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"Hey, guys! Stop it! Don't you realize who this is? This is Carl Grimes. He lived through the Trials! That means he made sacrifices so we could have what we have. My dad told me all about it."
—This kid defending Carl.[src]

This kid is a character first encountered in Issue 193 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth

This kid was born sometime after the apocalypse.

Rest In Peace

This kid is sitting with his friends at the base or Rick Grimes' statue when they spot Carl exiting the court house with Sophia. As his friends start making fun of Carl's eye patch, he stops them and informs him about Carl's identity, adding that his father told him all about Carl and his "hero of the trials" status. After his friends skate away, this kid apologizes to Carl.


Comic Series

Volume 32: Rest In Peace