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I'll take my chances.
―Kelly telling B.J. she wants to depart with Chase.[src]

Kelly is the deuteragonist and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage. She works at a storage facility with B.J. and Lenny.


Kelly is a traumatized and desperate woman. Though her location is initially believed to be unknown according to B.J., in actuality he has her tied up in a room on a bed and is used to fulfill his twisted sexual desires. B.J. seemingly rapes her quite frequently. By the time Chase finds her, she breaks down, yelling and screaming, horrified of what he'll do to her, though she is reassured that Chase is a good person. The two begin to escape but get into a standoff with B.J. Kelly chooses to take her chances out on the road than stay with B.J, showing how much she despises him. However, B.J. refuses to let her go. With machete in hand, Kelly gets behind B.J. as he is focused on Chase and decapitates him, getting revenge on the man who tortured her for months.


Atlanta, Georgia[]

Nothing is known about Kelly's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she worked at Self Storage Facility.


Self Storage Facility[]

On the onset of the outbreak Kelly along with her co-workers B.J and Lenny to refuge at storage facility in hopes of riding it out.

Cold Storage[]

"The Chosen Ones"[]

Kelly is seen through a picture of cold storage and Chase question B.J. where she is she and all the other operators in the industry.

"Parting Shots"[]

Chase discovers a room full of furniture and a lone woman named Kelly tied to a bed frame against her will. When Chase finds her, she screams but Chase reassures her that he's a good person. Chase unties her and hands her a machete as the prepare for their escape.

The duo attempt to escape the storage facility until they encounter B.J. downstairs. B.J. threatens to kill both of them after Kelly reveals he murdered the other employees. As Chase and B.J. argue, Kelly pleads to Chase to take her with him as she begins to move toward him. B.J. runs in between them to stop her. Kelly proceeds to walk behind him, leaving B.J. thinking she chose him. Moments later, she decapitates him and leaves his undead head in his office. Chase and Kelly grab keys to a truck nearby that is low on gas and escape the city.

Kelly and Chase's fate after this is currently unknown, but they were planning to head for Cynthiana, Kentucky to join a caravan heading for Washington, D.C. However, it is unknown if they made it and as seen in "A New Beginning," Washington was eventually overrun by the undead.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Kelly has killed:


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Cold Storage[]


  • It is implied that Kelly may have been in a relationship with Lenny.

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