"When Kate and I were huddled in that closet, terrified, with those men calling for her, she looked at me and her eyes said the same thing any patient asks. Help me. And as they dragged her out, I pushed a vial into her hand."
—Gale to Karina regarding Kate.[src]

Kate is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Kate's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is possible she lived in or near King County, Georgia.


Webisodes: The Oath

Gale is talking to Karina about lethal injection and mentions a girl named Kate. Gale says that Kate was hiding in a closet with Gale and that men were calling for her. Ultimately, Gale tells Karina that she lethally injected Kate.


Killed By

While huddled in a closet with Gale, a girl named Kate was present and men were calling Kate's name. Not long after that, Gale lethally injected Kate's hand, killing her. It is possible, much like Karina, that Kate reanimated.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Kate has killed:

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