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"Remember my third grade school teacher, Mrs. Mueller? Her first name was Judith. Do you think that's a good name?"
Carl Grimes asking his father Rick if they can call his newborn sister Judith.[src]

Judith Mueller is a character mentioned in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is the former third grade teacher of Carl Grimes and the inspiration for the name of his sister, Judith Grimes.


King County, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Judith's life before or as the outbreak began other than that she was Carl Grimes's third grade teacher. She must have made a great impression on Carl, due to him naming his younger sister after her.


Season 3

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

Judith is mentioned by Carl to his father, Rick. As Rick is preparing to depart the prison, Carl wonders about what to name his younger sister. Rick indicates that Carl can decide the name. After thinking a while, Carl brings up Judith Mueller, suggesting naming the baby after her. Rick believes that Judith would be a great name, and agrees.

It is unknown what happened to Judith Mueller after the apocalypse began, leaving her with an unknown fate.


TV Series

Season 3