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"You need a strong woman to help you with that... among other things?"
—Jules flirting with Luke.[src]

Jules is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a resident of Oceanside.


Jules is a sweet, friendly, and charming girl. She takes a liking to Luke, with the two often flirting with each other. She is shown to be courageous, taking part in Luke's plan to diverge Alpha's herd of walkers. At the end of the war, the two finally become a couple.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Jules' life prior to or as the outbreak began.



At some point after the apocalypse, Jules joined a community called Oceanside.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Jules talks to Luke after he brings some ropes to her table. She starts flirting with him and they share a moment together.

"The World Before"

Jules and her fellow residents capture Virgil after he is discovered to had been spying on them and messing with the security system. When walkers suddenly invade, she helps take out the threat and secure the community.

"The Tower"

Jules is among the Oceansiders to relocate to the abandoned hospital being referred to as "the tower". As the survivors mill about the halls, Jules checks in with Luke to see if he needs any assistance.

"A Certain Doom"

With the Whisperers and their massive herd surrounding the Tower, Gabriel addresses the assembled Coalition members, stating that their plan to lead the herd away is still the same, only they will be leading them away from the Tower instead of Oceanside. Once the walkers are clear, they will evacuate to Rendezvous Point B. Gabriel asks if Luke is ready and sitting before his equipment, Luke states that he has the final pieces they need to connect to the wagon and gives Carol a thumbs up in thanks for obtaining them, "but in order for it do the Pied Piper thing we need it to do over the cliff," they need to get from A to B and Luke has to "plug and plug" and then they will be good to go. However, Magna and Jerry point out that the wagon is on the other side of the horde and someone must go through it with Whisperers to deal with as well.

Gabriel decides to send four groups with two in each, one carrying the cargo while the other protects. Gabriel reminds everyone that it is crucial that all of the equipment makes it through to the wagon. Lydia offers to help them make it through, but Beatrice and Rachel refuse out of distrust for Lydia. Instead, Gabriel assigns her to help the archers covering them from the inside. Daryl acknowledges that not everyone will make it, but points out that this is the only way and everyone agrees to the plan.

Daryl, Carol, Beatrice, Kelly, Magna, Jerry, Luke and Jules smear each other in walker guts in order to blend in with the herd and make it through. As Luke helps Jules to disguise herself, the two flirt with each other. Once they are ready, the group allows part of the horde into the hospital and, unnoticed due to the walker guts, are able to exit and begin passing through the horde to the other side. As they walk, a visibly-afraid Luke and Jules hold hands with each other. Luke, Jules, Magna and Jerry manage to make into the woods on the other side, but with no sign of the others, Jules worries aloud to Luke that they might be the only ones to have made it. However, seconds later, they are joined by Daryl and Kelly and a few minutes later by Carol and Lydia, Beatrice having fallen to a Whisperer and the horde.

Reaching the wagon, Luke puts together his makeshift sound system and the group, joined by Oscar and Marco, start loudly playing "Burning Down the House," using the loud music and the wagon to pull the horde away from the Tower. Jules acts as one of the archers escorting the wagon on its journey. At nighttime, the Whisperers launch an attack on the wagon, using walkers as human shields as the Coalition archers try to take them out. Before being killed by Daryl, one of the Whisperers throws a chain that takes off the wagon's front left wheel and the group is forced to retreat into the woods as the Whisperers destroy the sound system.

With the horde turning back towards the Tower, Daryl warns Gabriel that they have lost the wagon and the others have walkers coming right back at them. Luke points out that the others should've evacuated by now with Jerry stating that the others are unprotected and they need to turn the horde around. Daryl suggests going back into the horde and hunting down the Whisperers one by one while Lydia offers to lead the horde away, having been taught how to by Alpha. Daryl and Luke object to Lydia's plan with Luke pointing out that without the wagon to lead the walkers over the cliff, its a suicide mission. Deciding to deal with that later, Daryl leads Marco, Carol, Luke, Jules, Magna, Jerry, Kelly and Lydia into the horde where they stealthily assassinate all of the Whisperers while Daryl and Negan take out Beta, allowing Lydia to lead the horde away and complete Luke's plan.

The next day, Luke and Jules are sitting together at the rendezvous point when Carol and Lydia return. The two women confirm that the horde has been destroyed and Luke thanks everyone and hugs Jules, stating that he can't believe that they pulled it off.

Season 11

Jules will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jules has killed:



Jules and Luke have a good relationship. It is heavily implied that they have feelings for one another.


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Season 11



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