Hornsby and Sebastian Milton. Everyone claps and cheers as Mercer arrives. Mercer chats with Princess in the crowd and invites her to join him as his party guest. Initially, the doorman refuses entry to Princess due to her name not being on the list, but Mercer remains firm in his decision to bring her along.

"Rogue Element"

Eugene tells Princess that he professed his love to Stephanie and that she reciprocated. He worries about the next step, but Princess tells him to relax.

Princess visits Eugene at home and finds his wall papered with clues about Stephanie's disappearance. Eugene explains that he almost gave up on his investigation, until a chance encounter renewed his hope.

Eugene tells Princess he followed the man, whose name is Roman Calhoun. He declares that Roman is not a plumber.

In a flashback, Eugene stakes out a warehouse, disguised as a plumber's shop, that Roman frequents at night. Eugene tells Princess that the same four people enter and exit the warehouse at odd hours, and occasionally a fifth person who is likely the mastermind of the group that took Stephanie. He says one of the people, the man dubbed as the "Beanie Hat Man", moved all of Stephanie's belongings out of her apartment. He vows to expose the group.

Eugene and Princess stake out Roman's apartment building. They break into Roman's apartment while Roman is out for a jog.

Eugene and Princess search Roman's apartment and find a suitcase stocked with knives and guns. They hide when they see Roman coming back.

Eugene and Princess try to sneak out but are caught by a neighbor who called police after seeing them break into the building. Both intruders are arrested and sent to jail.

Hornsby visits Eugene and Princess in jail and assures them that Roman is a plumber who had been sent to Stephanie's building to fix a sink. He says Roman agreed not to press charges, but that they must promise to leave him alone.

Eugene tells Princess that the conspiracy runs deeper than he thought. Princess begs him to give up his investigation and insists that Stephanie simply broke up with him.


Mercer apologizes to Princess for stonewalling her. He reveals that he killed two of his men and covered it up. He says it keeps him up at night, but he would do it again. He wonders if he's part of the problem at the Commonwealth. Princess offers to figure it out together.


Juanita will appear in this episode.


At the Commonwealth police station, Mercer enters and finds Princess sitting at a table and tells her she shouldn't be there. She confronts Mercer about his men taking and questioning her for three hours. Mercer apologizes and states that he can't be seen treating her differently from everyone else. He then goes on saying that Pamela wants Eugene for Sebastian's death. Princess tries to argue but Mercer shuts her down. Princess then bluntly states they are going to kill Eugene and asks how he can be good with that since Eugene is a good person. Mercer remains firm that they have to catch Eugene and she can't change that. He says Eugene will get a trial, but Princess questions if it'll be a fair one. Mercer says nothing and Princess asks him what's the point of the Commonwealth if a good man is put to death. A soldier enters and says there was a sighting of Max. Mercer immediately takes actions and heads out to find her. Before he leaves, he tells Princess he's got to go. She says "Me too." without him hearing.

Ezekiel lets Princess in on the plan to smuggle Eugene out of the Commonwealth. Princess thinks this is a good plan and they can eventually meet up with Eugene and go on the road again like before. However, Ezekiel states that he isn't leaving, much to Princess' shock. Princess asks how he can stay with all the crazy stuff happening, but Ezekiel sees this as more of a reason to stay: Max and Eugene started a rebellion, and they should try to aid in it. Princess says maybe she doesn't feel like fighting and deep down the Commonwealth isn't all that's cracked up to be. Ezekiel asks if she thinks Mercer is a good man. She thinks so but says she has known a lot of guys who she thought were good men, but turned out not to be. Ezekiel says although they haven't seen eye to eye, Mercer is probably just trying to do the best of what he has. Princess thinks she deserves more than just the best of a bad situation. Ezekiel agrees and tells Princess that if she needs anything, he will be there.

As Princess leaves her apartment, bag in hand, Mercer walks up and asks if they can talk. Princess reluctantly agrees, and invites him inside. Mercer admits he doesn't want her to leave, but Princess says that she has no choice. Mercer asks if he's the reason, which Princess is not certain about. She reassures Mercer that he's "great," but she does not feel comfortable staying in a place where her friend is going to be unfairly executed. Mercer explains he's doing everything in his power to make sure Eugene is not killed, but Princess voices her doubts about him doing "everything" to prevent it. Princess declares the Commonwealth and it's politics a "shit-show," and while Mercer agrees neither it nor he are not perfect, compared to the world outside the walls, "it could be a lot worse." Princess cuts him off angrily, and tells him her life has never been easy, even before the apocalypse. She tells Mercer that, after her father left her when she was nine, her mother remarried half a year later. Her stepfather and stepbrother were authoritative and cruel to her, yelling at and hitting her frequently, with her mother letting it happen so that they wouldn't leave. In response, Princess would act out daily to try and get them to leave and make the abuse end. Instead, her stepfather and stepbrother would tie her up, put her in a closet, and leave her there for hours at a time. This would lead to Princess soiling herself, which resulted in further beatings. And in spite of all this, Princess' mother would laud the roof over their heads and the paid bills, insisting "it could be worse."

"Fuck that thinking. It could be better, too." Princess laments. "It should be." She tells Mercer that the Commonwealth's treatment of its people reminds her of her stepfather, and that if she is made to sit around and do nothing, she is no different than her mother. And, unable to stop Pamela from giving the order, her only other option is to not be around when Eugene is killed. Mercer silently attempts to console Princess as she readies to leave once more. Princess admits that, due to the way she was traumatized, she often saw all men as monsters. But she knows Mercer is not that kind of a person.


At the railroad tracks just outside of Alexandria, the Commonwealth prisoners work under the supervision of the Warden and his soldiers. Negan and Kelly observe the patterns of their captors with Kelly communicating her observations to Magna in sign language. Working with Ezekiel, Princess recognizes the missing Tyler Davis amongst the other prisoners from their brief imprisonment in the rail yard before he later took Max hostage and then mysteriously vanished. While Princess doesn't like Tyler, she knows that he's ballsy and that might be useful to them.

As Negan gets a drink, Magna discreetly reports what Kelly had told him about the locations of the soldiers which Negan sketches out. Ezekiel approaches Negan and asks for the map, but Negan spots Annie nearby and, ignoring Ezekiel, approaches Roberts and offers to pick up a couple of extra shifts so that his wife can have her workload loosened. Negan appeals to Roberts personally who appears to consider it before they are interrupted by Sanborn. After being told that Negan is mouthing off, Sanborn decides that they need to show him his place and hits Negan with the butt of his rifle. Negan attacks Sanborn, but he is knocked to the ground by Roberts and kicked in the gut. Seeing her husband's predicament, Annie rushes in to intervene and shoved to the ground by Sanborn and is dragged away with him after a brief scuffle as Roberts keeps Negan from intervening at gunpoint. Hidden in the bushes nearby, a worried Daryl and Carol observe these proceedings.

As the prisoners lay in their bunks that night, Sanborn and several other soldiers burst in, yelling for everyone to get outside immediately. The prisoners are all led to the windmill where the soldiers shine spotlights on them and the Warden, standing in front of Ezekiel and looking at him, announces that there's a traitor in their midst, someone who thinks that he's above the rules. Roberts and another soldier lead out Negan who has admitted to spearheading a rebellion, although any co-conspirators will be given the benefit of the doubt as the Warden trusts that they were not acting of their own free will. As such, only Negan will be punished, but they all need to see and remember. Annie breaks free and runs towards her husband, sobbing, but she is restrained, and Negan reassures his wife that it's alright. The Warden has Negan put on his knees in front of the windmill to be executed by a firing squad while the prisoners murmur to themselves about how they knew that Negan couldn't be trusted and was a liar and Annie pleads for her husband's life to no avail. However, before the Warden can give the order to fire, he notices Negan smirking and, unwilling to let Negan martyr himself, grabs Annie and adds her to the execution. Negan desperately pleads for the Warden to leave Annie alone and take only him, but the sadistic man is determined to make Negan feel this punishment. Ezekiel is conflicted watching this while Negan pleads with Roberts, who has a family, not to do this, causing a moment of hesitation before he proceeds.

Unwilling to allow Negan to be executed, Ezekiel moves in between the firing squad and Negan and Annie, standing in their way. A number of the other prisoners quickly follow Ezekiel's lead, including Magna, Kelly, Princess, Tyler, and Nabila, creating a human wall between the soldiers and Negan and Annie. The Warden admits that he admires their bravery, but he nevertheless orders his men to shoot them all. Noticing most of the soldiers hesitating at being ordered to murder so many people, Ezekiel pleads with them that "you don't have to do this! This world is broken, but we don't have to be." Realizing that Ezekiel is right, Roberts lowers his gun and turns to the rest of the soldiers who follow his lead. Roberts turns his gun on the Warden, but Sanborn aims at him in return, causing Roberts to shoot him dead. The Warden grabs Kelly and tries to escape by using her as a hostage as Roberts and the prisoners try to stop him. However, Daryl and Connie come up from behind the Warden and Daryl stabs the Warden in the back, incapacitating him and retaking Alexandria from the Commonwealth.

Negan prepares to kill the Warden with a rock, but he's stopped by Rosita. Rosita demands to know where her daughter is, but the Warden refuses to answer. Seeing Sanborn reanimate, Rosita grabs him and holds the walker over the Warden's face, once again demanding to know where her daughter is. With a smile, the Warden sadistically tells Rosita that she will lose everything, and Rosita furiously shoves the zombified Sanborn into the Warden's face which Sanborn begins devouring, killing the Warden. Rosita walks away, leaving Sanborn to eat the Warden as her friends, the soldiers and former prisoners watch in shock and horror at the brutal death.


In a reclaimed Alexandria, the Coalition recover their various weapons from a large crate full of weapons confiscated by the Commonwealth.

In front of the windmill, Rosita passes the corpses of Sanborn and the Warden, grabbing an extra clip for her gun off of Sanborn's belt. Gabriel asks Tyler Davis if there's anything that he knows that can help them find the missing children and Tyler reveals that, when he was a soldier, kids without parents would end up at the Commonwealth Children's Home. However, Tyler doesn't know where it is, so he goes to get the location from the captured Commonwealth soldiers at Gabriel's request. Rosita impatiently calls for the Coalition soldiers and freed prisoners to board the Commonwealth's transport bus. Princess asks Magna if anyone actually knows how to drive a train, but Magna reassures her that one of the prisoners apparently used to be an engineer before they board the bus, with Kelly, Connie, Adrienne and Dianne amongst those joining them.

On the Commonwealth's train, Princess works on getting the train's long-range radio working with the help of Tyler who mans the antenna. Tyler notes that it's weird that the two of them are ending up in a place like this again and apologizes for his previous actions. Princess thanks him for it, but she doesn't have time for Tyler's apologies as she's trying to get in contact with the guy who can help them. As Tyler lifts the antenna through the roof, Connie, through Kelly, tells Tyler that she's happy that they finally found him. Kelly explains that they've been looking for Tyler since the night of Pamela's party. Magna sympathetically tells Tyler that society had thrown him away and he was desperate and mad, something that Magna can relate to. Tyler expresses remorse for hurting people in his efforts to get Pamela to hear him, knowing that he shouldn't have done a lot of things. Connie reassures Tyler that he can fix his mistakes and that, while Pamela might not have listened to Tyler, soon the people of the Commonwealth will.

At the Police Department of the Commonwealth Army, Mercer receives word that someone named Aurora is trying to raise him on the radio. Dismissing Yumiko and Vickers, Mercer answers the radio and is greeted by Princess. Mercer has Princess switch to another channel based off of her old apartment number. Princess reassures Mercer that she's alright while Mercer promises her that Eugene is safe for now. To Mercer's surprise, Princess reveals that she's on a train heading back to the Commonwealth and that they're bringing back prisoners that Lance Hornsby and Pamela had made disappear. Mercer asks what they're planning to do and Princess states that they are going to change things and take Pamela down, asking if Mercer would be alright with that. Without hesitation, Mercer confirms that he's with them, telling Princess that if they can get the prisoners back to him, the prisoners will be witnesses, giving Mercer legal grounds to remove Pamela from power. As alarms go off in the police station, Princess states that the train will take them to a depot a ways out, asking if Mercer can get them in if they make their way to the city. Mercer directs Princess to an old access tunnel under the west wall that leads up into Union Station, promising to meet the Coalition forces there. Mercer tells Princess that it was good to hear her voice before cutting off contact as Vickers enters with the news that a herd is approaching from the east.

Outside of the tunnel entrance, four Commonwealth soldiers patrol while the Coalition forces hide nearby. Negan tells the others that they are sitting ducks and Mercer isn't coming and they can't wait for him. Carol agrees that it's time for a new plan, but Princess is sure that Mercer is gonna show up. Daryl states that they're running out of time and Carol decides to head around and try to find another way to slip in. Maggie suggests that they could take the four guards, but Rosita warns her that if those guards go missing, the clock is going to start ticking on them. Judith draws the others attention as one of the guards notices something and starts heading their way. However, Lieutenant Rose calls in with orders from Mercer for the guards to report to the East Gate immediately to deal with the incoming herd. Lieutenant Rose confirms that that includes Tunnel H and he reassures the soldiers that the tunnel is locked, and they've got it covered on the other end. Complying with his orders, the guards move out. Breaking the lock on the door, the group makes their way into the tunnel.

A gunfight erupts between Pamela's forces and the Coalition with Rosita desperately trying to get the doors open. One Alexandria resident crawls towards a hiding Connie, Kelly, Magna and Dianne, but he is shot in the head and killed by one of Pamela's men before he can reach them. As the gunfight continues, Pamela herself emerges and grabs a gun from one of her men who is killed by the Coalition. Pamela takes aim at Maggie, but Judith notices and shoves Maggie out of the way just in time, saving her life. Instead, Pamela accidentally shoots Judith, seriously wounding the young girl. Daryl desperately attends to Judith as Pamela watches in horror and the others increase their fire, killing a few more of Pamela's men. Yelling that "you did this," Pamela retreats to her office. Looking for a way out, Daryl spots a fire extinguisher near Ezekiel and signals him to throw it. Grabbing Rick's Colt Python from Judith, Daryl shoots the fire extinguisher, creating a smokescreen.

In Union Square, Yumiko and Max observe the heavily guarded doors to Union Station from across the street. Hearing twigs snapping, Yumiko spots a hooded Eugene sneaking around a train car, armed with Brooks' rifle and she tells Max that they are going to go around. Inside, under cover of the smokescreen, Daryl and the others manage to break the chains sealing a side door. As a trooper approaches the doors, Eugene ambushes him and knocks the man out with the butt of his rifle. Magna finally breaks through the doors, and everyone is reunited with Eugene, Yumiko and Max before quickly making their escape.

The Coalition races through the streets towards the hospital with Daryl carrying the unconscious Judith. Commonwealth vehicles drive up and block their path in multiple directions, forcing them to fall back. Carol realizes that the soldiers aren't following them as they begin to erect barricades in the streets. Loudly yelling and firing their guns in the air, Commonwealth soldiers lead the herd in their direction before closing the barricades, penning the herd and the Coalition in. Spotting a walker climbing over something, a shocked Negan asks "what the fuck?" As walkers close in from multiple directions, Luke and Jules emerge from the herd, causing Kelly to nearly shoot them before Connie stops her sister. Fleeing down a side street, Carol spots an alley near part of the herd and everyone attacks the walkers, clearing a path for Daryl to flee down the alley towards the hospital with Judith. Waking up for a moment, Judith calls out "daddy?" and witnesses her friends and loved ones struggling to hold back the herd before passing out again.

"Rest in Peace"

Juanita will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Juanita has killed:

  • 2 unnamed horses (Indirectly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


For a more in-depth look at Juanita's relationships, read here; Juanita Sanchez (TV Series)/Relationships




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  • The casting call for this character used the name Dulcinea.[1]
  • Juanita had four known jobs before the apocalypse, more than any other character in the TV Series.
  • Like her comic counterpart, Juanita is one of the many characters given a nickname. She prefers being called "Princess" because she does not like her actual name.
  • Juanita mentions she hadn't seen a living person for over a year before finding Eugene's group.
  • She is one of thirteen characters known to speak Spanish in the TV Series.
  • As stated by herself, she suffers from ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and depression.
    • Due to her anxiety, it's shown that she has started suffering from hallucinations.
    • In order to calm herself down, she is shown to both start counting in Spanish and start naming all the U.S. Capitals.
  • The golden necklace that Juanita is seen wearing in her early appearances has the Libra zodiac symbol on it.[2] This could imply that she was born between the dates of September 23rd and October 23rd.
  • Juanita is one of twelve characters to survive the TV Series who also survive in the Comic Series, the others being Maggie Rhee, Michonne Grimes, Eugene Porter, Aaron, Hershel Rhee, Negan Smith, Magna, Yumiko Okumura, Lydia, Michael Mercer, and Pamela Milton.
  • Juanita is one of three main characters who did not kill a living person on-screen, the others being Dale Horvath and Lori Grimes.

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