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"Keys to the Kingdom" is the second episode of The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage. It is the second episode of the web series overall. It premiered on October 1, 2012. It was written by John Esposito and directed by Greg Nicotero.


Chase is being chased by walkers and runs to a storage locker. He enters the locker and attempts to close it. On the other side of the storage door, Chase hears gunshots from a man named B.J., who killed all the walkers chasing him. B.J. tells Chase to leave the storage locker and show himself. After, B.J. tells Chase to leave the facility. B.J. is questioned by Chase, and Chase says he'll power up the generators, in return for powering up the generators, Chase would get a truck.

While walking to B.J.'s office, he is told to look through a storage room that was owned by a cop. It is revealed that the cop is Rick Grimes. Chase finds pictures of Rick's family and smiles upon looking at them before grabbing a new shirt and heading to the office.


  • None


  • First appearance of B.J. (Physically)
  • In the 1978 movie, Dawn of the Dead, when Roger and Peter first enter the mall from the civil defense room, they find a control room with a large ring of keys for the various shops. Roger picks them up, smiling at Peter, and says "Keys to the Kingdom!".
  • Rick Grimes is the cop who was mentioned by B.J.
    • His personal effects and photos of him are seen in his storage unit by Chase.
    • One of the pictures of Rick's family is the same one Carl and Michonne Hawthorne retrieve in the Season 3 episode, "Clear".