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June's Hospital is a location in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. The place is currently being built by June Dorie as a reward for amputating Virginia's arm, so she could survive the bite of an undead.

After the death of Virginia, June continued to work on the hospital with help from the Pioneers and Morgan's group.


Season 6

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

At Tank Town, after Virginia wakes up and finds her arm amputated to stop the infection of the zombie bite, June tells her that in exchange for saving her life, she would like to have her own hospital to treat people, and Virginia complies.

"In Dreams"

When Grace starts going into labor, her and Morgan attempt to head to the hospital for the procedure, but fail and have to do it at an abandoned barn six hours away.


When June goes looking for gas, she encounters Dwight, who askes her why she isn't at her hospital, to which she replies that "Sarah can manage it" and that she needs to figure out what they're up against.