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"I asked you a question before, why did Dakota kill my husband? You said you didn't know. That wasn't true. It was you, Virginia. You're the reason. You always were."
—June condemning Virginia before executing her.[src]

June Dorie (née unknown), formerly known by the aliases Naomi and Laura, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. At some point, she met John Dorie (whom nicknamed her "Laura") and fell in love with him before running away in fear of emotional attachment.

Later on, June became a resident of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium community until its fall, and later a member of the Vultures until the death of their leader Melvin. June then reunites with John and decides to become invested in relationships again.

She was a member of Morgan's group until the caravan was forcibly split up and resettled into Virginia's various settlements. June was later relocated to Lawton as a reward for John's work as a ranger where she served as a nurse in the town. After the deaths of her husband and Virginia, June left Valley Town to build her own hospital.


She is described as "a capable survivor we'll meet living on her own early on in the season. She'll have her guard up as she crosses paths with Madison and her family, and — as we'll learn over the course of the season — she'll have a very good reason for keeping people at a distance. Even so, she'll end up developing some connections that surprise her, including a bond with Alicia."[1]


Location Unknown

Prior to the outbreak began, she was an ICU nurse, she had one child, named Rose, and was married. During her time working at a hospital, she saw enough car accident and stroke victims to begin to tell who would and wouldn't survive their wounds.


Season 4

"Another Day in the Diamond"

June is found in the small town of Elgin, Texas, where she was camping out in the ruins of a burned car. She initially holds Madison at gunpoint, but is surrounded by Alicia, Strand, and Luciana.

She attempts to flee by climbing to the top of an oil tank, but falls through the deteriorated roof into the tank. Covered in oil, she is surrounded by the zombies that were lured into the tank by the Vultures before June's arrival. Madison jumps in to help June and the other survivors break open the door leading into the tank, releasing the oil and those inside. June is ultimately saved and rests with her rescuers.

Later, she is invited to come back with them to their community where she uses her medical experience to treat Nick's head wound. After she finishes treating Nick, Madison informs June that she can take a hot shower, much to her delight. However, June is on alert as the Vultures arrive at the settlement, demanding the survivors to abandon their home.


During the flashbacks, June accompanies Alicia Clark on a scouting mission for supplies to the Whirlin' Wavez amusement park. As they navigate through the amusement park, they realize that there was once a camp but was overrun after the fences fell. She and Alicia realize the remaining survivors of the camp must have barricaded the water slide's stairs and set up camp at the top of the slide. After climbing up the slippery slide, the two find medical supplies, but June takes the opportunity to distract Alicia and attempt to flee. The car she takes quickly runs out of gas, forcing June to explain that when she worked in the ICU, she saw all the time patients that she knew wouldn't make it and she believes the stadium will fall. Alicia eventually convinces June to return where she offers to set up an infirmary. Alone, June removes a six-shooter from her backpack and examines it.

In the present, June's backpack is amongst the things Alicia Clark, Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez have in a weapons cache. The group explains to John Dorie that when the stadium fell, they grabbed anything they could of use, including June's backpack. Inside the backpack, John finds June's gun, an exact match for his own. The shocked John identifies June as his missing girlfriend Laura whose real name he never knew. To the grief of John, Alicia's group tells him that June did not make it out of the stadium and is dead.


In a flashback, June is first seen lying unconscious in the water. John finds her and lays June on his bed and discovers a deep gash on her stomach. He dresses her wound and sleeps on the couch while she sleeps on his bed.

In the morning, June leaves the cabin and searches John's Jeep for keys and he catches her. John tells her where to find the keys but warns that the car needs a new battery. He suggests she at least takes some food, water and first aid supplies before leaving.

June gives John instructions on how to stitch her wound. She grimaces as John pierces her skin with a needle. John serves fish stew for dinner and asks if he can call her Laura because she refuses to tell him her name. He welcomes her to stay as long as she'd like. June insists she will leave as soon as she is better.

June rests in her bed and wakes up in the middle of the night and sees John cleaning his pistols. He mentions to June that he is also going on a supply run. June insists on joining him. He offers her boots to protect herself from snakes, but she refuses to wear shoes that might impede her ability to run. John and June row the canoe upriver. June inquires about John’s past. He informs her that he was a police officer.

June and John reach a bridge and notice a breached guardrail. They quickly deduce that Infected have been falling through the gap and floating downriver. John and June stop at a general store for supplies. June lays out first aid supplies for anyone else who visits the store.

June and John use corrugated metal from a gas station to mend the guardrail. June lies in bed while John watches a movie. She joins him on the couch. John offers to make some brittle. June watches John sleep during the movie. He wakes up and stares at her. She reveals that she lost her child.

June asks John to teach her how to fish. John gives June a fishing lesson and shows her how to gut the fish. They eat fish for dinner. June thanks John for teaching her. John and June play Scrabble and fish over the ensuing days.

June's stitches is removed by John. June announces that she's ready to leave, now that her wounds have healed. John goes outside to kill an Infected and realizes that their patch on the bridge isn't working. June offers to help John fix the bridge by blocking the gap with the Jeep.

June and John sit in the Jeep on the bridge. June says she learned how to hot-wire cars from a woman that she met in a camp. John sees one of his pistols hidden behind June's back and snatches it. June argues that they need the gun for protection, but John sternly refuses to use firearms.

June and John kill all the Infected on the bridge then drive the Jeep in front of the gap. An Infected attacks John in the driver's seat. June screams at him to use his gun. John refuses to shoot and, after a near-deadly struggle, stabs the Infected instead.

Back at the cabin, June points out that John almost died because of his refusal to use guns. John explains that when he was a cop, he fatally shot a robber in the leg. He says that he moved to a new town after everyone started calling him a hero.

Infected surround the Jeep on the bridge, jostling the Infected corpse inside and knocking the Jeep into neutral. Infected fall off the bridge into the river.

The two hear Infected piling up in the creek. They go outside and begin slaying the Infected. June becomes overrun by Infected. John gets his guns and saves her life by sharpshooting the Infected.

June thanks John and calls him an honorable person. John gives her a pistol to take with her on the road.

June joins John on the couch to watch a movie. John moves outside. She asks why he's avoiding her. "I love you," he says and asks her not to leave. They kiss.

June leaves the next morning, and leaves John with a message written with Scrabble tiles: "I love you too I'm sorry."

"Just in Case"

June removes glass from Alicia's arm at the stadium infirmary and asks Madison if they’re going out again for more supplies. Madison says they have no choice.

June tries to leave the stadium in a car, but Viv stands in her way. Viv tells Madison that June was trying to run off with one of their cars. June says that she was merely driving to a location that might have seeds and fertilizer. Madison and Strand join her.

June, Madison and Strand pull over at a motel and kill Infected in the front office. Madison deduces that the people killed each other over a can of baked beans. Strand finds a stash of snacks. Over dinner, June explains that she's taking Madison and Strand to an abandoned FEMA shelter. She admits that she had been planning to flee the stadium when Viv caught her but that she had intended to leave them with a map to the FEMA shelter. Strand orders her to hand over the car keys. Madison wakes up and finds June gone.

June drives to the FEMA shelter after hot-wiring a car. She knocks on the front doors and attracts a herd of Infected locked inside. June enters the FEMA shelter through a side entrance and goes to the pantry. She opens a locked box and retrieves a notebook containing instructions for survival. She also takes a set of keys with "JIC" written on a key-chain. June enters a cafeteria and breaks into tears when she sees kids' drawings on the wall. The herd hears her and migrates from the lobby into the cafeteria. She flees to another room and finds herself surrounded by Infected, some of whose faces she recognizes. She climbs to the top of scaffolding and sobs as the herd gathers below her.

Madison and Strand enter the FEMA shelter and spot June on the scaffolding. June tosses them the "JIC" keys and tells them there's a truck outside with supplies. Madison distracts Infected while Strand strings up some rope. June shimmies across the rope and escapes with Madison and Strand.

Madison, Strand, and June rest in the lobby. June explains that she and her daughter, Rose, had stayed at the shelter, where a woman named Ellen taught "Just in Case" survival skill classes. June says that she left the shelter to find antibiotics after Rose caught pneumonia. When she returned, Rose had died, turned and infected everyone else. June takes Madison and Strand to a well-stocked "Just in Case" truck that Ellen had prepared in the event of an emergency. After putting down the reanimated Ellen and removing her body, they prepare to return to the stadium. Strand assures June that anyone can start over.

In the present, June is revealed to be alive and part of the Vultures when she arrives at the designated meeting spot where Alicia and Melvin's group have a stand off. June arrives in a Land Rover and steps out. John is shocked to see her and walks toward her. Shocked and hurt by this deceit, Alicia reacts angrily towards this and shoots at June, but accidentally hits John as he steps in the way. He falls to the ground and June kneels beside him.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

June tries to help John as he lies unconscious. Morgan runs over to help June while she gets medical supplies from an ambulance. Mel drives off in the ambulance. June runs after him to get the medical kit, but Alicia blows up the ambulance with a grenade launcher then strides up to June and accuses her of betraying their trust after bringing her in and blames her for taking away their home, but June hits her with a pipe and makes her escapes as the Vultures shoots at Alicia and June runs back to John's side.

She tells Morgan that she knows where to find more medical supplies. Alicia corners June and John at gunpoint. Althea rides up in the SWAT vehicle and aims her guns at Alicia, forcing Alicia to reluctantly lower her weapon. Morgan helps June carry John inside the vehicle and urges Charlie to board if she wants to live. Charlie joins him. June instructs Althea to drive to the stadium.

After leaving, Althea demands to know what happened to cause the stadium to fall and Charlie defends June and claims responsibility for what happened to Alicia's group.

In a flashback, Charlie takes June, Madison, Nick and Alicia to Mel, who is slumped over the driver's seat of a bus after getting into an accident. In the infirmary, Mel obtains a knife and orders June to bring him to Charlie. June punches him in the ribs and snatches the knife back. Mel urges her to flee the stadium and invites her to leave with him and Charlie.

June joins Madison where stands in the baseball diamond with her hammer. She starts undoing some construction over one of the dugouts. She tells her that they are not safe. She wants to consider leaving, but Madison shoots it down, argues that this is what the Vultures want them to do. June explains that she has been on the wrong side of what's happening to her and it's not worth risking lives to protect. Later, June informs Madison that she has prepared the infirmary for Ennis' imminent attack.

In the present, Althea's group arrives at the stadium in the SWAT vehicle. June explains that the Vultures never looted the stadium infirmary because even Ennis didn't dare go inside after the stadium fell. Althea plows through the stadium gates. As the dust clears, June, Althea and Morgan see that the stadium is filled with charred Infected. The Infected swarm around the SWAT vehicle.

"No One's Gone"

With John's bleeding temporarily stopped, June urges Al to get them to the closest entrance to the infirmary so she can get the medical supplies she needs. Al clears the way with her guns and June rushes inside along with Morgan Jones, fighting their way through walkers to the infirmary where she is able to get what she needs.

As they make their way out, Al contacts June to inform her that John is bleeding again and June gives her instructions. With Al claiming the way is clear, the two prepare to leave only to hear Alicia threatening Al over the radio. With John's condition worsening, Morgan and June argue about what to do before being confronted by Alicia. Though Alicia intends to kill June, Morgan is able to talk her down.

With the needed supplies recovered, the group leaves the stadium and June is successfully able to treat John's injuries and save his life. When John calls her Naomi, she reveals that Naomi is just another alias and her real name is June.

When the group stops for the night to finish the story, June listens to her friends explanation of how everything went down. June reveals that unlike everyone else, she didn't try to run and tried to talk everyone out of running. June had believed the walls could hold because of Madison but she was unable to change everyone's minds. Knowing the people were heading for trouble, June went for supplies but when she got back, it was too late because the caravan was overrun and the dead were coming at her. With no other choice, June ran until she couldn't anymore. Alicia points out that June still ran and joined the Vultures. As she hadn't been in the caravan, they thought she died inside the stadium. June revealed she thought they had died as well and when the Vultures found her, she joined them because she thought there wasn't anywhere else to go. Victor Strand acknowledges that June did what she had to and June listens with sadness to the rest of the story.

"People Like Us"

A month later, the group appears to have split up. As Morgan approaches and asks for John, June prepares a fish sitting in the back of a school bus.

Later, June is patching up John, saying he will be able to fish again soon. A hesitant June asks John if he's sure about returning to his cabin, to which he insists its safe.

They are interrupted when they notice Althea saving Charlie from a river walker. Back on the bridge, June advises Charlie to think about what happened with the walker and then leaves with Althea to figure out why walkers are washing up. Althea volunteers to lead June and John to the cabin before she leaves in the morning.

On the road, June and Althea discover a box that reads, "Take what you need, leave what you don't. See you further up on the road." They find MRE's and supplies and Althea decides to record it. June asks her about John's interviews and Althea says she only knows about her Laura and Naomi aliases.

As they continue walking, June asks Althea to turn the camera off for a moment. June laments to Althea that she's not the Laura John fell in love with. She explains that was a scared version of her, and she's afraid if she returns to the cabin with him he'll realize she's not who he thinks. Al doesn't buy it and reminds her she's not as different as she thinks. They decide to head back to the truck when they sense a storm coming their way.

As the storm hits, June and Althea get stuck in the truck, which gets pelted with walkers from the wind.


After the storm passes, June and Althea remain on the road. June watches John's story on Althea's tapes and radios him to thank him for the kind words he said on the tape. Althea returns and tells her to conserve the battery on the radio. Without gas, they're forced to hang out by the truck for a day.

The next morning, they hear someone on the walkie. June asks if it's John but is met with silence. Althea starts feeling ill due to lack of food and water, so June convinces her to come with her to track down the person on the radio.

On the road, June and Althea locate a truck and find a box telling them to take what they need. They drive the truck back and June apologizes for using all the battery in her camera. Althea forgives her and tells her that she never really had anyone before the apocalypse because of her strenuous work life. They try the walkie again and unknown to them, they are overheard by the woman Morgan communicated with before. For a moment, Morgan hears June over the radio. He walks off to try to find a better signal. June tries to answer but the signal doesn't allow it. Althea, meanwhile, begins vomiting. She has a fever and tries to downplay it.

Suddenly, the SWAT truck drives past June and Althea. Althea chases after it, dangerously speeding the truck, which maneuvers around a refrigerator and causes them to pop a tire and spin out. Althea, who's getting sicker by the second, reveals to June that all her medicine is in the truck.

June struggles to replace their truck tire while Al's condition continues to worsen. They hear the SWAT truck guns down the road and Al begs June to run over to it, which she reluctantly agrees to. She quickly locates it but is held at gunpoint by a man, who asks where her friend is. Turns out he overheard them on the radio.

June pleads that she just wants the medicine, but he won't budge. She grabs his arm and they wrestle for the gun until June wins. She runs over to the truck to discover it's out of gas again. Inside, June can't find the medicine and demands the man to tell her where it is, but he pleads ignorance, so she lets him go.

June radios Althea to ask where the medicine is, but she doesn't respond because she's busy fighting off a swamp walker while trying to stay awake. Althea finally kills it by crushing it with the truck and radios June to tell her there was no medicine and she just wanted her to get the van back.

June returns with medicine she found on the bus, which instantly helps Althea recover. June is furious that she almost killed someone for medicine that wasn't there, but Althea brushes it off. June's still upset, and demands to know why the truck matters to her so much. Althea confesses the tapes in her van are all she has left of the people she used to know and love.

Morgan climbs a water tower to communicate his location with a stronger signal, and June and Althea miraculously hear him. June attempts to contact him, however, their walkie dies but June says they have the gas to make it to his location. Unable to abandon the SWAT truck, Althea tells June to go without her. June pleads for her to stay but Althea leaves anyway. As June drives off, Althea fires her gun and then decides to come along after all.

June and Althea drive behind Morgan and his new group. They finally reunite and Morgan tells June he still hasn't found the others. Morgan introduces them to Sarah, Wendell and Jim and offers them water from the "take what you need" box while June takes Morgan's walkie to radio the man from before.

Alone, June radios to the person who left the boxes. "I'm sorry about what I did," she says. "I'm sorry I made you walk away. I wanna show you that you're wrong. Sometimes we don't just watch out for the people we know. Mile marker 27 on 365. I'm with a group of people. We've got food, water, supplies, everything you need to get back on your feet." She invites him to come with her and he reveals his name to be Quinn and she introduces herself as June.

He eventually shows up at the agreed upon mile marker and asks where she is, and to their confusion, they're both "at" mile marker 27. Quinn discovers a "7" was stuck on to the sign when suddenly he's attacked and eaten by a walker controlled by Martha. June is left wondering what happened to him.


At night, June hopelessly searches for Quinn, along with Althea. Morgan is willing to continue, but the others are looking forward to moving on.

After Sarah kills a walker, Jim notices the "Take what you need" message marked on its forehead and June immediately radios Quinn. However, she only hears walker groans on the other side, followed by Martha telling her he's dead. Morgan recognizes the voice and radios her.

The woman immediately recognizes Morgan. She learned it from watching Althea's tapes and insists people getting help makes them weak. She wants them to stop trying to help people, which will make them strong again, and she won't have to intervene.

The next day, Morgan plants more boxes to try to help people. This time, he instructs people to radio him on VHF channel 4. June is hopeful John will see one of these. Morgan is confident they'll find him and everyone else.

On the road, June and the rest pick up Luciana and continue on their way. Suddenly, they are contacted by Charlie and Alicia on the radio.

Alicia tells them she found the channel from the box. Morgan tells her to wait at the mile marker and that they are gonna pick them, when suddenly, Martha radios both of them and warns Morgan of not taking her advice to stop leaving the boxes.

Morgan tells her he'll continue to find the people they're looking for until they find and help her. Sarah spots Althea's SWAT truck appear behind them. Panicked, Morgan radios Martha to ask what she's doing and she tells him, "You lose people... You lose yourself." Morgan tells the group to get down just as the woman pulls the truck beside them, opens the gun hatch and opens fire.

"MM 54"

June and the others slowly get up after the gunfire stops. Morgan notices leaking fuel and says they need to get out of the truck immediately. June, Morgan, Althea and Luciana get out of the truck. Althea goes after Martha with a knife, but falls back as Martha emerges from the back and releases a zombified Quinn onto June.

Wendell shoots Martha in the chest and Morgan puts down Quinn before June can get bitten, when suddenly, the truck explodes and attracts a herd from the woods. Martha smiles and drives off in the SWAT truck as the group flees.

June and the others walk along the road with the herd in pursuit. June insists on checking everyone's injuries from the shootout. Morgan spots a sign for a hospital. Jim questions Morgan's leadership and refuses to go to the hospital with the group. He changes his mind, however, when he sees the herd getting closer.

At the hospital, Morgan guards the entrance, which he's barricaded with furniture. June updates him on everyone’s condition and assures Morgan that he made the right call in taking them to the hospital.

After the herd breaks through the front door barricade, Morgan leads the group onto a floor that is clear of walkers. They barricade the stairwell entrance. Morgan suggests they secure the other stairwells.

June, Luciana and Wendell flee as the walkers break through the stairwell barricade. The group meets at the elevators. The lights turn on and the elevator doors open. The group piles into the elevator just in time to escape the herd.

On the roof, June checks Jim's injuries and realizes he has been bitten on the back. Jim reels from the news and storms off, realizing his death is imminent. June assures a saddened Morgan that he will find a way to get them out.

"I Lose People..."

On the roof, June assures Morgan that they'll find a way off somehow.

June and the group, except for Jim, venture back into the hospital to locate Althea. Instead, they find Althea's note telling them she's going to try to escape, along with instructions on protecting her tapes if she dies. Morgan leaves to find her while June and the rest stay behind.

Back on the roof, Morgan tells June and the group that he'll find a way to distract the walkers below to let the rest escape. Suddenly, John radios Morgan to give him the all-clear on speaking freely on the walkies and June responds immediately. They're both elated to talk to one another. June gives him her location and he says they're on their way.

Morgan tosses a walker off the ledge an onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the hospital entrance. "Momo's a goddamn genius", Sarah beams as she and the rest escape into the ambulance. June radios Morgan to follow them, but he tells her to go without him and stays on the roof with Jim.

After a while, June radios Morgan again, this time she's with John and the others in the SWAT truck. Alicia and the others chime in on the radio, telling him they're going to save him. Morgan looks down and sees their plan: a fire truck.

While Morgan tosses his stick down and gingerly begins climbing down the building, June, Alicia and Luciana draw a herd of walkers and barely make it back to the fire truck alive, only to find Martha missing.

As the group gets surrounded by walkers, Jim decides to sacrifice himself to save them. Before he does, he radios Sarah the recipe for his beer. She writes it down, Jim takes a deep breath, and throws himself off the ledge and onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the fire truck.

On the road, Sarah decides they should name the beer "Jimbo's Beerbos" in his memory. Morgan proposes they find Althea and then travel to Alexandria together.

"... I Lose Myself"

After the group finds Al, June and John tell her they found her alone in the street with a tape from Martha. At night, the group sits around a campfire and Morgan describes his plan to pick up more boxes at the truck stop to distribute them en route to Alexandria.

The next day, the group arrives at the truck stop and stocks up on supplies from the store. June and John have a conversation, where June confesses to John she was worried he would be disappointed in learning she was a different person than he thought, but he assures her she's everything he thought and kisses her.

Outside, Althea loads the van when some walkers approach. Al jumps down to fight them, but is too weak and passes out. Alicia shoots at the herd and then instructs everyone to get inside as the noise will attract more.

Inside, everyone doubles over in pain as more walkers scrape at the windows. June realizes that someone opened the water bottles in the store and poisoned the water. Al deduces it was Martha. June tells Morgan that Martha poisoned the water but loses contact.

Finally able to communicate, Morgan tells them it's anti-freeze. June tells them the antidote is ethanol and the group hatches a plan to get it from one of the trucks outside.

June and Charlie create a distraction while the rest kill the walkers and push forward. Althea jumps in her SWAT truck and machine guns the walkers outside, while accidentally putting holes into the tank and causing the ethanol to drain out.

June updates Morgan on their problem and he tells them he can't lose them. John encourages him and says he's strong with or without them.

Suddenly, Morgan shows up and reveals that he brought a truck of Jim's Augie's Ale, saving the day. The group drinks the beer and suddenly regain their strength. Junes watches as John jokingly warns Charlie that this is the last time she drinks a beer until she is 21.

Morgan then brings June and the group back to the place he left Martha. He finds her severed arm attached to the police car and sees her turned, walking on the road. He stabs her in the head and then buries her.

Morgan tells everyone he's no longer going to Alexandria. He says that Martha became the person she was because nobody helped her when she needed it and that more people need help.

The group arrives at Clayton's supply factory and Morgan says they should follow his path and help others. Alicia says it can't just be about boxes, they need to build something like Madison would want. Althea suggests they can start with the people she interviewed.

Shortly after, June and the group mobilizes a convoy of vehicles outside the factory. They load up on ammo and head out. Morgan gets on his walkie and broadcasts that they are coming to help anyone who might be in need.

Season 5

Four months after using the denim factory as a headquarters to distribute the supply boxes, June and the group have had poor luck in finding or recruiting other survivors, with many of the people interviewed on Althea's tapes dead or missing.

"Here to Help"

June and the group flies on a plane after hearing a message on radio from someone named Logan. However, the plane crashes in the middle of the woods on an unknown territory. In the overturned cockpit, June and Althea wake up with walkers clawing at them from the windows.

John shoots at the walkers from the windows and frees June. She then makes it into the fuselage to look at Luciana and her impaling. June helps her as John and Althea use hacksaws to cut her free. They place her on a stretcher and Althea hands Alicia her weapon.

Alicia takes the lead but a truck rushes in with Annie driving. Max says it's their sister so they all pack in the van and leave. On the road, Annie says walkers are the least of their problems. "You have no idea where you landed, do you?" She asks them mysteriously and says she stays away from this area but got stuck there recently. Morgan says they’re trying to help a man they met on the radio named Logan, who claims his place got surrounded. Annie stops the van and says the place is worse than it seems.

They arrive at a gate comprised of walkers chained together with their own intestines. The tree above them has walker heads hanging from the branches. Annie says they're all over the area and she refuses to drive through. Morgan says they'll walk and Annie reminds him he doesn't even know this guy, but Morgan still wants to try. Annie warns he better be worth it as Alicia cuts down the fence and they ride on through.

Later, the group arrives at a truck stop to look for Logan but find the place empty. They carry Luciana inside as John and Althea inspect the place. Morgan tries to reach Logan on the radio to no avail. Alicia reports that no one's here and that something must be up. Annie gets spooked and tells her brothers they need to leave now. Alicia tries to calm them down but Max points his rifle at her and warns them to leave soon. The kids leave as June pulls the pole out of Luciana's shoulder.

A while later, Morgan gets a radio call from Logan. He says he is the "L" in "C&L" which is the logo on all of the trucking equipment. He admits he never shared Clayton's world view and he made them fly to the furthest truck stop he knew of so they could take over without a fight. Alicia reminds him they crashed a plane to help him and Logan says he is just trying to reclaim what's his instead of hurting them. He cuts off communication and walks away.

That night, John tells June he's optimistic about the future, claiming they have all the luck in the world. She says he helped her when she thought no one could, so they might be able to help people in the future.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

At the truck stop, June patches up Luciana, who is eager to heal so she can learn to play the accordion due to the pain killer drugs. John arrives to tell June and Luciana that Morgan and Alicia headed north and they should head south, while Luciana should stay at the station. He gives her one of his revolvers for protection.

In the woods, June talks with John as he radios Morgan and Alicia to tell them that their truck broke down. Alicia warns him of the radioactive walkers that he can't kill without risking their own health. A while later, June and John follow a sign to a nearby camp to find the kids. They arrive to find cabins full of walkers and several bullets caskets on the ground.

That night, John radios the others and the group meets up in the campsite, where Grace inspects the walkers in the cabins and confirms they were exposed to the radiation. June then inspects a car to ride back to the truck stop alongside John, when they get a radio call from Luciana who tells them they are getting a plane from Strand and that the long-range antenna was taken out by the wind. June then orders her to go back inside as the communication cuts off.

Afterward, June listens as Morgan tells Grace tells Grace they'll help her find the rest of her friends but she declines, revealing that she has been exposed to the radiation and has limited time to live and does not want to risk anyone else's lives. Morgan reminds her they'll always be on the other side of the walkie if she needs them and Grace requests they contact her if they find any more of her people.

At the truck stop, June and the group arrives and awakens Luciana, who is still drugged and scared that the dead are waiting. Outside, they find the heads hanging from a billboard.

"Humbug's Gulch"

June and the group kill several walkers barriers on different roadblocks in an attempt to find Althea as they cross off circles on a map, forming a perimeter.

On the road, June and John drive out of walkie range and find another walker roadblock. They approach it and immediately come under fire, forcing them to retreat in their van and drive through the barrier. They arrive at a ranch called Humbug's Gulch, which John says it's similar to his old stomping grounds and claims they can find guns there. They make their way inside one of the buildings and find a locker full of guns and ammunition.

Afterward, they go outside in the middle of a windstorm so they can return to the van. Suddenly, a stranger approaches and starts shooting at them, causing them to retreat. He shoots at one of the tires but John clips the stranger with his gun. June covers him from behind and knocks Dwight with her pistol. They carry him inside the building, where they tie him up.

June treats Dwight's gunshot wound as John rummages his stuff, finding maps from other states and notes from Sherry. Dwight wakes up and yells for John to put down Sherry’s notes. John tells him they just want to help him, but he insists no one can help him. John asks about the walker blockades but doesn't get an answer.

Later, June and John barricade the doors with furniture and decide to head to the roof and get out of the town on foot. Dwight offers them his car but they insist he will come with them. He finally reveals that his name is Dwight and tells them about his mission to find his wife. They shake hands as John introduces himself and June. Dwight laughs at their names and John finally unties him.

The walkers break into the bar as they escape out the second-floor window. However, Dwight jumps from the roof, forcing them to follow him. He reveals to John that he calls the dead "walkers" and they make an effort to get away. They start making their way to the car but Dwight goes the other way and makes a break for their van. He radios June and John to explain how Sherry has been leaving him messages for him in her travels and how he thought he'd find the next one in the car, but there isn’t one. "I've been looking for Sherry for, I don't know, at least a year," he says. June ultimately tells Dwight they found the van without anyone alive in it but offers hope that Sherry could be alive.

Dwight explains that he doesn't deserve to find Sherry. "I'm never going to find her," he bemoans as he cocks his gun. June tries talking him out of killing himself, saying Sherry is still out there and that he can’t do this to her. Dwight lays down his gun and sobs, telling them he can't get back to them. John says to leave that up to them.

June covers John from the car as he shoots most of the walkers and ultimately manages to save Dwight. That night, June loads up the car when John thanks her for talking Dwight off the ledge and confesses it made him reconsider how he was showing his love for her. They hug and kiss.

Suddenly, Morgan, Alicia, and Luciana arrive at the town. Dwight walks up and calls out to Morgan. June and the group are shocked that they know each other. Dwight explains his mission and tries apologizing for what happened with the Saviors, but Morgan assures him they can talk later. "We're trying to start over," he explains. Alicia asks Dwight about the walker barricades, so Dwight takes them to one.

On a roadblock, June and the group are about to take it down when Max radios her and says they’re headed to the truck stop. On the way, they find a van stalled on the road. Inside, they find a bloody Dylan crying in the backseat. Alicia tries calming him and asks where Max and Annie are, but he won’t answer.

"The Little Prince"

June and the group arrive at the truck stop with several parts of their plane. She then listens as Morgan makes a plea to the kids for them to stay together and to help them re-assemble the plane so they can leave the area together. "We can because we've done the impossible before," he says. Luciana reveals they will fly across the mountains together. Dylan steps up and agrees.

A while later, June takes a look at Annie's ankle and advises she wait a week to run so she's more prepared. John shows up and tells June he and Dwight are going to continue looking for Sherry. They kiss and June tells Dwight to keep him out of trouble.

After Morgan leaves to help Grace, June accompanies Althea as she works inside the plane cockpit. She thinks Althea is hiding something related to her disappearance and offers an off-the-record conversation to help, but Althea doesn't budge.

June and Althea then witness alongside the others at the sky as Strand and Charlie approach in Jim’s beer-themed hot air balloon to their rescue, until it unfortunately crashes in the radiation zone.

"Still Standing"

At the truck stop, June and the group realizes there's a hole in the plane and they have to find more gas. Al claims she knows a place and goes along with June. A while later, they arrive at the mountain with the helicopter fuel as John finally makes contact with June. She warns him the reactor will soon meltdown and he needs to rush.

As they pack up the fuel on the truck, Althea finally tells June about Isabelle and claims she misses her. June explains how she was always grateful for what she had with John when she didn't know if she would see him again. June says she's certain she'll see Isabelle again, giving her a new sense of hope.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

In a flashback, June and the group takes turns on the radio trying to reach out to strangers who might need help, to no avail. In the present, she and the group wait on the airfiled for the rest to arrive.

June then witness the nuclear plant explosion in awe, making her radio John immediately. She desperately vows to come get him but he tells her not to and makes her promise to get on the plane whether he makes it back or not. He confesses his love for her and tells her she's his reason to live and he wants her to have a reason to live, too. After a while, Morgan radios Luciana to tell everyone to get ready to fly but she says John and Dwight aren't here yet, so Morgan asks them to help him fight the walkers. She and the group then start walking backwards to the plane as the walkers close in. June tells Morgan she made John a promise and they have to get on the plane.

June and the group makes a run for the plane as John and Dwight drive their way past the walkers in Sherry's van. Everyone makes it on the plane safely as a wall of smoke from the reactor fills the runway. Strand and Al steer through it and make it into the open air.

In the air, June tells John she didn't want to leave and he comforts her. John then tells June he worried he would never talk to her again and doesn't want to waste another moment. He fashions a candy wrapper into a ring, gets down on one knee, and proposes. She gleefully says yes and the two kiss. That night, the plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

June happily reunites with the rest of the group and meets Daniel. Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him.

Logan tells June and the group the gasoline is going bad and that Clayton wrote down an oil rig location. He says if they hand over his journal he'll help them find it. They're skeptical, but he makes the case they won't be able to help anyone without it and suggests they should find it first before his former crew.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, June and the group formed a convoy to travel throughout Texas to help others and invite them to join their community, while establishing additional outposts to recruit the survivors reaching out to them over the radio.

In an interview by Althea, June remembers how she didn't trust Madison at first when she tried to help her but now she is following her example of reaching out to others in need. She is also revealed to be part of the basecamp security and of escorting people to outposts when necessary, alongside Grace. June then promises they'll eventually find a place to call home.

At night, June and the rest of the group reunite in their camp to dine together. Al then asks the group what each want, with June vowing to find them a permanent home. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

"Ner Tamid"

June and the convoy set up camp in a field to rest for the night. The next day, Sarah admits they're running low on gas so June suggests they go on a supply mission to find more. June and John then debate what to do about Logan searching for them when Dwight informs the group Charlie's missing.

After a while, Charlie radios June to tell her she ran away because she was tired of the constant moving. She reveals where she is and asks her to bring car batteries. Sometime later, June and John arrive with the battery and Jacob thanks them for keeping the eternal flame lit. Charlie asks them to help Jacob repair his fence and they agree. Outside, June tells Charlie the temple isn't the right place to settle down because it's too small and too far from a water source.

June and John then tell Charlie it's time to go to the camp as she suggests Jacob the group could live there with him. Suddenly, Sarah radios them about Logan's crew and June says they're on their way. They head outside to find all the walkers from the locked-up building surrounding them. Jacob takes them to the roof and explains he and his congregants were holed up in the temple at the onset of the apocalypse. He explains that he left to gather supplies and when he came back, everyone was dead.

June and John climb down and use a ladder to create a bridge in between cars to avoid the walkers. As they make their final ladder bridge the gate gives way and they get trapped on top of a car. June tells Charlie there's only one way out of this but Charlie refuses to give the place up. However, she talks with Jacob and finally relents, making him use a horn and lure the walkers into the temple. June and John lock the doors as Jacob and Charlie escape out the back.

June and the group then drive to Dwight and Sarah's location in Al's SWAT truck and save them from having to confront Logan's crew. Later, Charlie apologizes for running away but June says the perfect place is still out there. Jacob says that's called faith and that he'll start looking around for what he wants.

"Leave What You Don't"

June and John drive towards Tank Town to confront Logan and his crew. On the road, they are contacted by Alicia, who tells them that someone might need help, but they're forced to continue onto the oil rigs. Once they arrive, they position themselves on a hill. John shoots at the walker carousel from afar and radios Logan that he better not try anything, but Logan calls John's bluff and says he knows they don't have the guts to kill him.

At night, June helps John pick off incoming walkers but some manage to fall off the cliff and crawl, causing a fire. She and John provide cover fire for their companions when Jacob, Annie, and Tess arrive to help. Later, June and the rest help kill the remaining walkers and control the fire.

The next morning, June and the rest of the group reunite with Logan until Doris and the others hold them up at gunpoint. He tells everyone to put their guns down and explains how he wants to continue Clayton's message after all. Suddenly, Logan and his crew are viciously shot and killed from afar by Virginia and her group.

June then listens as Virginia reveals she's been watching them and suggests they could all help each other. She can offer them things they want like helping June a settlement for the group in exchange for keeping the oil fields running. They refuse so she orders her people to prepare to kill them. Luciana offers to stay to help them make gas if she lets the rest go and Virginia agrees. June and the group are then forced to abandon the place.

"Channel 5"

June and the rest of the caravan keep traveling in search of a permanent home. She checks on Grace and also informs the group of her current state, claiming they need to find a settlement soon. At night, June helps Grace after she passes out. Later on, Morgan decides the group should leave in the morning.

The next day, the convoy stops their truck because they realize its too heavy to make it across a bridge. The wires start to snap so Morgan instructs everyone to cross the bridge without the cars. Suddenly, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. However, no one listens to Virginia and she orders her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler and drives away.

June and everyone works hastily to move the resources across the bridge while Morgan, Strand, and Al handle the walkers. When more arrive, Morgan is forced to move everyone across. Tom trips while recording as the truck falls through the bridge. He laughs at his good fortune until the bridge under him collapses too. Later, June and the others rest on the side of the road before Morgan tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot.

Sometime later, the group finds a billboard for the Gulch. Later on, they arrive at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. June and the others then hear as Morgan radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

June and the rest of the caravan survivors rest along the outskirts of Humbug's Gulch as Morgan contacts with Virginia for help. After a while, Dwight arrives with some horses and explains if they're alive then there must be water nearby. They argue over whether to stay or not and eventually decide to stay, where they'll deal with the walkers and Virginia. June and a group break open the fence and use the horses to lead the massive herd to ambush Virginia and take their supplies while the rest moves into the gulch.

On the road, Dwight quickly gets surrounded by walkers and is forced to jump off his horse as the walkers devour it. Dwight runs off but Morgan follows him and eventually catches up. June and the rest lead the herd into the river while Morgan and Dwight hide in the bushes. The group then returns to the Gulch, where Al shows them the bodies of the people Virginia killed. She insists that they will die fighting Virginia, but Alicia wants to fight back. Morgan just wants to make sure everybody survives and reminds them despite their failures they still made a difference in the world, and they should keep living their lives.

Later, June and John get married inside a chapel in the town. They exchange vows and kiss as the rest of the group looks on with hope. Suddenly, Virginia and her pioneers arrive in a SWAT truck-leading caravan to take the group into different settlements.

That night, the group gets separated and driven away. John tells June he loves her as they are separated and placed in different cars.

Season 6

"The Key"

When John is at his home, he hears a knock at the door. Going to answer it, he is surprised to see June, who hugs him. June says that she was relocated to Lawton as a reward for John's work as a ranger. She is welcomed in and unpacks.

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

June rushes a patient into Sarah's truck, which has been transformed into a mobile medical unit, and enlists Sarah to help her surgically remove the patient's infected appendix. The patient dies during surgery and turns, then attacks June. Sarah stabs it in the head. June buries the patient on the side of the road and says they're stretched too thin to reach patients in time. She says that she approached Virginia about building a hospital, but Virginia rejected her proposal. John radios June to report that he's en route to rendezvous with them.

June rides with John while Sarah follows in the truck. John proposes that he and June run away to the cabin that Janis told him about. Without going into detail, he says that he needs to get as far away from Virginia as possible. June worries that Virginia would hunt them down. They're interrupted by an urgent call from Lucy on the walkie, requesting medical help at the oil quarry. John proposes they leave for the cabin after they're finished helping at the quarry.

June and John arrive outside the quarry and find burned and bloody workers staggering out of the entrance. Lucy explains that an oil well exploded and that people are still trapped in the quarry. Virginia arrives and orders her men to interrogate survivors about the explosion. June privately tells John she'll run away with him after they leave the quarry. June, Lucy and Sarah enter the quarry. Virginia sees a spray-painted message, "The End is the Beginning", and refuses to let anyone leave until she finds out who was responsible. June argues that they need to evacuate all the victims to give them medical attention.

June finds Wes with a grave stomach wound and tries to stop the bleeding. A walker attacks June. Virginia shoots the walker and finds nails taped to the walker's fingers. She vows to find out who put the nails on the walker's fingers. Virginia tells June that she's wasting resources by treating a patient who is probably mortally wounded. June ignores Virginia. Wes screams in pain. June asks Lucy to get sedatives. Virginia refuses to let June sedate him until he's interrogated. June says Wes might die if they don't move him to the truck. Virginia insists on questioning him and reveals that Hill and Marcus found spray paint in Wes' bunk.

Virginia asks Wes how long he's been with the rebel group. Wes insists he only uses the spray paint for art and does not know what she's talking about. Virginia shoves her finger in his wound. Wes screams but still maintains that he knows nothing. June injects Wes with sedatives, angering Virginia. June opens the truck and finds that a number of the quarry victims have already died, turned and eaten other patients. Lucy loads Wes onto the truck and leaves the quarry as June and Virginia kill the walkers. Virginia ushers June inside a building as a well explodes.

Virginia wakes up and finds a walker on top of her. The walker bites Virginia as she fights it off. Someone radios Virginia and says they're trying to get back into the quarry. Virginia spots an axe and douses alcohol on her wound to amputate her hand. June grabs the axe before Virginia can get it. Virginia asks June to chop off her hand to prevent the infection from spreading, but June refuses. Virginia tackles June. June holds the axe to Virginia's neck and keeps it there as she radios Lucy with instructions to remove shrapnel from Wes' stomach. Virginia tells June that she's just trying to protect everyone from a dangerous group of rebels, then asks what June wants from her. Virginia insists that everything she does is for Dakota.

June hacks off Virginia's hand. Virginia wakes up and finds her amputated arm cauterized with hot metal. June tells Virginia that there is something she wants in exchange for helping Virginia. John digs through the rubble and rescues them. Wes wakes up in the truck. Lucy and Sarah ask June why she saved Virginia's life. June says that Virginia agreed to give her a hospital and that she also agreed to assign Wendell to the hospital. Wendell arrives in a car and reunites with Sarah.

John tells June that he's ready to leave for the cabin. June reveals that Virginia is giving her a hospital and that she no longer wants to run. John pleads with June and says that he can't stay. June insists that Virginia can change and that she's actually trying to protect them all from a rebel group. John tells June that Virginia is duping her. June and Sarah ride in the truck as John follows in his car. The truck veers left, toward Lawton. John veers right, toward the cabin.

"The Door"

June, Grace, Sarah, Luciana, Wes, and Daniel were rounded up by the rangers and held in the Lawton town jail as bargaining chips for Virginia as she attempts to get her sister back. June is set free and goes with Virginia and Hill to John's cabin. Morgan radios Virginia and explains that John is floating toward the cabin after Dakota shot him. He offers to talk with Virginia only after she finds John and helps him. June runs outside when she sees John's body wash up on the river shore. John crawls toward her: he's turned. A heartbroken June stabs him in the head with a knife.

"Things Left to Do"

Following John's murder, the heartbroken June digs a grave for her husband outside of his cabin while Virginia desperately attempts to contact Morgan on the radio. After finishing, a crying June looks at John's blood on her hands and rolls John's body into the grave. June notices that John's remaining gun has fallen out of his holster and takes it and contemplates shooting Virginia, but is stopped by Hill who takes the gun. June demands to know why Dakota killed John, reminding Virginia that June had saved her life and that it's the only reason that Virginia is still breathing and John isn't. Virginia claims not to know why Dakota killed John, but June doesn't buy it. Virginia silently walks away and June fills in John's grave.

That night, in Lawton, Daniel, Luciana, Sarah and Grace are lined up by the Rangers as Virginia, Hill and June arrive. Luciana asks where John is and June simply nods at Virginia, causing her friends to realize that John is dead. June is lined up next to Daniel and Virginia begins demanding Morgan's location from the group without success.

Virginia threatens Grace's life and Morgan arrives to confront Virginia, threatening that if anything happens to Grace or his friends, she won't see her sister ever again. Instead of giving in to Virginia's threats and demands that he turn Dakota over, Morgan reveals that she is a liar and a hypocrite who broke her own rules by covering up Dakota's murder of Cameron. Despite Virginia's orders to begin executing everybody, Victor Strand turns his gun on Virginia and leads several Rangers he has been recruiting into an army for Virginia in turning against her. When Virginia draws a gun, Strand shoots her in the shoulder and she takes Grace hostage, provoking a gunfight between the Rangers loyal to Strand and the Rangers loyal to Virginia. Virginia ducks under a car for safety along with Sarah and Luciana.

The next day, June, now wearing her hair loose, arrives on horseback at the Valley Town with Daniel, Luciana and Wes as Morgan argues with Strand and Sherry over the captive Virginia's fate. Morgan successfully argues to make Virginia live with what she's done and impales his battle axe into the dirt until the day that it's needed again. Strand backs up Morgan's decision and when Morgan asks for people willing to live by the laws and foundations that they are building at the dam, June is the first to join him, followed by Daniel, Luciana, Wes, Sarah, Grace and Jacob. Jacob hands June a letter that John had written to her when he thought that he would never see June again, stating that he thought that June should have it. June puts the letter in her pocket without reading it.

Later, as a chained-up Virginia wakes up, June tells her that she has removed the bullet and Virginia will be fine to go if she rest up a few more days. Virginia thanks June for saving her life for a second time and Morgan announces that they have decided to allow Virginia to take Dakota, who is actually her daughter and leave as Dakota needs her mother. However, Alicia warns that if either of them show their face again it's the end for them which Virginia acknowledges and Morgan gives Virginia directions on a back way out so that she can avoid her Rangers. As Morgan and Alicia leave to get Dakota, June announces that she's staying to change Virginia's dressings.

As June starts to tend to her wound, Virginia recognizes that she owes June a lot of apologies, but June states that it has nothing to do with Virginia and that death seems to follow her wherever she goes "like some kind of punishment for my past." June reveals to Virginia that she had a daughter named Rose who was sick and whom June tried to protect but instead ended up getting every survivor in her camp killed. As a result, June thinks that the love of her life getting killed by someone's daughter that they were trying to protect is exactly what she deserves.

As June walks away, Virginia insists that they were both just trying to protect their kids, but this makes June angry. June demands to know if Virginia knew what Dakota was capable of before she murdered John after what Dakota did to Cameron and if Virginia protected her anyway. Virginia insists that she would do anything for her daughter and June approaches her, drawing one of John's guns. June identifies it as the gun that Dakota had killed John with and points it at Virginia's head. Stating that she didn't protect her daughter after Rose killed someone and reminds Virginia, who begins to plead with June, that she had asked why Dakota had killed John. June believes that Virginia lied about not knowing why Dakota did it and that Virginia is the reason for John's murder. As Virginia begs June to stop, June shoots Virginia in the head, executing her in revenge for John's murder.

June leaves the church as Morgan, Alicia and Dakota approach, putting on John's hat and ignoring Morgan's demands to know what happened. Wiping Virginia's blood from her face, June silently walks out of the dam and down the road.

"Handle With Care"

Daniel sits in a jail cell and performs a cognitive test. He answers someone's questions and says he felt hopeful on the day it began. It's revealed that his interrogator is June, and she is asking questions as part of a psychological evaluation. Daniel completes some psychological tests for June. She concludes that his problem is psychological, not neurological, and says it's treatable. She promises to read more about his condition and return.

"In Dreams"

In Grace's dream state, an older June is a doctor with Charlie as her assistant. Apparently not recognizing Grace, June performs a checkup on Grace following her arrival to Valley Town.

In reality, Morgan and Grace are on their way to the hospital that June is building when they are ambushed by Riley and four cultists. June is five to six hours away and without gas to drive to them and promises to come by horse to help. With Grace unconscious, Morgan keeps in touch with June via radio for medical advice on dealing with the situation.


June approaches Valley Town to check on Grace's health. Morgan bars her from entering and says Grace's baby would still be alive if June hadn't teamed up with Virginia to build a remote hospital. June checks abandoned cars for supplies. "The End is the Beginning," is spray-painted on the road. June marks the location on a map of locations that the enemy group has been to. She looks at the letter that John wrote her but does not read it. Dwight finds June and assures her that Morgan didn't mean what he said. June wonders if John would still be alive if she'd left Virginia when he asked her to. Sherry joins them and searches the cars for fuel.

June suggests they look for Hill to find out more about the group behind the spray-painted messages. Someone shoots at them. June looks for the sniper while Dwight and Sherry kill walkers. June finds an RV on the road and climbs in through a window. She sees a map marked with photos of places that the enemy group has been to. The sniper corners her at gunpoint and asks why she's here. June says they're on the same team and proposes they share information about the enemy group. The man says he's been searching for the group longer than she has. June says his map is missing a location – the orchard. The man orders her to drive him there.

June drives at gunpoint. She swerves to a stop and aims her gun at the man. He recognizes her revolver and says the "J.D." initials engraved on the handle are his: He is John's father. June asks J.D. if he has any questions about John. J.D. deduces that John is dead. June realizes she lost her jacket with John's letter and says they need to backtrack. J.D. instead orders her to drive to the orchard. June turns the engine but the RV doesn't start. J.D. finds a walker stuck on the underside of the RV. The RV smokes up when June tries to start it again. J.D. says the RV is busted.

June reads a newspaper clipping about J.D. putting Teddy away for life. J.D. says Teddy is responsible for the spray-painted messages and admits he had to frame Teddy to land him in prison. He says that his lie drove him to drink and that he left his family because John was better off without him. June realizes that Hill is probably hiding at John's cabin and says they must go there. J.D. refuses, but June says Hill has John's other pistol. June and J.D. walks through the woods. June offers to dress a wound on J.D.'s hand. J.D. suggests they stop at the local bait shop — the same one where June and John used to rent movies.

June patches up J.D.'s hand at the bait shop. J.D. locks her inside a room to keep her safe while he goes to the cabin. Dwight and Sherry later rescue her and June shoots Hill in the head as he was about to kill J.D. He wakes up in the cabin and goes outside. He sees June thanking Dwight and Sherry for finding her jacket.

June finds J.D. outside and urges him to get more rest. J.D. laments that he never said good-bye to John. June says it's not too late. June, Dwight, Sherry and J.D. stand by John's grave. June reads John's letter out loud. In his letter, John hopes June will forgive him for leaving her to save Janis, just like he forgave his father. He says his father was a good man who left him out of love. John says June helped him realize his life was worth living. June cries.

June gives her wedding rings back to Dwight and thanks him for letting her and John borrow them. Dwight and Sherry get on their horse. June starts the truck. June and J.D. arrive in Valley Town. Morgan and June reconcile. J.D. says they need to start strategizing, because Teddy won't stop until they're all dead.

"USS Pennsylvania"

June will appear in this episode.

"The Beginning"

At a lookout, Dakota discusses with Teddy how he'd encouraged her to be who she really is and Teddy embraces her. John Dorie Sr. arrives and reveals that he has come to forgive Dakota for his son's murder. Teddy insists that Dakota has nothing to feel sorry about, but she questions if John really means it, apparently pleased that she is being forgiven despite Dakota's claims that she feels no remorse. John drops his gun in a gesture of his honesty, but as Teddy goes to shoot him, June shoots Teddy in the arm, causing him to drop his gun which lands with a metallic clanking sound. June reveals that she also forgives Dakota and that her husband was right about it not being too late even if they only believe it for however long they have left. Dakota questions why June would've killed Virginia if she truly believes that and June explains that she lost what John believed when she lost her husband but she found it again and she encourages Dakota to do the same thing.

Kicking away Teddy's gun, John uncovers a hidden trapdoor leading to a secret bunker. John confronts Teddy on his claims that he intends to die at the end and suggests that it was "just a bunch of hot air to get your lambs to march to their slaughter" and June insists to Dakota that they aren't lying to her and are only doing what they believe. Dakota demands answers from Teddy who states that as they didn't shoot off all of the missiles, they will go back to the sub to finish the job once the dust clears. Dakota demands to know if Teddy even meant it when he said that he understood her and demands to know why he didn't reveal the existence of the bunker. Teddy claims that he couldn't take the risk of anyone else finding out and that he wants it to be about the two of them. However, John reveals that Teddy is only keeping Dakota alive as he needs two people to launch the remaining missiles, the two launch keys needing to be turned simultaneously. Shaken, Dakota insists that she and Teddy are family and he doesn't want Dakota to be something that she's not, but John attempts to convince her that Teddy will Dakota once he's done with her. June tries to get Dakota to see the bunker as a sign that she can have a second chance, but they are interrupted by the missile's warheads breaking apart in the sky. Teddy pushes Dakota to make a choice: die with him bringing about the end or go with John and June into the bunker and pretend to be someone that she's not, leaving Dakota conflicted over what to do and suffering an emotional breakdown. Asking if his son had ever told June about the St. Louis Barn Raiser, John distracts Dakota by firing his gun into the air and as she shoots John in the arm, June shoots Dakota's gun out of her hand. Entering the bunker, June tries one last time to convince Dakota to come with them, but she insists upon seeing the end. John follows and locks the bunker door behind them.

When one of the nukes hits nearby, the shockwave rocks the bunker, sending debris flying and forcing John and June to take cover deeper inside.

Season 7

"Cindy Hawkins"

June will appear in this episode.

"The Portrait"

June will appear in this episode.

"Follow Me"

June will appear in this episode.

"Mourning Cloak"

June will appear in this episode.

"Sonny Boy"

June will appear in this episode.

"Divine Providence"

June will appear in this episode.


June will appear in this episode.

Season 8

June will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that June has killed:


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John Dorie

She is in a romantic relationship with John. John rescues an injured June and nurses her back to health. The apocalypse has left her with trust and commitment issues. To keep herself from getting close, she allows him to call her with a fake name, "Laura". During her recovery, they fall in love. John believes she is the love of his life. Rather than lose him, she abandons him. John leaves safety of his cabin to find her. They are reunited during the confrontation between the Vultures and Alicia's group.

Alicia Clark

June and Alicia seem to have a stable relationship. It has been announced that June and Alicia will bond over the course of Season 4. After the revelation that June survived and joined the Vultures, Alicia became determined to kill her as she believed that June caused the fall of the stadium but she was ultimately talked out of it by Morgan Jones.

Madison Clark

June initially distrusts Madison when Madison and her group find June's camp, holding her at gunpoint and trying to flee. June seems to begin to somewhat like and trust Madison after she and Alicia save her life from the oil drum. It can be assumed that they now have a good relationship as June agreed to stay at the baseball stadium.

Victor Strand


Nicholas Clark






Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki


Morgan Jones








Sarah Rabinowitz


Jim Brauer




John Dorie Sr.




  • Her alias of Laura was given to her by John Dorie when she wouldn't give him her name. John thought she looked like a Laura. She later reveals that the name Naomi is just another alias but gives John her real name when she reunites with him.
  • June has killed two leaders of the Pioneers, Virginia and Hill, both with a shot in the head from the same gun.
  • June is the first character to kill both the primary and secondary antagonist in their respective season.
  • June also has similarities to Andrea:
    • Both lost family members in the middle of the apocalypse, in the case of June her daughter, Andrea her sister.
    • Respectively the two fall in love and marry a police officer, June being John Dorie and Andrea being Rick Grimes.
  • As of "Sonny Boy", June is the last surviving member of the Dorie family.

International Dubbers

Language Dubber Other Characters Voiced
Czech Petra Hobzová N/A
French Céline Monsarrat N/A
German Diana Borgwardt Diana
Michonne Hawthorne (6-10)
Amanda Shepherd
Hungarian N/A N/A
Italian Rachele Paolelli N/A
Japanese Chie Tanaka N/A
Portuguese N/A N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Mariana Ortiz N/A
Spanish (Spain) Victòria Pagès N/A