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Kari Bennett (née unknown) is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She is the wife of Leopold Bennett and the adoptive mother of Iris and Hope.


Lincoln, Nebraska

Kari was born in 1979 and lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. As an adult, Kari married Leo Bennett, a professor at Nebraska State University. In the early 2000s, Kari and Leo were unable to start a family naturally and looked to adoption to have children. They then found two infant girls, Iris and Hope. The two were not related, but shared the same crib and were inseparable. With the intention of adopting one child, Kari and Leo decided to adopt both girls.

In 2010, Kari helped Leo welcome in a student of his, a young man named Felix Carlucci, into their home after he was kicked out of his parent's home when it was discovered he was gay. Kari and Leo took in Felix as part of the family and accepted him as who he was. While not officially adopted since he was an adult, he became part of the family and was close to Iris and Hope as well.


Season 1


When the outbreak began in the fall of 2010, Kari and her family survived the initial outbreak. During that night, Kari and her family were evacuating to the University. Kari noticed a pregnant woman in danger, but Leo told them they had no time to rescue her. Empties then began to approach the family, causing Iris to become frightened and let go of her sister and mother, causing them to get separated in the chaos. At that moment, a plane full of undead passengers crashed into the streets, only worsening the situation. After the crash, Kari and Hope attempted to reunite with Leo and Iris until Hope spotted a pick-up truck and suggested it would help them find Leo and Iris and get to the university. Unfortunately the pregnant woman, now armed approached the mother and daughter and demanded she take the truck to find her husband and son. Kari attempted to reason with the pregnant woman, but to no avail, prompting Hope to lunge toward her — causing the pregnant woman to shoot Kari in the chest. As both the woman and young girl stood in awe, Hope retrieved the gun and aimed it at the woman, only to accidentally fire it due to a nearby explosion.

Hope eventually reunited with Leo, Iris, and Felix and arrived at the university. She doesn't tell Iris the true nature of Kari's death, saying she was devoured by empties instead. Hope reveals the true details of Kari's death many years later.

"The Blaze of Gory"

Kari appears in a flashback, playing and laughing outside with Hope as they blow bubbles.

"In This Life"

Kari will appear in this episode.


Killed By

As Kari and Hope rush to a pick-up truck to escape, they are intercepted and held at gunpoint by Amelia, who plans to take the truck for herself to find her son and husband. When Hope rushes towards the truck, Amelia is startled and accidentally shoots Kari in the chest, killing her.


World Beyond

Season 1

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