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Kevin Sizemore is an American actor who portrayed Anthony in Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.


Waylon Kevin Sizemore is a small town guy who has stayed true to his roots. Born and raised in Princeton, WV with ambitions of being a drummer, Sizemore realized when there were more people in the band than the audience, he needed to find another career.  After getting cast in a Maxwell House Coffee commercial his senior year of high school, he knew at that point he wanted to be an actor.  He attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and received a degree in communications while moonlighting as an extra on films that came into town.  After graduation, Sizemore lived in 5 states in 5 years where he did plays, commercials, industrials and learned as much as he could about the business. The summer after studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he decided to make Los Angeles his home away from home.  

On the small screen, Sizemore is known as Anthony, the US Air Marshall on the Emmy nominated series Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, as well as the hot headed Gary Humphrey on the series Resurrection. He's created many memorable characters on shows such as Rizzoli & Isles, Under The Dome, Drop Dead Diva and Weeds to name a few.  On the big screen, Sizemore is remembered as the energetic Coach Jerry Stearns from the football movie Woodlawn. Over the years, Kevin has gained a reputation for playing characters with a checkered past and individuals who are emotionally wounded that struggle to find peace within, he also has a unique ability to be relatable and with his roles and often love to hate him.

In 2016, Trew Calling marked the first feature that he produced under GKg Productions alongside Kimber Eastwood and Greg Robbins.  Since then, he has co-produced the action adventure indie film Hospice and the holiday film Believe. Kevin has 5 projects in development and one in pre-production.  

Kevin is married to Gina Lombardi, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Author of the Deadline Fitness and TV Host. Their son, actor Gunnar Sizemore is known for his role as Micah Brenner on NASHVILLE and many voice characters for cartoons.

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