This article is about the former CEO of Telltale Games. You may be looking for the Survival Instinct character, the actor, or the voice actor.

Kevin Bruner is the former CEO of Telltale Games and executive president of the company.


  • Kevin Bruner became president of the company after co-founder Dan Connors stepped down as CEO in 2014. Kevin was removed as CEO in 2017, allowing Connors to reassume the job.
  • Kevin is a former producer of Lucasarts.
  • In June 2018, Bruner filed a lawsuit against his former company over for the money he believed he was owed for the alleged malpractice the board of directors in not reporting to him accurate financial holdings to cause his removal. Telltale denied these accusations, claiming Bruner was attempting to damage the Telltale brand as it was in the process of shrinking its assets. Three months later, when it was reported that Telltale was laying off nearly its entire staff and had filed for bankruptcy, Bruner posted online about Telltale's closure on his personal website.
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