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Somewhere up there, his mama is looking down on you. Grateful for what you're doing. Always putting him first... (…) Yeah, but - you're the only mama he's got. Protective, loving, caring... All the things a good parent needs to be and all at your age. But parenthood is a hell of a motivator though, heh - that's for sure. That kinda love... It'd make you do anything. Like what happened to Carver... I did that for you.
―Kenny to Clementine about family. (Determinant)[src]

Kenny is the former tritagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in Telltale's The Walking Dead. He is the tritagonist of Season One, the deuteragonist of Season Two and determinately a character in flashbacks in A New Frontier. Kenny was a Commercial Fisherman and Boat Captain. He is the husband of Katjaa, the father of Kenny Jr., and later the boyfriend of Sarita. Kenny acted as the de-facto co-leader of the Motel Survivors, alongside Lee Everett and Lilly, though he eventually acknowledged Lee as the true leader. Then he became the leader of his own group and then one of the survivors of the Cabin Group.


Kenny is a generally likable and caring man, though occasionally appears stubborn, volatile, confrontational and short-tempered. These flaws take over at times which allows him to get carried away, and act before thinking which at times proves reckless.

Kenny is generally characterized by needing a sense of purpose or, more specifically, protecting people, which Lee Everett noticed in "Around Every Corner". Protecting Katjaa and Duck was his singular drive until their deaths, and when that purpose was robbed of him, he sunk into a deep depression until he discovered he focused himself on a new purpose. Getting to Savannah to find a boat helped steady him because he had a chance to get his friends to safety kept him moving until his arrival at the waterfront, where he found that there were no boats. He slipped back into his catatonically depressive state, finding himself whiskey in which he drowned his sorrows. Kenny's spirit was again revived when Lee and Clementine found a boat and the mission of saving Clementine from her abductor motivated him once more. After either being separated from or outliving all of his friends and family, Kenny seemingly gave up, finding himself the nearest shelter and hiding from the outside world. He was found in a restaurant by Sarita, who gave him another mission in life; protecting her. After Sarita died, Kenny again lost his purpose in life but regained it again with Alvin Jr.'s birth. Not willing to lose his purpose again, he spent all of his time worrying over the security of the baby. He found himself lost and meaningless when he was told that the baby had been lost, driven to live only by the will to destroy that which had taken away his purpose. He would give everything he had to protect the baby, offering up his life if necessary as proven by his insistence that Clementine leave him to save the baby.

Kenny is also known to be very emotionally involved with the events in the story. He is loyal to those who treat him well, but unforgiving to those who don't. He has proven to be a rather tough survivor of the apocalypse being able to handle himself in most situations. Most of the group respects him for this. He also possesses fairly good leadership qualities, having been a captain of a commercial fishing ship.

He is willing to take risks for those he cares about, but is also willing to let those who wrong him suffer for it, shown when he hesitates to come to Lee's aid under the door in "Long Road Ahead" (Determinant) and when he brutally kills Carver for what he did to him and the group in "In Harm's Way".

Additionally, Kenny is often known to be irrational, specifically when it came to Duck being bitten, where he would insist that he "was fine" and that they should just pay attention to the road. This is also hypocritical, because when Larry has a heart attack in the meat locker of the St. John's Dairy Farm, he insists on crushing his head, as he may reanimate as a walker, even though he may not have been dead to begin with.

The loss of Katjaa and Duck heavily dwells upon him and thus Kenny enters a state of depression, becoming cynical, and closed off to the people around him which makes others begin to worry about his morality. Though Lee will attempt to help him during these troubling times, he eventually pulls through and regains his compassionate side to aid those that he cares about, especially Lee and Clementine, which he could express that he considered them family, though he still has difficulty trusting people he hadn't known before, evidenced by his hesitance to place any faith in Molly or Vernon.

After his brutal beating at the hands of Carver coupled by the death of Sarita, Kenny becomes incredibly vicious, aggressive, hostile, brutal, and mentally unstable, even towards his fellow group members including Clementine (due to Sarita's death/Infection). As a result, his unstable nature only further intensifies as shown through his behaviour with Arvo (at times mercilessly insulting and beating him). Jane will even theorize that Kenny express several traits similar to Carver and that if he continues on his current path he could eventually become like him, to which Clementine can highly disagree with.

Though despite his temperamental side, Kenny has proven to be rather selfless towards the other members of the group as demonstrated as he stated that he would rather have the children eat than him, evidenced in "Starved For Help". He rescued Christa from certain death by jumping into the hole she was stuck in, fully knowing he would be trapped instead of her or tried to save Ben when he became trapped in an alleyway. (Determinant) Kenny selflessly took the blame for stealing the radio in order to protect Clementine (this resulted in Kenny losing his left eye). Additionally, he helped Rebecca with her pregnancy, giving her steps to follow whilst in labor. Furthermore, he desperately begged for Edith to take Clementine and AJ into Wellington in order to ensure their safety, which would mean him being alone again.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Kenny was raised by his father, a man who taught Kenny about the makings of and how to repair broken cars (as he usually possessed nearly half-a-dozen wrecked vehicles in his garage at once). Kenny noted that his father was a "mean son'a bitch, but he taught [him] respect". Kenny's knowledge of mechanical engineering extended to boats due to his love of the water and traveling, tools that would aid him in the years following the outbreak. At some point, he went to México. [1]

As an adult, Kenny became a commercial fisherman. He would hunt for snapper fish and yellow fin, but in the summers, he'd take tours down and sailfish. During one of his fishing tours, he encountered a sick octopus and decided to bring it ashore to a veterinarian's office. He met Katjaa at the office, where she agreed to help the octopus. They fell in love and became husband and wife afterward. They later had a son named Kenny Jr. (who they nicknamed to as "Duck" because of his loud nature), whom Kenny frequently played catch with. Kenny retained his job as a fisherman, allowing him to begin catching tuna, which he would allow his wife to grill for him. The family adopted a dog, but it died before the outbreak. Kenny stated that he cried when they had to put it down, despite the fact that he did not like it as much as his son did. [2]

Kenny often went sailing to the open sea for months at a time, separated from his family, which he admits to be a fact that he deeply regrets after their deaths. [3]

Kenny and his family were returning from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting Katjaa's sister when the outbreak started. He and his son were seen at Gil's Pitstop just before the outbreak started.

400 Days


Kenny and his family are shown stopping at Gil's Pitstop in the intro sequence. He appears at the gas station before his son runs to him. In Shel's Story, the remaining survivors of the cancer support group align themselves with Roman, Shel, and Becca as allies at the pit-stop. Depending on the in-game choice later on in "No Time Left", and if Kenny stayed behind to guard the boat, he will be mentioned by Boyd as the "guy with the mustache" they beat up when speaking about the past experience of having stolen the boat in Savannah.


At the onset of the outbreak, Kenny and his family were on the road at a gas station when Kenny notice a man grabbing his son. Thinking that he was trying to abduct him, Kenny quickly pounced upon the man and discovered him to be a walker. Following this, Kenny urged his son back into their truck and drove away. Katjaa noted that they had passed many people during their escape from the area, many of whom needing help that they did not give. They found a farm on the outskirts of Atlanta with an owner willing to let them bed down in his barn for the night.

The Telltale Series

Season One

"A New Day"

When Lee Everett and Clementine enter the barn, Kenny can be seen sleeping with his family on an elevated platform. In the morning, Kenny wakes Lee up. He jokes to Clementine about her being lucky to not have spiders in her hair because Lee scared them off. He introduces himself and his family, asking Lee if he wanted to ride with him into Macon for safety in numbers on their way back to Florida. Kenny sets to working on his truck, trying to ensure it was capable of making the drive to Macon. When Shawn Greene shouts from the tractor, Kenny runs to save his son from the walkers. If Lee chose to help Duck, they are quickly able to pull Duck out of the walker's grasp. Alternatively, if Lee chose to help Shawn, Kenny saves his son by himself. Despite Shawn's cries, Kenny runs from the walkers with his son in arms, regrettably leaving Shawn behind to be devoured with Lee unable to save him. Hershel discovers his son dead and wholeheartedly blames Kenny for letting him die. Lee can defend or blame Kenny, but Hershel ultimately decides to send all of them off of his farm. Kenny and Lee share a remorseful glance, Kenny telling Lee that he could go with them. Lee accepts, taking Clementine to the truck.

As they reached Macon, the truck ran out of gas, forcing them to exit the vehicle and continue out on foot. Duck discovers someone behind an overturned vehicle outside of the drugstore Lee's family owned, Kenny calling out for help before realizing that he was shouting at a walker. Several walkers surround them all at once, pinning them to the locked drugstore. One walker attacks Duck, causing him to scream out until a sudden gunshot rings out and the walker is killed, covering Duck in its blood. Kenny hugs his family out of relief quickly before he is urged inside the drugstore by two people. They lock the building down once more as walkers close in on the entrance.

Inside, the shooter and the other man who had locked the door argue with another woman over having gone out there to save them despite orders to keep doors shut. An older man, Larry, and Kenny immediately jump into the argument, fighting over their shared survival. Lee can point out that they were just people, leading Kenny to assert that he "actually [like] helping people". (Determinant) Larry suddenly notices Katjaa tending to her blood-covered son away from the argument. Inferring that the boy had been bitten, he goes to deal with Duck, but Kenny angrily steps between them. Kenny grows more irate as Larry threatens that they would all end up bitten if they did not throw Duck out. Kenny asks for Lee's advice over how to deal with Larry, to which Lee can advocate peace or further arguing. The shooter and Larry's daughter, Lilly, try to intervene, but Larry berates both of them before explaining to Kenny that Duck's bite would cause him to turn. Kenny tells Katjaa that he had decided to kill Larry, firmly denying that Duck was bitten. Their argument comes to a head, leading Lee to make his ultimate decision over who to side with. (Determinant) If Lee sides with Kenny, he can either get in Larry's face and order him to be quiet or he would have to deal with him or tell Kenny to knock him out, the latter resulting in Larry punching Kenny in retaliation and knocking him out with one punch, though Kenny is grateful to Lee for his defense of his family. If Lee chooses to side with Larry, Lee can either apologize to Kenny and say that this was about survival or just decide to assist Larry in removing Duck, both options severely damaging to his relationship with Kenny.

Regardless of which option is chosen, everyone is shocked when a walker stumbles out of the bathroom and attacks Clementine. The other woman, Carley, saves Lee once again, (Determinant) shooting the walker in the head. Walkers begin banging on the outside of the drugstore, causing everyone to seek cover and hide. Larry whispers that they were about to get in, but Kenny harshly tells him to be silent. Machine gun fire rings out from outside, luring the walkers away. Larry takes the opportunity to berate Carley once again, but he suffers from a sudden heart attack. Lilly explains that he needed nitroglycerin pills from the pharmacy, but the entrance was locked. Kenny calms and directs the other survivors in the drugstore to some tasks to keep the building locked down until they could get the pills for Larry. Glenn offers to go scavenge for gasoline for Kenny's truck so that all of them could get out of the drugstore. Kenny assesses the other people and tells Carley and Doug, a man who had quietly ducked out of the whole argument, to watch the walkers outside of the building. Lilly decides to monitor her father's condition as Kenny does the same for his son, who morosely stares at nothing after Katjaa finishes cleaning him.

If Lee speaks to Kenny and Katjaa after everyone goes to their assigned posts, Kenny will either react with venom or gratitude depending on who he sided with over Duck's fate. When Katjaa asks about Clementine, (Determinant) Kenny comments on her strength in being able to survive for days on her own. (Determinant) Kenny then asks for a private conversation with Lee away from his family so that he could talk about his guilt over Shawn's death earlier in the day. (Determinant) If Lee tries to ease the guilt, he can say that Kenny did not make the conscious choice to let Shawn die. Alternatively, if Lee agrees that Kenny had caused Shawn's death, he criticizes Kenny for having killed another man's son by saving his own and tells him to let Shawn's death haunt him. (Determinant) Regardless, Kenny is unable to let go of the guilt of his actions. When Glenn later calls in via Clementine's radio to inform the group that he had been forced into hiding by walkers, Lee and Kenny work out who would go rescue Glenn- deciding on Carley and Lee himself- and bring back the fuel needed.

When Lee and Lilly accidentally tripped the pharmacy alarms, Kenny did his best to prepare for the group for the escape, while Lee, Carley, and Doug provided cover at Kenny's orders. When Larry punched Lee and abandoned him for the walkers, Kenny rescued him in the nick of time. Depending on Lee's relationship with Kenny, he either commented on not leaving a good friend behind or how he was rescuing Lee despite thinking he was an asshole. When the group arrived at the motor inn, Lee and Kenny have a short conversation regarding Clementine and whether or not Lee knows how to take care of her. Later, Kenny hears a drumbeat from the city which he hoped was the military, "Winning this thing." He, along with the rest of the group, agreed that they should hole up in the motor inn until all of the trouble passed over. Right when they began to think everything was okay, the power shut off around them.

"Starved For Help"

Three months after the drugstore attack, Kenny was out with Lee and a new survivor named Mark, hunting for food. Lee and Mark discussed how Kenny had been getting into arguments with Lilly over the last few months, since they disagreed on how to lead the group. When Lee and Mark hear screams and find Ben, Travis, and David Parker, Kenny was right behind them to assist the situation. They find the eldest amongst them to have stepped in a modified bear trap, to which Kenny responds with incredulity that there is a bear trap in the middle of nowhere. Lee agrees to help them, but Mark and Kenny notice that David's screams had attracted walkers. Kenny offered to hold off the approaching walkers as Lee attempted to free David from the bear trap. Should Lee take too long to free David, Kenny regretfully grabs Lee and tells him that they must leave. Kenny forces Ben to move, but when Travis is accidentally shot by Mark, he returns, demanding to know what had happened. After a hasty explanation, Kenny orders Mark to pick him up and move, doing his best to ignore David's begging. Alternatively, should Lee cut off David's leg to remove him from the bear trap, Kenny orders Mark to pick him up and move. Travis, however, is cornered by walkers and devoured, much to Ben's horror. Lee forces Ben to move as Kenny leads them back to the motel.

Back at the camp, Kenny calls Katjaa over to a truck bed near the gate, asking if she could fix up the injured survivor. Lilly and Kenny get into yet another argument over bringing more people into the group. This caused Lilly to become frustrated and forced Lee to divide the rations for that day. Lee can talk to Kenny during this time, which Kenny will discuss how he planned to head to the coast with his family once he repaired the RV they had discovered. Whether Lee supported his decision or attempted to persuade him to stay, Kenny's mind was made up by that point. Kenny also discussed the current state of their friendship, which is either good or bad based on Lee's decisions in "A New Day". Kenny refused to accept any rations until his son was fed. If Lee fed Duck and Clementine, Kenny supports his decision since it is what "a real man does" and offers a place on the RV when the time came. He then notes that some people would not be happy with not being fed. If Larry was not fed, he storms over and demands to know why he was not fed. He threatens Lee, but Kenny voices his appraisal of Lee's choices. Alternatively, if Lee did not feed Duck but fed Clementine, Kenny angrily berates Lee for not caring about his family. If Lee had not fed Larry, he storms over and demands to know why he was not fed. He threatens Lee, and Kenny just walks away in disgust. If Lee did not feed either child, Kenny will berate Lee for not doing what was right in caring for the children first.

When Katjaa and Lee were attacked by a reanimated Travis/David, (Determinant) Kenny began accusing Ben of not telling the group that the person was bit. At this point, Ben revealed that simply dying, and not being bitten, was how a person turned. Everyone was already infected and true death only came through destroying the brain. It is then that the group encountered the St. John brothers, who offered to trade food for gasoline. The group agreed that Lee, Mark, Ben and Doug/Carley should go to investigate their dairy to prove their story.

When Ben and Doug/Carley came back from the dairy, Kenny came with the rest of the group to check it out. They arrived right when Mark was attacked by bandits, however, which lead Kenny to be a bit concerned. He was seen later pushing Duck on the newly rebuilt swing, where Lee talked to him about the current situation of their friendship. Whatever their state is, Kenny mentioned about how there would come a time where Lee would have to pick sides. When Lee returned from scouting Jolene's camp, Kenny was found with Katjaa, Duck, Clementine, and Andrew St. John tending to the family's cow. Kenny had been in another argument with Lilly over his suspicions of the St. John's. He mentioned that there was a locked door that Andy was particularly fast to lock up and he had heard metallic sounds from there. With Lee's help, they distracted Andy long enough to retrieve tools to break the lock. Unfortunately as soon as they broke the lock, the St. John's called everyone for the dinner they had prepared. Kenny told Lee that he would make an excuse for him while Lee broke the lock and looked inside.

Kenny was eating at the dinner table with the rest of the group when Lee discovered that Andy, Danny and Brenda were cannibals and had cut off Mark's legs to serve for dinner. The brothers knocked Lee unconscious and threw him, Kenny, Larry, Lilly, and Clementine into the barn's meat locker. Kenny became distraught over knowing the St. John's had kidnapped his family. When Larry suffered a heart attack and his pulse had stopped, Kenny came to the conclusion that he was dead and that they needed to kill him before he reanimated. Whether Lee decided to help Kenny or attempt to save Larry, Kenny picked up a salt lick and crushed Larry's head with it. Though shocked that he went through with it, Kenny justified himself that he did what was necessary to protect the group. Kenny's relationship with Lee would be seriously affected by what Lee chose to do here and he would either appreciate Lee for backing up him on making a hard and morally questionable decision, or resented him for leaving him alone to do it. Immediately after, Clementine crawled through an air vent and freed them, Kenny rushing out to save his family. When Danny caught them sneaking up, Lee engaged in a fight with him. Either Kenny or Lilly would come to Lee's rescue, and afterward, Kenny rushed to the house.

Kenny was later seen confronting Andy, who was holding Duck hostage. Kenny lunged at Andy, but was shot in his side. Lee eventually overpowered Andy and, after deciding to kill him or spare his life, the group left the dairy as walkers demolished the barrier and overran the farm.

As the group walked back, Kenny took a moment to discuss with Lee about what had happened. Either the two of them would be on good terms or Kenny would tell Lee that they needed to stay out of each other's way for a while. When the group discovered an abandoned car, Kenny was the first to propose looting the car for the abundance of supplies it contained. Lee either agreed with the looting or decided against it, but Kenny participated in the looting, nevertheless.

"Long Road Ahead"

At the beginning of the episode, he and Lee scavenged Macon for supplies. Kenny remarks that he is pleased by the lack of visible walkers in the area. He asks Lee as they walk what he thinks about leaving the motel, and Lee can give an affirmative answer that generates a positive response from Kenny. Kenny climbs a ladder of a big rig trailer and snaps the hinges, forcing Lee to find an alternative route to the top of the rig. He eventually pulls a jeep to the trailer via a motorized winch. Kenny discusses how Duck still blamed himself for Shawn's death, though Lee says that they've all seen worse. (Determinant) As Lee tries to get up to Kenny, they encounter a girl who was being attacked by walkers. Kenny urges Lee to not shoot her, stating that she would buy them more time to scavenge. Lee had a choice to leave her, or to put her out of her misery.

Depending on his choice, Kenny will either be annoyed by Lee or grateful. They enter the drugstore through the alley door and scavenge the inside of the pharmacy. The player can grab as many supplies as he/she wants, though if Lee had shot the woman outside, the player has less time to gather supplies. When Kenny takes the supplies from Lee and tells him to hop over the counter, Lee is knocked over by the office door falling upon him with walkers on top of it. Kenny will either consider taking the supplies and leaving or rush to help lift the door, depending on what Lee chose to do in the meat locker on the St. John Dairy. Regardless of what Kenny does, Lee is able to free himself and retreat to Kenny's position before following him out of the drugstore.

Back at the motor inn, Kenny and Lilly get into another fight over whether or not to leave the inn. Depending on how many supplies Lee was able to gather, Lilly will either be excited about being able to make it through the winter should they continue their ways or upset that they would be forced to ration their supplies. Kenny will either point out how they would freeze in the run-down motel or how they could always find more supplies elsewhere. Lilly rebukes his claim, saying that she has no desire to listen to him after what he had done to her father. Kenny picks at Lilly's nerves when he talks about how Larry was gone and they no longer needed his medicine that could only be found in Macon. Katjaa and Doug/Carley arrive at the scene of the argument, sarcastically asking if either of them will ever stop arguing. Kenny talks about the bandits in the woods and how they had been quiet recently, but could always spring up and attack if they ever felt the need to. He then abruptly brings up Lee's previous decision to shoot the girl in Macon or let the walkers have her. Lilly is not happy to hear that she had suffered and that they hadn't even tried to save her (a completely different perspective than what she had taken toward Ben), but Kenny is solely focused on how she had represented an opportunity to get what they had needed. Lilly snaps at him and begins raving about how someone had been stealing their supplies before demanding that everyone leave her room. Kenny's demeanor becomes less stable when Lee agrees with Lilly that each day was getting harder. (Determinant)

Kenny was upset to see the broken flashlight. If Carley was saved in "A New Day", Lee had the option of telling him about his past, and Kenny appreciated his honesty. Lee also realized that Kenny had not told Katjaa the truth about what had happened in the St. John's meat locker. (Determinant)

The bandits later attacked the motor inn, holding everyone but Lee and Lilly hostage in the parking lot. Kenny is unresponsive when Lee reveals himself to the bandits and surrenders, but when the bandit negotiating with Lee is shot and killed by Lilly from atop a balcony, Kenny runs with his wife away from the bandits as everyone else scatters. Lee, after failing to stop one of the bandits from fleeing, retreats behind the RV. Kenny brings him a rifle while he gets inside the vehicle and attempts to get it working. After dispatching two bandits attacking Ben and Carley/Doug, Kenny's wife calls out for help. Lee kills three more attacking bandits and Clementine runs to him for safety, but a walker attacks Katjaa and Duck, preventing them from reaching the RV. After Lee shoots the walker (Determinant), Kenny runs out and gets his family into the RV. More walkers attack while Lilly continues shooting at the bandits in the forest. Lee orders her to get down to the RV, but Kenny insists that they just leave her behind, as she had wanted to stay in the first place. After clearing the path out of the motel and getting the RV working, Lee tells Lilly that she needed to come down or they she'd have to stay. She manages to get into the RV before Kenny drives off and leaves the bandits to their fight against the walkers.

Several hours later, Kenny is frantic to make sure his wife is okay after she had been cut open near her temple. Lilly insists that someone had betrayed them to the bandits. Kenny is reluctant to believe her at first, but when Lee vouches for her statement, he remains quiet. Throughout the argument between Lilly and the accused party, Kenny continues driving until he inadvertently hits a walker in the road and runs over it. He tells them that they should be safe where they were, and Kenny exits the RV with everyone but the kids and Katjaa. Lilly informs him that there was a walker beneath the RV, and he gets to work on getting it out alive. He ignored Lilly's persistent requests for his opinion on who the traitor was, asking for some time to deal with the walker first. When he finally got the walker out from under the vehicle, he demanded to know what was going on with everyone else's argument, but was stunned when Lilly suddenly shot and killed Carley/Doug. Katjaa screamed for him and asked what was happening, but he just told her to "keep Duck away from the windows". He then told Lee, who had restrained Lilly, to get in and leave Lilly behind. Lee can choose to side with him and send Lilly away. If he chooses to do so, Lilly will exclaim that Kenny was being hypocritical in leaving her behind for murder when he had done so himself and Lee had done the same. Kenny will either denounce her claims or ask Lee for the truth depending on his choices of telling people he trusted earlier about his past. (Determinant) Not caring about Lilly, Kenny gets everyone inside and drives away from the corpse of Carley/Doug. After everyone tried to recover from the sudden death, Katjaa calls Lee up to the front of the RV and informs him that Duck had been bitten. If Lee tells Kenny to stop the RV, he ignores Lee, saying that maybe Duck could recover if they got to the city of Savannah and maybe found a cure. Kenny continues driving throughout the night when Lee goes back to tell Clementine.

Kenny refused to believe that Duck was going to die until the very end. When Lee got the train up and running again, Kenny took over the steering. Katjaa, seeing that Duck was on his last legs, eventually realized that he was inevitably going to die, and asked Lee to have Kenny stop the train, so they could say their goodbyes. Kenny was still in denial and Lee either had to physically fight him, or talk him down to get him to stop it. If the latter was chosen, it was revealed that he still felt guilty over Shawn's death, and that he thought Duck dying was the world's way of punishing him.

Saying goodbye to Duck, Kenny, and Katjaa agreed that they didn't want him to reanimate, and decided that one of them should shoot him in the head. Lee could tell one of them to do it, or he can offer to take care of Duck himself instead. Regardless of his decision, Katjaa (and determinately Kenny) takes Duck into the nearby forest to make sure that Clementine didn't have to see him die. Hearing a gunshot (and possibly Kenny's cry of despair), Lee goes into the forest, only to find that Katjaa had committed suicide and Kenny completely broken down with sorrow beside her. Kenny is distraught that Katjaa had left him for good, and he somberly closes her eyes. He then sees Duck and picks up Katjaa's gun. No longer trusting of himself, Kenny asks Lee what they should do. If Lee stays silent or tells Kenny to do it, then Kenny will raise the gun at his son. After Duck stops breathing, Lee can either reassure Kenny or tell him to get it over with, both of which resulting in Kenny numbly shooting Duck. If Lee remains silent after Duck stops breathing, then Kenny will shake and lower the gun, saying that he couldn't do it. He sobs and says that they should go. Alternatively, if Lee takes the gun from Kenny and offers to do it himself, Kenny will watch as Lee puts his son down. Then, leaving the two corpses as they were, Kenny and Lee go back to the train and get moving to Savannah again.

Kenny, depressed and in state of half-way shock, kept to himself in the train cabin and ignored any attempts at consolation from either Lee or Ben. He later received a sip of whiskey from Chuck. When the group met Omid and Christa, Lee could relay Kenny's story to them, to gain their trust. Kenny also agreed to instruct Omid on how drive the train.

Having escaped a horde of walkers following them in the train, Kenny was still obviously depressed, but he had also gone back to focusing on following his plan of escaping in a boat. If his relationship with Lee was previously strained, he seemed to have decided to let the hostilities rest for the time being. Him and Lee then overheard a transmission to Clementine's walkie-talkie from a mysterious person inside Savannah. Disturbed by this sudden turn of events, the duo look upon the city in awe.

"Around Every Corner"

The group got off the train and made their way to the riverfront. Kenny leads them to River Street, but was obviously still depressed and shocked about his wife and son's sudden deaths. Lee attempted to talk with him about their next move, but no matter what, he was single-mindlessly obsessed about finding a boat. Along the way, a church bell rings, and the voice spoke up on the walkie-talkie, telling them to get out of the street for their own safety, and this enrages Kenny, who felt the man was toying with the group. Suddenly, dozens of walkers began pursuing the group. Kenny took many of them out, but was tripped and nearly bitten by a walker. He was saved by either Lee or Christa. When more walkers arrived, Chuck was surrounded, Kenny leading the group to the back of a house. While there, he argued about Omid's condition with Christa, openly airing his wish to leave Omid behind, if he didn't show any improvement soon, causing Lee to break it up. He, Lee, and Ben searched for a way inside the house. Once inside, the group decided that they needed to escape, as the radio man was stalking them. Seeing the house as a temporary safe-zone, Ben and Kenny searched the upstairs for walkers. He heard something and headed to the attic. Inside, he discovered a child walker who reminded him of Duck. He stared at it, paralyzed, and couldn't bring himself to kill it.

Lee came up and saw the child walker as well. Kenny either admitted that he was a coward since he couldn't kill his own son, and that he couldn't kill another kid. Lee could either kill it, or convince Kenny to redeem himself and kill it. Either way, Kenny asked Lee to bury the kid. While Lee buried him in the backyard, a man was seen watching him. Becoming worried, Kenny and Lee decided to go find a boat at the riverfront. Along the way, Lee may ask Kenny if he was okay, which Kenny ignored. Another church bell went off, and Kenny drew his gun. He thought the radio man was luring the walkers toward them, but he and Lee quickly discovered that the walkers were being lured away. Reaching the riverfront, the duo find all of the boats destroyed or stripped of parts, almost completely crushing Kenny's hopes. In desperation, he ordered Lee to help search the area, although Lee considered it a hopeless undertaking. While he and Lee searched, they spotted an unknown survivor nearby. They believe it was the radio man, and planned to capture him. Kenny hid around the corner with his gun, while Lee snuck up on him. When the survivor was about to kill Lee, or be killed by Lee, Clementine showed up and begged them not to. The survivor stopped and revealed herself as Molly. Kenny appeared from behind the corner, gun drawn, but Lee told him not to shoot. Molly knocked Kenny over in self-defense, causing his gun to fire. She explained to them that other people took all the boats, fuel, and batteries when the apocalypse began. She also told them about Crawford, and the horrific nature of it. Walkers arrived, due to Kenny's gunshot, and they ran into a nearby alley. Molly escaped, and was about to abandon them, but Clementine convinced her to save them. She saved Kenny and Clementine, but Lee was forced to retreat to the sewers.

Lee returned later with Vernon, a doctor, but discovered Kenny drunk on whiskey. Kenny explained that he had lost all hope, and drinking was the only thing that kept him from thinking about Duck and Katjaa. But he threw the booze away when Clementine discovered a boat in the backyard shed. Given a new sense of purpose, he looked it over and found that he needed fuel and a battery to get it up and running, but also realized that the boat can't fit the whole group. To get everything, plus the medicine for Omid, the group decided to sneak into Crawford at night. While there, they found Crawford overrun with walkers. They locked themselves in the Crawford Catholic School and split up to find everything. Kenny and Brie, a member of Vernon's group, narrowly survived and retrieved the fuel. Once everyone was back, they attempt to break into the armory, as walkers forced themselves into the building. A panicked Ben revealed that he was the one who had dealt with the bandits, and caused the deaths of Duck and Katjaa. Enraged, Kenny snaps and tries to kill Ben, but was held back by Lee and Vernon. An enraged Kenny abused Ben verbally and announced that he would not be accompanying them in his boat. Walkers broke in and the group retreated to the armory.

The armory was empty except for a few rounds. They took the rounds and ran. Kenny discovered a loaded shotgun and tossed it to Lee. They all ran to the bell tower and found a way out through a window. As they climbed out, Ben was grabbed by a reanimated Crawford Oberson and pulled to the edge of the platform, but managed to hang on. Lee killed the walker, but Ben dangled over the edge and attempted convincing Lee to escape and leave him behind, which Kenny also urged Lee to do. Whatever Lee's choice, he escaped with or without Ben. Back at the house, Kenny either praised Lee or berated him, based on if he saved Ben or not. He then went to repair the boat with the new fuel and battery.

Later, he, Christa, Omid, and Ben (Determinant) find Lee outside, where Lee reveals that someone kidnapped Clementine. Lee may or may not have informed them of his walker bite. If Lee told them about the bite, Kenny is shocked and could not believe it.

Results of Lee's actions

Depending on Lee's relationship with Kenny, Kenny decided whether or not to help with finding Clementine. Kenny will not help if Lee never backed him up or agreed with him. If this happened, he instead decided to get the boat to the river and wait for them.

If Lee was always helpful towards Duck and Katjaa, despite having disagreements with Kenny and tells him that he views Clementine as his family, Kenny admitted that, although Lee failed to support him on some important decisions, he always helped his family when they were in trouble, and it would be hypocritical of him to deny help towards Lee when he was in the same situation. He was still furious at Ben, and protested when he offered to go with them, and Lee either agreed with him or told him that Ben was coming along no matter what, to which Kenny reluctantly agrees.

If Lee always backed him up and agreed with him on things in the past, Kenny jumped immediately at the opportunity to help, saying that Lee is his closest friend.

If Kenny agreed to help, he followed Lee (along with others who joined), and went back to the sewers under the belief that Vernon was the kidnapper based on his prior offer to take Clementine. When they reached the underground morgue of Vernon's group, they found it empty. Lee became distraught, and they noticed a giant herd of walkers outside. The radio suddenly came on and the unknown man claimed that he has Clementine, but revealed that it was not Vernon.

"No Time Left"

If Kenny accompanied Lee's group, he was present when the Stranger contacts him. He assured Lee that it was okay. As walkers forced themselves in, he blocked the door and told Lee to find a way out. After discovering a way, Lee passed out from the symptoms of his bite. When he awakened, he found Kenny about to chop his arm off. Lee prevented him from committing the act, but had the choice of cutting off his arm or not. If he chose to do it, Kenny will either do it (if it was just him with Lee), or he would tell Christa to do it (if she came). Once that is done, the group escaped to the roof. On the roof, Kenny searched for a way down and noticed Crawford in the distance and cursed it. When Lee managed to use Molly's bell-ringing philosophy to distract the walkers, the group headed back to the manor house. Back at the house, they found that the boat was taken by Vernon and his cancer survivor group. Either Vernon left a note (if everyone came with Lee) or someone will be locked in the garage and will inform the group (if someone was left behind).

If Kenny stayed behind, he will be beaten up by Vernon's group and tossed in the shed, being locked in by a braced shovel. Lee will free him from the garage. He will either be shocked by Lee's arm, or ask if the bite is paining him.

He and Christa get into a fight on where to head. If Ben was saved, he will yell at Ben, causing Ben to snap on him and tell him off. Kenny will nearly apologize to Ben if he does so, but is interrupted by a large herd of walkers quickly encroaching on the mansion. Walkers quickly approached and the group took shelter in the house. They attempted to deal with the walkers, but were forced to take shelter in the attic. In the attic, he and Lee got into a fight, due to Kenny panicking on what to do with Lee, calling it another "Larry situation." Lee either throws something at the wall, or Kenny does if the player does not react in time. They discover that they could break through the corroded wall. They took shifts on breaking it, and Kenny went first. On his break, he and Lee discussed what happened in the previous episodes and will make up for anything that had happened. Kenny says that even though he is angry about his situation regarding Ben, he never thought things the way Ben did. He, Lee, and Christa then all share a drink. Once through the wall, they made their way into the neighbor's house and discover a couple who had committed suicide. Kenny reflected on how suicide was bad, and will reflect on how Katjaa did the same. He took a moment, and Lee discovered a way out of the house. Before they left, he uncovers one clip for his gun.

In-Game Decision

Saved Ben: If Ben was saved, the group jumped to the next house, but Ben fell. Lee and Kenny headed down and uncover Ben with a balcony rung ripped through his stomach. As Kenny attempted to yank him off the rung, walkers heard Ben's cries and investigated the alley. Seeing it as the only way, Kenny pushed Lee out of the alley if he refused to leave, saying that it's something he's gotta do, and that he needed to find Clementine. He used his last bullet to put a dying Ben out of his misery.

Killed Ben: If Ben was killed in "Around Every Corner", after making their way across the rooftops, Kenny bumped into Lee, causing the walkie-talkie to fall through a hole into an abandoned warehouse. Christa jumped in to get it, causing Omid to panic. After realizing that there is walkers in the building, Lee and Omid attempt to pull Christa out, but they can't reach her. Kenny jumped in and boosted Christa out. After that, Lee frantically screamed for Kenny as he fired his last shots. Lee was stricken with grief, assuming Kenny was devoured by the walkers, but remained focused. When Christa asked how he felt after Kenny's supposed death, he simply said that Kenny was a good man.

Season Two


After the events at Savannah, Kenny found himself alone for a long time and traveling all over the country and eventually found his way from Georgia to Ohio. Kenny met a man who was bitten and cut his own arm off. The man died and reanimated anyway, however, much to Kenny's dismay. He also learned somehow about a growing settlement near Michigan known as Wellington, possibly from this man. He also at some point met a woman named Sarita and they fell in love but Kenny was hesitant to talk about Katjaa and Duck to her.

"All That Remains"

Kenny does not appear in this episode, but is shown as a drawing along with Duck and Katjaa, that Clementine made near the end of "Long Road Ahead". She has the option of burning it in a fire.

"A House Divided"

Kenny first appears in this episode at the ski lodge, along with Sarita and Walter. Initially, they are arguing with the cabin survivors once they are spotted, but as soon as Kenny sees Clementine once more, the argument ends and Clementine's group is allowed inside the ski lodge.

Clementine and Kenny sit down in front of the fireplace and catch up with each other. He explains that after he was separated from Lee, Christa, and Omid, he managed to evade the walkers, and escape Savannah. After a time, he holed himself up in an old restaurant, and was found by Sarita. The two traveled together looking for safety and overtime the two developed a relationship. Several weeks prior to "A House Divided", they found a ski lodge somewhere in Virginia, where two men were living, Walter and Matthew. They then formed a group at the lodge.

Kenny then asks Luke and Nick to help bring in the supplies before the storm could hit, and recommends that Clementine helps Walter with dinner. Later, when dinner is served Clementine can choose which table to sit at, but Kenny will be at which ever table she is at. Kenny then states that their group is planning to head north to Wellington near Michigan. Kenny then gets into an argument with Nick in which Clementine can choose to be neutral or side with either one. He then accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" when asked for a can of food, which then deeply saddens him.

Kenny later appears outside checking the windows in preparation for the storm, and asks Clementine and Walter to help. They then spot a woman peering into the windows. She asks for food for her "family" to which Walter allows, but Kenny still remains unsure. Regardless, Walter gives Bonnie a big box of food. Kenny then asks Clementine to leave, as he needs to talk with Walter alone.

Kenny exits the lodge to discover the windmill spinning too fast and making much noise. He tells the group that they need to shut off the windmill before it draws in walkers. After getting to the windmill, a small boom is heard as a transformer blows, resulting in the power shutting down. He and Luke go to investigate, while Clementine shuts down the windmill.

After Carver and his gang arrive at the lodge and take everyone hostage, Clementine can choose to find Kenny and Luke or surrender. Regardless, Kenny shoots and kills Johnny which causes Carver to kill Walter. Bill then grabs Alvin, and marches him to the window:

If Clementine tells Kenny to shoot, Kenny will fire and hit Carver in the shoulder. However, Carver then gets back up and instantly shoots Alvin in the head. Carver then grabs Sarita, and Kenny surrenders realizing that she could be killed. If Clementine tells Kenny not to shoot, Alvin is spared.

If Clementine surrendered in the lodge, Carver grabs her and points a gun to her head. Regardless, Kenny then surrenders, and Carver orders Troy and Bonnie to grab the remaining survivors and bring them back to their settlement.

"In Harm's Way"

Kenny appears in the back of the truck driven by Carver's group with the rest of the captives, immediately demanding to know if Carver, Troy and Bonnie did anything to Clementine. During their journey, he searches for a means of cutting his binds and manages to do so using a broken-off piece of metal against the wall of the truck and argues with the others over attempting to surprise Carver's men when the truck is stopped, but ends up hitting his head against the door when the truck comes to an abrupt halt. Troy quickly discovers that his binds have been cut and orders him to come over so that he can bind him once more.

When taken to the courtyard, Kenny quickly begins to devise an escape plan and urges Clementine to help him, distracting Reggie so she can scope out the area for any weaknesses that they could exploit. The following day, he is seen pinning Mike against a barricade against the window over being made to work on the extension when Clementine walks in, only for the barricade to come loose, enabling several walkers to break in through the exposed glass. Using a hammer, he fights off the walkers whilst Clementine tries to flee, and is not seen until later on.

When he learns of Luke's plan to escape using the radios, he is initially skeptical and prefers the idea of drawing in the walkers instead but will agree with Clementine if she suggests using elements from both of their plans. However, when Clementine finally steals the radios they are almost caught with them, only for Kenny to discreetly slip the radio into Clementine's coat pocket under the guise of tidying it.

Later, when Luke is discovered alongside one of the radios and Carver threatens further repercussions unless the other one is returned, Kenny quickly takes the blame for the radio Clementine is holding before she is able to speak up, but upon handing it over Carver responds by beating him over the side of his face with it to the point of unconsciousness. Clementine has the option of attempting to restrain Sarita from intervening or attempt to help Kenny herself, but will be beaten down if she takes the latter option, receiving a cut along the side of her face. Carlos is later seen treating Kenny, though he warns that his eye socket has been crushed with little hope for the eye, and that the severity of the brain damage will be unknown.

Much to the group's surprise however, Kenny regains consciousness and manages to bring himself to his feet, remarking that he'll be fine. When Luke suggests that some may need to be left behind due to being in no state to travel, Clementine has the option of angrily refusing to leave Kenny behind in response.

Soon enough, the group put their plan into action with the PA System being activated until they're held at gunpoint by Carver, only for Clementine to suddenly drop in and leave him stumbling for a few moments, giving the group the opportunity to fight back. When Rebecca learns of Alvin's death (Determinant) and outright demands that Luke shoot him, before the group can decide on what to do, Kenny draws a pistol and shoots out both of Carver's knees, leaving him bleeding out on the floor. Then, retrieving a crowbar, he urges the others to leave, suggesting that they won't want to see what he plans to do. Carver begins to goad and taunt Kenny, pointing out his damaged eye before suggesting that he and Clementine are alike, and urging her to watch him being bludgeoned.

Regardless of her decision, Kenny proceeds to brutally beat Carver to death with the crowbar, hitting Carver seventeen times with the crowbar, until his face is rendered a bloody pulp, before eventually accompanying the others outside. He is not seen after this point for the remainder of the episode.

"Amid The Ruins"

The episode starts following Clementine's decision to either hack Sarita's arm off or kill the walkers surrounding her:

If Clementine hacked Sarita's arm off: Sarita will scream and attract the walkers around her. Kenny will notice Sarita, and will kill all of the walkers around her. He will notice the bites on Sarita and mourn her, screaming at and blaming Clementine. She can then choose one of two options: either euthanize Sarita in order to end her suffering, or persuade Kenny to leave her behind. If the former is chosen, Clementine will hesitantly bring her hatchet down on Sarita's head and kill her, much to Kenny's grief. Unable to cope with the loss, Kenny will furiously lash out once more at Clementine, calling her a "stupid fucking kid" as Mike grabs him by the arm and forces him to move. Kenny will curse out Clementine as he begins to flee with Mike, telling her that Sarita's death is on her head. The three will begin running towards the woods, eventually getting separated from one another within the herd.

If Clementine killed the walker that bit Sarita's forearm: Sarita will begin to panic at the sight of her bitten arm. Kenny, hearing the panic will rush over to her and Clementine with Mike. Kenny will reassure Sarita and the four will run out of the herd, however Clementine will be left behind and ford through the herd with Rebecca and Jane.

After arriving at Parker's Run with Jane and Rebecca, Clementine will be greeted by Bonnie and Mike. If Sarita's arm was amputated, Kenny will be depressed and at the bench, looking down. If the walker was killed, a pale and weak Sarita will be lying on Kenny's lap with Kenny comforting her. Kenny is now extremely hostile, mentioned by Bonnie when Mike advised Kenny to amputate Sarita's arm. Either way, Clementine will be convinced to talk to Kenny, where he will lash out on her and blaming her for Sarita's impending death and saying that apologies do not matter and that her being a little girl would not mean that people could just forgive her for getting people killed. Clementine will then leave him alone and go off to search for Luke, Sarah and/or Nick (Determinant) with Jane.

After returning to Parker's Run with Luke and Sarah, (Determinant) Clementine will be given the option to ask about Kenny, where Bonnie will reveal that he went into the tent with Sarita if the walker was killed or alone. Bonnie will also ask Clementine if Kenny has experience with delivering babies, where Clementine will tell Bonnie that he had a family. Clementine will enter the tent to see Kenny looking down at the ground or at Sarita, who was put down to prevent reanimation. Kenny is also more composed and calm. In the conversation between him and Clementine, he will rant about how he couldn't save his loved ones and about being beaten up by Carver. Clementine can either console him or snap and remind him that he isn't the only one to have lost people. Whatever Clementine says, it will return Kenny to a semi-rational state of mind and he leaves the tent to the group, where Rebecca is in pain. The group will split to find supplies and an area to help deliver Rebecca's baby, where Kenny has agreed to help.

After helping Jane, Mike and Bonnie and returning to the group, it's revealed that Rebecca's water has broke and her screams of pain has attracted a herd of walkers. Bonnie, Mike, and Clementine will help take Rebecca to the observation deck while Kenny will handle the herd of walkers. However, it is shown that he has extreme anger when he continues to brutally beat a walker repeatedly. The group voices their concern as they watch it from afar.

After Clementine sees Jane and Luke, who were supposed to keep watch but had sex at the observation deck, a furious Kenny lashes out at Luke. He accuses him and Jane of acting like a pair of teenagers and they begin to argue. The herd arrives and they start to climb the stairwell, piling themselves against the iron gate to break through. With Rebecca's water broken, Kenny rushes to her side to help deliver the baby. Clementine can either choose to stay and reassure Rebecca or hold off the walkers outside. Regardless, Clementine will eventually assist the group outside by barring the door and cutting the cables that hold the observation deck in place. The deck collapses and Sarah is caught in the fall, shattering her legs and becoming trapped in a mound of debris. Jane will be hanging on and Clementine can either choose to help her up and abandon Sarah or ask Jane to help Sarah. Regardless of the choice Sarah will be devoured and Kenny will deliver Rebecca's child, a baby boy.

The group looks distraught at the baby in Kenny's arms, who appears to have died in childbirth. Fortunately, the baby coughs and the group is relieved to see him alive, especially Kenny who is brought to tears at the sight of the newborn. He gives him to Rebecca who dotes over her new son. Later that night, Rebecca asks Clementine if she would like to hold her baby, which Clementine can accept or refuse. Rebecca begins to fall asleep and Kenny takes the child off her hands, which Luke picks up. He angrily confronts Kenny about his behavior toward the baby, convinced Kenny thinks Rebecca's son is his own child. Kenny denies this but comes to terms with his feelings for the baby. He is convinced that the group needs to keep moving to find proper food and shelter for Rebecca's son, so he orders the group to leave at first light. Clementine can either agree or disagree with him while Luke rebukes the decision, convinced that Rebecca needs rest before she can move.

The group begins their journey the next day (with the exception of Jane, who was convinced she couldn't stay with the group because Sarah's death reminded her too much of her own sister Jaime's death) and are greeted by snow as the temperature has dropped to a chilling cold. Rebecca struggles to keep up and has to stop at a burned out car to regain her strength. While the group waits for her, they spot Arvo approaching them. Kenny and the others draw their weapons and conceal them behind their backs while he limps over to them. Arvo greets them warmly and asks the group for help with his sister, who is in need of bandages. During the conversation, Arvo's group surrounds them from the woods and he explains what happened at the Observation Deck. Whether or not Clementine had chosen to rob Arvo, he claims that Clementine stole from them and demands all of their supplies in exchange. Kenny aims at Buricko. During the standoff, Clementine notices that Rebecca has fallen unconscious with her head slumped over. To her horror, Rebecca died of hypothermia and reanimated in only a few minutes. Clementine can either call out for Kenny or shoot Rebecca herself. If she calls out for Kenny, he will near her and shoot her without hesitation and the situation escalates to a firefight, with gunshots from both sides being heard as the screen turns to black and the episode ends.

"No Going Back"

Kenny is first seen in this episode hiding behind a tree in order to avoid the oncoming fire from Vitali. Moments after Clementine gets to cover and Luke is shot in his leg, Kenny will shoot Buricko in the head to prevent him from firing onto Luke. Then, as the conflict between Kenny and Vitali continues, Kenny decides to use Arvo as a hostage and picks him up, threatening to kill him unless Vitali surrenders. However, after Clementine shoots Arvo's reanimated sister dead, he will break free from Kenny's clutches and mourn over her, leaving Kenny open to fire from Vitali. Kenny dives to the icy ground to avoid getting shot at. Vitali, getting ready to kill Kenny, is unexpectedly stabbed by Jane in the neck, and they all watch as he chokes on his blood while Kenny approaches the dying Russian. Vitali is then shot by Kenny in the head. After the group mourn over Rebecca, Kenny becomes deeply enraged at Arvo, the only surviving Russian. He stalks over to him and begins beating him, only to be halted by Mike and Luke. Kenny, determined to finish off Arvo, draws his gun and argues his case, but Arvo will exclaim that he can take them to his house where there are supplies and shelter. Kenny does not believe his claims, and demands that Mike and Luke get out of his line of fire so he may execute Arvo. Kenny openly blames Jane for causing the conflict between the two groups, but Bonnie convinces him to take a chance for the food that they all need. Kenny lets him live (though he insists upon tying Arvo up) and keeps Arvo at gunpoint as he leads the group away from the corpses to his house.

After a while, the group decides to rest in order for Luke to re-bandage his leg wound. Arvo continues walking slowly without them, enraging Kenny again. He physically forces Arvo down to the ground, insulting and demeaning him. After Jane and Mike calm Kenny down, and Bonnie re-bandages Luke's leg wound, Bonnie will ask Clementine to tend to Kenny's eye wound and re-bandage it, as she is unsure if Kenny would let anyone but Clementine do it. Clementine approaches him with a clean bandage and a bottle of cleansing powder to treat his wound with and prevent infection. Kenny tells Clementine that he wants to name the baby Alvin Jr. in the honor of his dead father and asks for her opinion. Clementine can agree with this decision, leading to Kenny expressing a great remorse to Alvin's death, wishing that could have done something to prevent it. Clementine tells him that she must change his bandages, to which he is quite perturbed that a little girl has to be the one to do it. Clementine may choose to coddle or be honest with Kenny about how much the medicine she has to apply will hurt, to which he will jokingly respond to with either a request for honesty or something to make it seem better, but allows her to apply the medicine regardless. While she is cleaning his wound, he adds that he will always remember Alvin's death every time he looks at the baby. Clementine replaces the bandage around Kenny's head before the group continues onward to the house.

The group stumble across an abandoned power station as dusk approaches. Kenny then argues with Arvo and demands to know if this was the place he was leading them to, thinking that he is leading them nowhere to prolong his own life. Arvo explains that the house is a few hours distance away, and Kenny furiously snaps that Arvo was lying again. Clementine says that the fences might make the power station a good place to stay for the night so Jane and Kenny go and scout the station to ensure it is safe. Alvin Jr. begins to cry in Kenny's arms, and he quickly hands the baby off to Clementine. She gives him a flat stare of annoyance, and he merely shrugs. Clementine looks after A.J. while Kenny is gone before handing him to Bonnie. Soon after, Kenny and Jane return and call the rest of the group to get settled at the station.

The group is later seen sitting around a fire, with Arvo tied to a column outside of the fire's warmth and Jane standing away watching for any danger outside of the surrounding fence. Luke states that today is his birthday, to which Clementine can congratulate him, and the group have a regular talk about their past memories, with Kenny jokingly mocking Luke about his education. Luke takes his comments as good-natured, and agrees with Kenny in that he had majored in college in "coffee shop working". Bonnie takes out a special bottle of rum which she had been saving for a special occasion, and she passes it to Luke and asks him to make a toast. Afterwards, Kenny volunteers to take first watch with A.J., while the others try to invite Jane to join them, but she refuses. After some discussions, Bonnie will pass Clementine the bottle of rum and asks her to use it to tempt Jane and Kenny to join them by the fire.

Whilst talking to Jane, if Clementine accepts her offer of taking a sip of the rum, Kenny will be seen shaking his head in disagreement. Later, Clementine will then head over to Kenny, and if she had taken a sip, Kenny will lightly scold her about that decision. He then apologizes about his harsh reactions to Clementine after Sarita's death, before going on about Katjaa and Duck and that he didn't raise his son like he should have. He recalls past memories and then states he would do anything just for one more second with them. Kenny then vows that he won't make the same mistakes raising A.J., before asking Clementine to return to the fire. Clementine can then either convince him to join them, or leave him on watch with A.J. Either option results in Clementine returning to the fire.

If Kenny returned to the fire, he will join in with everyone having a joking conversation about Luke and Jane's sexual encounter, but the sound of Arvo weeping quickly takes the attention of Mike, and he gets up and takes the bottle over to Arvo while the rest of the group continue the discussion. If Kenny joined the group by the fire, he will state that giving the rum to Arvo is a "waste of good rum". However, they are quickly interrupted by Arvo screams to leave him alone and Mike backs off quickly. If Kenny didn't join the group by the fire, he will come over to Arvo and beat him unconscious, to which Mike retaliates and once more calms Kenny down. If Kenny joined the group by the fire, then he will simply stay by the fire and leave Arvo untouched. After they agree to get some rest, Kenny goes back on watch and the group retire for the night.

The next day, Kenny is seen walking with the group and holding Arvo at gun point. Kenny unknowingly walks past a walker, which instantly gets up and attacks him. Clementine can shoot the walker dead and save Kenny, or alternatively do nothing and let Kenny kill it, but afterwards, Bonnie hopes that the gunshot doesn't draw more walkers. Arvo says that the house is very close, and they continue walking. The group eventually see the house from afar, seeing that it is unfinished and barely fit to be a shelter. It stands across a frozen lake which doesn't seem thick enough to hold all of them. Kenny rages towards Arvo once more about the unfinished house before the group decide to cross the frozen lake, where Kenny noticeably tells Arvo to go first. Soon after, walkers appear behind them, presumably drawn from the sound of the earlier gunshot, and the group notice them as they also begin to tread across the lake. Several walkers break the ice on the lake and fall within, causing the group to panic. Arvo, seeing the group distracted, quickly runs towards the house but Kenny runs after him. With the new stresses on the ice, it breaks beneath Arvo and he plunges in, struggling to get back out. Kenny catches up to him and pulls him out, grumbling that he should just let Arvo drown. The two make it to the other side and Mike glares at Kenny for running like that. Then, either while Clementine is breaking the ice or trying to help Luke, Kenny, and Mike will both shout for her to stop before she falls in. (Determinant)

After the events on the lake, the group make it to the house and discuss what just happened. An enraged Kenny bursts out in violence towards Arvo once more and beats him to a near unconscious state, blaming him for causing the events on the lake. Clementine can choose to intervene, to which Kenny will then accidentally punch her instead, much to his shock. Alternatively, she can verbally ask Kenny to stop beating Arvo, and either option will result in Kenny ceasing his rage and fury, or she can ask Mike to stop Kenny. Jane then returns with a bag of supplies and exclaims that Arvo wasn't lying, much to Kenny's surprise. He then proceeds to tie Arvo up while Jane tends to starting a fire. All of the group then rest for a short while.

Kenny will later tend to a truck as Clementine awakens from the events on the lake to see Mike comforting Arvo, but he will soon leave, angered by what Kenny had done to Arvo and saying that he can't take this anymore. Kenny then arrives and asks Clementine to help him fix the truck outside of the house. Clementine agrees to help, leaving care of A.J. to Jane, and the two venture outside.

On heading outside, Kenny questions Clementine about what they were talking about, and the two of them begin to tend to the truck. Kenny gives Clementine the keys and sits her in the driver's seat while Kenny works under the hood. Whilst working, the two discuss Jane and Lee. After failing to start it once, they start a conversation about Wellington and continue working. After failing to start the truck a second time, Kenny becomes angered and asks Clementine to return inside and Kenny will continue the work alone. Kenny will next be mentioned in a conversation between Clementine and Jane, where the latter will compare him to Carver, claiming that the two have some similarities and that eventually, Kenny may become him, to which Clementine can disagree with. However, this conversation ends when Kenny manages to fix the truck, and the group rush out to him.

They quickly discuss what they should do next; Kenny thinks that they should continue heading to Wellington, while others think they should return southward towards Howe's Hardware. Kenny gets angered by this and claims that since he started the truck, he gets to decide where they should go. Then, he tries to get the group to leave Arvo behind at the house wherever they decide to go. Clementine can side with either option, but either choice will result in the group deciding to sleep for the night and decide where to go the next day. Kenny enters the truck and checks his head wound and Clementine will join him. The two will discuss what just happened, as well as past memories and how a lot of people died for them to get where they are. The two are unable to decide where they should go, and so Kenny suggests they should get some sleep and figure everything out in the morning, and the two retire for the night.

After Clementine wakes up during the night to find Mike, Arvo, and Bonnie (Determinant) attempting to escape, Mike will state that they are leaving due to Kenny's increasing rages and his actions towards Arvo. After Clementine is shot by Arvo, Kenny can be heard rushing out of the house, questioning "What did you do!?" before Clementine's dream flashback ensues. Kenny is seen in the dream in his Season One outfit, driving the RV.

After the dream, Clementine opens her eyes to find herself within the fixed truck alongside Kenny, Jane and A.J. with some snowfall outside. Jane notices that she has awoken, and the group discuss the events that just passed before getting into an argument about where they should head. Even with Clementine interrupting, the argument between Kenny and Jane will continue to worsen before Kenny halts the truck in front of a barrier of stationary cars. After asking if everyone is alright, Kenny will point at a rest area sign for them to meet there should anything happen before exiting the truck in search of diesel. Clementine will climb into the driver's seat and start a conversation with Jane about Kenny. Jane also debates whether they should leave right then and there in the truck, but then gunshots are heard from Kenny's direction and walkers begin to approach the truck. Panicking, Jane tells Clementine to drive the car ahead, which she manages to do momentarily, leaving Kenny behind.

After Clementine manages to arrive at the rest area mentioned by Kenny as a meeting place, she sights Kenny looking out through a window in search of them, and he quickly turns towards Clementine. He immediately questions her about A.J.'s whereabouts, and after she replies that Jane took him, he breaks down and rushes outside of the rest area in search of them. Clementine peers out through a window and sees Jane approaching through the snow towards the rest area, and Kenny will return and greet her inside, questioning her about A.J. When she replies with silence, the group fear the worst and Kenny rushes outside in search of A.J., denying Jane's silence. With Kenny gone, Jane will quickly tell Clementine to stay out of the conflict that is about to ensue, saying that she wants Clementine to "see him for what he really is."

The two of them then stare as Kenny approaches back into the rest area, storms in, fists clenched, and starts to grow enraged at them. Even if Clementine chooses to stand in Kenny's way, he will push her out of the way and continue heading towards Jane and begin violently fighting with her. Eventually, the fight takes all three of them outside, and after Kenny stabs Jane in the leg, the latter will flinch backwards and knock Clementine over. Upon regaining her sight, Clementine will see a gun next to her with Kenny and Jane continuing a vicious fight.

In-Game Decision

Let Jane Die, Shoot Kenny (Dead): She will either look away while Kenny kills Jane with her own knife or watch him kill Jane in guilty anguish. Clementine then approaches him while he begins to mourn for Alvin Jr. Angered, Clementine raises her gun on him. Kenny will then remorsefully tell a frightened Clementine to shoot him. Clementine shoots him in the head, killing Kenny, then hears Alvin Jr.'s crying. She goes to him, finding the baby in a wrecked car nearby, and leaves both corpses behind.

Shoot Kenny, Save Jane (Dead): Kenny falls to the snow and lays motionless. Clementine goes to him, pained, but realizes he is still clinging to life. He tells her that she did the right thing by killing him, as he knew he was out of control. He admits that, despite thinking that he wanted to die often, he was now scared of the end. Jane sits and watches as Clementine says her goodbyes to Kenny, and he passes. Suddenly, Clementine hears a baby's crying, and rushes over to a nearby wrecked car where she finds Alvin Jr. Jane apologizes to Clementine for lying to her about Alvin Jr., insisting that she needed to show Clementine what Kenny was really capable of, and begs for her forgiveness for letting things get out of hand. Clementine then has the option of either forgiving her and agreeing with her on Kenny, then joining her, or walking away with the baby, leaving Jane behind.

Don't Shoot Kenny, Let Jane Die (Alive): If Clementine chooses not to shoot Kenny she will look away while Kenny kills Jane with her own knife. Kenny then mourns the loss of A.J. in silence, but cries are heard in the distance. Clementine will follow the sounds and find Alvin Jr. safe within a car. After retrieving him, Kenny will come over to them and they will discuss why Jane had lied about Alvin Jr. Clementine can either agree with Kenny in that she was crazy- after which she will continue towards Wellington with him (leading to the ending, "With Kenny" below)- or alternatively she can claim that Kenny is dangerous, resulting in Clementine pressing on alone with Alvin Jr., resulting in the "Alone" ending.

Alone (Unknown): If Clementine tells Kenny that she can't go with him, he supports her decision and wishes her luck. He hands the baby to her, as he feels that she would protect him better than he could. He says that he is glad to have met her and stands by as she turns and leaves. He takes one last look at the two and tells Alvin not to "fret". Clementine leaves him behind in the blizzard. It's unknown if he still manages to find Wellington.

With Kenny (Alive): If Clementine decides to trust Kenny, they will discuss going to Wellington. Clementine agrees, and the scene fades out as they walk away. Nine days later, Clementine and Kenny trail up a hill, with smoke pluming from behind the edge of it. They race up the hill, and at the peak they see a metal wall constructed. Kenny exclaims that it has to be Wellington, and as they approach they are quickly halted by a gunshot. A woman's voice on a speaker then demands for them to stop and approach the gate. The woman introduces herself, and after Kenny asks what they should do in order to get in, the woman, Edith, tells them that they are full, and drops a bag of supplies outside of the outlet. Kenny, angered that they won't let them inside, questions Edith but she replies that they are overcapacity as it is. As she continues explaining, Kenny will interrupt, asking her to just take the children. Edith will go and ask someone if it is possible, as Clementine questions what Kenny is doing. Edith will quickly return and say that she can take the children inside, and Kenny thanks her and begins a conversation to convince Clementine to enter Wellington without him. He claims that he can't be trusted to protect them anymore, and that she and Alvin Jr. would finally be safe within Wellington.

Enter Wellington (Unknown): Clementine will accept the offer and hug Kenny tightly as he says this is the right decision. He further asks Clementine to tell Alvin Jr. about his family and all of the people who tried to keep him safe, before he takes off his hat and hands it to Clementine, saying that she should give it to Alvin Jr. when he grows up. After Kenny asks Edith to keep an eye on them and for Clementine and Alvin Jr. to live a good life, Kenny turns and begins walking in the other direction, taking the bag of supplies with him. The gates open up into Wellington with Edith standing to bring Clementine and Alvin Jr. inside. As they enter, Clementine turns to watch Kenny leave and she sees him pause briefly before continuing further away. Clementine turns and enters into Wellington as the gates begin to close, focusing on Kenny walking away before the screen begins to fade to black and the episode ends.

Leave With Kenny (Alive): Clementine will refuse the offer, explaining to Kenny that they are leaving together. However, Kenny will continue in an attempt to convince Clementine to enter Wellington, but she will stop him in his speech and ask for them to leave together. Edith, torn by their conversation, will throw out a second bag of supplies, saying that she was told to only give one bag per group, and after saying they can check back in a few months and wishing them luck, she departs. Kenny and Clementine will have a short conversation before picking up the bags of supplies and walking away from Wellington, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

A New Frontier

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

If Clementine chooses to be with Kenny, a flashback will ensue more than two years after the events of "No Going Back" where Kenny is teaching Clementine how to drive a manual stick shift as they head for Florida. He ponders on the ideal life they are going to live there but worries as to why A.J. is unable to utter a single word yet, stating it is rather unusual for his age.

Clementine ends up crashing the car off the road into a tree, sending Kenny through the windshield and breaking both his legs. Clementine tries to help Kenny but she is unable to as walkers converge on A.J. Kenny tells Clementine to save A.J., leaving him to be devoured by walkers; as she is running away, his screams of pain can be heard.

If Clementine chose to enter Wellington in "No Going Back", the community comes under attack by scavengers. Edith comes to warn her that she and Alvin Jr. may have to run, as they might not withstand the attack. Edith leaves Clementine to gather any necessary supplies before they leave. She can choose to take Kenny's hat with her or leave it behind. Kenny himself isn’t seen and his current fate is unknown but it’s highly probable he is continuing his journey to Florida.

If Clementine chose to go with Jane in "No Going Back", she can choose to adopt "Kenny" as Alvin Jr.'s middle name.

"Thicker Than Water"

Kenny appears in this episode in a flashback if Clementine stayed with Kenny, set a month before the events of "Ties That Bind". Kenny is busy getting firewood as Clementine plays shadows with AJ. They're attacked by a walker which Clementine quickly kills. Kenny will then have a talk about family, AJ and future plans with Clementine. He mentions how good of a mom figure she is, and that Rebecca would be proud of her. They discuss past events, and Kenny says that they can't survive out there waiting for Wellington to take them in, mentioning they should move on to Florida, saying they could use some company, especially AJ. Clem will have the option to say she loves him or hug him. Kenny will later play with them, making shadows. (Determinant)

Death (Determinant)

No Going Back

Killed By

After Jane made Kenny believe that AJ had died, Kenny attacks her, leading to a brutal fight between the two. Kenny ultimately gains possession of Jane's knife and attempts to kill her with it. Clementine- following multiple unsuccessful attempts to break up their fight (Determinant)- has the option to use her gun to save Jane.

If she does, Clementine shoots Kenny in the abdomen, making him fall over. Clementine walks over to him after confirming that Jane was all right, whereupon Kenny tells her she made the right choice and acknowledges that he had let her and everyone else down. After sharing some last words, Kenny finally bleeds out and dies. Clementine then discovers Jane's deception when she finds a still-alive AJ hidden in a scavenged vehicle nearby, with Jane admitting that she had not thought their fight would go so far, claiming her only intention had been to make Clementine realize he was too dangerous to be around.

  • Himself (Caused, Suicide)

If Clementine takes too long to act or decides not to shoot, Kenny finally manages to drive Jane's knife into her chest, killing her instantly. After seeing that Kenny has indeed killed her friend, Clementine can then choose to vengefully shoot Kenny. If she does, she aims at Kenny's head, but appears to show some slight hesitation. Kenny somberly tells her to do it, looking away from her before she shoots him in the head, killing him instantly. Clementine then leaves both his and Jane's corpses as they were.

Ties That Bind - Part 1

Killed By
  • Clementine (Indirectly Caused, Accidental; Caused, Determinant)
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused, Accidental; Sacrifice)
  • Zombies

While Kenny is teaching Clementine how to drive, they end up losing control of their vehicle after Kenny unfastens his seatbelt to attend to AJ in the backseat. Their car crashes into a tree, causing Kenny to be launched out through the windshield and impact the ground hard enough to paralyze himself from the waist down. Walkers, attracted to the sound of the crash, approach the vehicle with A.J. still inside. Kenny draws their attention away from the baby and, knowing he could not escape, tells Clementine to save A.J. and leave him behind to be devoured. Clementine can do as he says and bid him goodbye or try to help him escape. If she does the latter, Kenny uses the last of his strength to throw Clementine away just before a walker lands on top of him, calling for her to run once again as it bites into him. After either, a sobbing Clementine grabs the baby and runs as the walkers tear Kenny apart. It is unknown if enough of Kenny was devoured to prevent reanimation.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Kenny has killed:

Non-Canon Deaths

If Lee fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Kenny to be killed. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Lee will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Kenny can be killed. [4]

Season One

"No Time Left"


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For more of Kenny's quotes, please visit Kenny (Telltale)/Quotes.

The following is a list of some of Kenny's most memorable quotes.

Season One

"Hey, about Clementine. I think you know what you're doing. (…) With Clementine, I mean. Earlier, you said you were clueless. I just want you to know that I look at you, and I see the type of guy who figures things out. That girl is gonna be just fine. I got your back, pal."
- Kenny to Lee about taking care of Clementine (Determinant), "A New Day"

"Hey. Lee. You know how to pick a lock, right? (…) Well, you're... you know, urban? (…) Jesus, man! I'm from Florida! Crazy shit just comes out of my mouth sometimes. Sorry."
- Kenny to Lee about him being "urban", "Starved For Help"

"I don't wanna hear it, Lee. You think I liked doing what I did? I'm the guy who couldn't bear to watch the family dog get put down. But if we wanna survive this shit, we gotta have the balls to do the hard thing. Or at least, one of us's got to."
- Kenny to Lee about why he killed Larry (Determinant), "Starved For Help"

"I just smashed a guy's head in with a fifty-pound block of salt. You saw me do that, right? And you're talking about who we were? The fuck does that matter? It's everything this mess has got us doin' now, Lee. Shit. Look, is Duck safe around you? (…) Then shut it. You don't owe anybody any kinda explanation."
- Kenny to Lee after he says he killed someone before the outbreak and if they are on good terms (Determinant), "Long Road Ahead"

"Just leave me the fuck alone! I don't need you and Duck doesn't need you! You don't even have a child! You don't know what this is like, you fucker! You're not helping my family! You're not helping Clementine! You're not helping anybody! I fucking hate you, Lee! Do you hear me? I... I... I don't know what to do."
- Kenny as he beats up Lee (Determinant), "Long Road Ahead"

"Wait a minute, what are you saying? (…) You little pissant! You are fucking dead, you hear me? Dead! My wife and child, you got them both fucking killed! If this asshole thinks he's getting on my boat after what he did, he's out of his motherfucking mind! You hear me, shitbird?! You can stay behind and fucking rot! (…) And I'm supposed to give a crap about his good intentions?!"
- Kenny after finding out Ben got his family killed (Determinant), "Around Every Corner"

"Yeah, she would. I either save the kid or I get to see her. Either way. Now get back up there."
- Kenny to Lee after he says this isn't what Katjaa would've wanted (Determinant), "No Time Left"

Season Two

"You know what it feels like to get beaten almost to death? Peaceful. It feels peaceful. It was like I was floating away, watching the whole thing happen to me. And then I woke up again, and nothin's changed. I'm still takin' a beating, every day. Duck, Katjaa, Sarita... No peace. No rest. The punches just keep coming. Why the hell couldn't Carver have just finished me off? Obviously I ain't helping anyone by being here."
- Kenny to Clementine about how it feels to almost get beaten to death (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"I miss my boy. I miss him so much. I didn't raise him like I should've... made mistakes... wasn't there a whole lot for a couple years. Off on a boat somewhere or other. I thought I enjoyed that time away from them... from my family. But I'd give anything for one more second with them. To play catch with Duck. To touch Katjaa's face. Anything in the world... It's gonna be different with him. He's gonna get raised right. I won't make the same mistakes again. That's a promise."
- Kenny to Clementine wishing he was with his family more and how he will raise AJ right (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Clem, you made the right choice. I let you down. I let everyone down... We almost made it. We were close, weren't we? I thought I wanted this, asked for it, so many times. Now that it's happening, I'm scared. I'm afraid, Clem..."
- Kenny to Clementine as he bleeds out (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Don't lie, you're better than that."
- Kenny's last words after Clementine says he is going to be okay (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I'm sorry, darlin'. I'm so sorry...."
- Kenny's last words after Clementine asks why he did what he did (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Oh, you're always good for a smile."
- Kenny's last words after Clementine says he will see Katjaa and Duck again (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"AJ... he's gone, Clem. She... she just... How could she do that? Oh, Jesus. He's gone. He's... (…) I'm sorry, darlin', but I did."
- Kenny to Clementine after he kills Jane (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Do it. Just... just do it."
- Kenny's last words to Clementine before she shoots him (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Listen. Okay? Listen. This is your chance. For you, and this boy. I don't trust myself to keep you two safe, not anymore. Please, I'm begging you, please stay here. Stay here where it's safe. Where you two'll have a chance. (…) Because it's the only way... for both of you. Think about Alvie here, please, Clem, just... do as I'm askin'... this one last time. You'll meet people, you'll make friends. People better than me. Good people... that don't have to look at you and feel ashamed at what they've put you through. Please, Clem, please. Where you won't have to sleep with a gun next to you every night. Where you can be a kid for a while..."
- Kenny begging Clementine to stay at Wellington (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Good... good. This is the right decision, okay? Right. When he's grown, you tell him about his mommy and his daddy, and all the people who tried to keep him safe. You tell him, okay? He deserves to know. I got... Oh, here... here, take this. (gives Clem his hat) When he... when he's old enough, you make him wear it. It'll... it'll keep the sun out of his eyes. That's important. Alright. Good. (to Edith) Keep an eye out for 'em, please. (to Clem) Now, you take care of Alvin, here... you... you live a good life, okay? Don't waste this. Okay? Now, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go before one of us... before one of us changes their mind. (picks up bag) Now... I'm gonna walk away and... I might not look back... not 'cause I don't want to. I'm real glad to have met you, Clementine."
- Kenny's last words to Clementine as he leaves them at Wellington (Determinant), "No Going Back"

The New Frontier

"You know, I...I always dreamed about the day I'd teach Duck to drive. You're the best second chance I could ask for."
- Kenny to Clementine about wanting to teach Duck how to drive (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"No. Clementine, no! There's no point! (…) Not today, you son of a bitch! Go! Don't look back!"
- Kenny's last words to Clementine as she tries to save him (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"Good. Go! Now, goddamn it! Hey, dipshits, come and get it!"
- Kenny's last words as he distracts walkers from Clementine and AJ (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"I know you will, Clementine. I wouldn't trust him with anybody else. Now, go! Hey, dipshits, come and get it!"
- Kenny's last words after Clementine says she will take care of AJ (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"


Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season One
Season Two
A New Frontier
The Final Season
Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
Appears as a walker 🖼 Appears in a photograph/video
Appears as a corpse Appears in a hallucination/dream

Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season One
Season Two
A New Frontier
The Final Season
Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
Appears as a walker 🖼 Appears in a photograph/video
Appears as a corpse Appears in a hallucination/dream


For more images of Kenny, please visit Kenny (Telltale)/Gallery.


  • Kenny is one of three characters to appear in all five episodes of Season One, the other two being Lee and Clementine.
    • Kenny is also one of the four characters from the original Macon group to make a cameo appearance in "400 Days", along with Duck, Katjaa, and the decaying corpse of Carley/Doug, depending on the player's choices.
      • This makes Kenny the only character to appear in every single episode of Season One.
  • Kenny, along with Lee, Clementine, Lilly, William and Javier has killed the most named characters, either as a zombie or as a living person.
    • Kenny directly kills more characters in Season Two than any other character, with a minimum of five and maximum of six.
  • Having twelve possible episode appearances (including "400 Days", "Ties That Bind - Part 1" and "Thicker Than Water"), Kenny has the second most possible appearances of any character in the Telltale Series, behind Clementine's nineteen appearances.
    • This also gives him the most appearances for any non-playable character.
  • If Clementine decides to go with Kenny at the end of "No Going Back", she spends over two years with him, matching or exceeding her time with Christa, making Kenny either her longest companion aside from AJ or her second longest.
  • With Kenny's death in "No Going Back" or "Ties That Bind - Part 1" (Determinant):
    • All members of his family are all dead. (Determinant)
    • All of the Moonstar Lodge survivors are all now deceased. (Determinant)
    • Clementine is the only remaining survivor of the motel survivors left alive. (Determinant)
    • None of the Hunters of the Motel survivors are left alive. (Determinant)
  • With Kenny being left with an unknown status as of "No Going Back" (Determinant):
    • Kenny is the only member of his family to have not died. (Determinant)
    • Kenny is the only member of the Moonstar Lodge survivors to have not died. (Determinant)
    • Kenny, Lilly and Christa are the only main characters from Season One and the only members of Lee's group to have an unknown status. (Determinant)
  • Kenny is one of five characters to appear in at least three seasons (Determinant), the others being Clementine, Alvin Jr., Lee, and Lilly (Dream, Determinant).
  • In "In Harm's Way", Carver refers to Kenny as "Kenneth", whether that is really Kenny's full name or not is unknown.
  • While Kenny has no confirmed last name, Gavin Hammon stated in an AMA that he likes the name "Fisher".[5]
  • In "Starved For Help", Lee had to decide who to give food to. 41% of players choose to feed Kenny.[6]
    • He also tells Lee he greatly appreciates him taking care of Duck and Katjaa when the player feeds him the apple.
  • Kenny used to fix cars with his father.
    • He also states that his father usually had half-a-dozen broken cars in his garage.
  • Kenny displays numerous stereotypes of a redneck.
    • He owned and drove a pickup truck in "A New Day".
      • Several times throughout the Telltale Series, Kenny is the man who would fix the vehicles and motor powered objects. He fixes his pickup truck, the RV, the train, the boat, the wind turbine, and the truck outside the unfinished house. He was also the first to respond to the transformer being damaged.
      • He has a mullet hairstyle and a horseshoe mustache.
      • He has a taste for alcohol, as seen in "Long Road Ahead" when he shares a drink with Chuck, "Around Every Corner" when he drinks the booze found on the table and "No Time Left" when he finds a bottle of booze in a box while hiding up in the attic.
        • However, he refuses having a swig of rum if Clementine offers it to him in "No Going Back", likely to avoid being drunk while taking care of Alvin Jr.
      • He made a racist comment to Lee when they were inspecting the lock at the St. John Dairy, making the assumption that Lee knew how to pick a lock simply because he was "urban", a kind of terminology for African-Americans.
        • He also made a racist comment to Reggie in "In Harm's Way", trying to find out where he received that name because of his Pakistani origin.
      • He lived in Florida prior to the outbreak, confirmed after Lee calls him out for stereotyping and Kenny responded with, "Jesus, man, I'm from Florida! Crazy shit just comes out of my mouth sometimes, sorry!"
      • He states that he's glad he doesn't have to deal with politics anymore because of the outbreak in "A House Divided".
      • He becomes angry and confused when Carlos uses a complex vocabulary term for surrender ("capitulation"), calling it "bullshit".
      • He calls Arvo a "Commie" due to his Russian origin.
      • He tells Arvo to say his Russian sentences "in American".
      • He has a rather crude sense of humor, such as when he made Clementine think she may have got spiders in her hair after sleeping in the barn, and when responds to Clementine's disbelief when reuniting with him by saying "You're right, this is all a dream.". He also implies Nick and Luke are a couple, which instantly gets them off on the wrong foot.
      • He is quick to anger, which is shown multiple times throughout Season 1 & 2.
  • Kenny's hand-to-hand combat against fellow survivors either somewhat fails or improves drastically from Seasons One to Two.
    • In Season 1:
      • In "A New Day", he was knocked out by Larry with only one punch, despite punching him first. (Determinant)
      • In "Starved For Help", he was able to shove Lee to the floor with ease, (Determinant) and defeat Danny in a short fight, but only due to the element of surprise and with the use of a weapon. (Determinant)
      • In "Long Road Ahead", Lee has the option to fight him, and he is easily beaten, Lee winning by either holding or choking him against the wall. (Determinant) In fact he can only win if Lee doesn't or stops fighting back, delivering several punches to the face to do so.
      • Kenny was subdued by Molly in "Around Every Corner".
      • Kenny was beaten up by Vernon and Clive in "No Time Left". (Determinant)
    • In Season 2:
      • In "In Harm's Way", he easily overpowers Mike (who was known to be very strong). Later in the episode, Kenny disorients Carver with a single punch to the latter's face.
      • In "No Going Back", Kenny was able to free himself from Mike's grip at least two times, (Determinant) and knock Arvo down with a single punch to the face (though, Arvo was bound by rope). He could even defeat a knife wielding Jane whilst sustaining a cut on his abdomen, despite Jane proving to be a very good fighter. He is even able to stab and kill her if the player chooses not to interfere.
  • Kenny is one of the only two characters who, through the player's choices, can be directly killed by Clementine in Season Two, the other being Sam.
  • Kenny's attire is similar to Beast's from "The Wolf Among Us" whom Gavin Hammon also provides the voice.
  • In an interview, Gavin Hammon, the voice actor who supplies the voice of Kenny, stated that Kenny's "death scene" in the alleyway wasn't originally open ended. In the first shoot, it was "extremely clear" that Kenny died. However, Sean Ainsworth later went back and asked Gavin to do a second recording, in which the scene was "more somber", and Kenny was "more resigned".[7]
  • Kenny stated that he is Christian in "Around Every Corner". (Determinant)
  • Kenny is one of the few characters to have a confirmed religion, the others being Irene, Javier García, Mariana García.
  • While discussing Jane when fixing the truck in "No Going Back", if Clementine says to give Jane some time to be liked, Kenny will state that Lee helped him and his family several times even if Lee never helped him.
  • Kenny is one of three characters in The Walking Dead Universe to receive a permanent eye injury. The other two being The Governor and Carl (along with their TV series counterparts).
  • Kenny visited Mexico once before he met Katjaa.
  • His damaged eye appears to have the tear ducts functional, as he is seen crying from both eyes while telling Clementine to enter Wellington. (Determinant)
  • Kenny is one of six characters in the Telltale Series confirmed to have outlived their children, the others being Vernon, the Stranger, Rufus, (Determinant) Fern, and Conrad.
  • Kenny was supposedly planned to be the antagonist character for the second season. Gavin Hammon revealed this during his OMG!Con 2015 Q&A Panel alongside Melissa Hutchinson. He said that Kenny was supposed to be the leader of the community Luke and the cabin survivors fled from, but this idea was scrapped in favor of creating an antagonist in Carver.
  • Kenny's family had a pet Labrador retriever named Franklin. This can be found out by standing near Katjaa and Clementine when they are conversing in "A New Day".
    • Franklin was likely the "family dog" Kenny can mention to Lee in the meat locker in "Starved for Help".
  • Gavin Hammon revealed in an AMA, that Kenny's original season 3 death involved him walking into a lake while singing a song, that he had to come up with, and drowning himself.[8]
  • It is possible for every member of his family to be shot in the head:
    • Katjaa shoots herself in the head regardless of the player's choices.
    • Lee or Kenny can shoot Duck in the head to prevent him from reanimating.
    • Clementine can shoot Kenny in the head after he kills Jane.
  • Kenny and Lilly are almost complete opposites:
    • Kenny believes in a democratic rule within a group while Lilly believes one needs to be run by a single person.
    • Their reunion with Clementine was different, while Kenny happily welcomes her in and was very happy to see her, Lilly instead held her at gunpoint and threatens to kill her if she doesn't cooperate, her happiness seeing her short-lived.
    • Even though both came to inherit antagonistic qualities, they differ as Lilly would do anything to protect herself, including abandoning her friends when they needed her help, (Determinant) whereas Kenny would be willing to sacrifice himself to protect his loved ones.
    • In all of his determinant outcomes, no matter what, Kenny trusts Clementine's judgement and allows her to do what she wants. Lilly feigns defeat and begs for her life only to use this as a ruse should Clementine choose to spare her.
  • Through Telltale's involvement in 7 Days to Die, Kenny is available as one of the ten Walking Dead character skins, along with Lee Everett, Michonne Hawthorne, Christa, Pete, Luke, Carley, Glenn Rhee, Lilly and Molly.[9]
    • Kenny is also playable in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as a skin, along with Lee, Christa, Molly, and Omid.[10]
  • In the Clementine graphic novel series, Clementine names her prosthetic leg after Kenny.
  • Kenny is the second main character who killed another main character, regardless of the players' choices, the first being Lilly, the third being Bonnie, the fourth being Badger, the fifth being Alvin Jr.