"What? N-no... I'm Kimmie. Who are you?"
—Kimmie to Nathan, after Nathan mistakes her for Melissa.[src]

Kimmie is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Location Unknown

Little is known about Kimmie's life before or as the outbreak began, except that she lives in a house in the greater Atlanta area, near the airfield and the highway, with her father Mauricio and mother Clara and her brother Arturo.


"Fight or Flight"

Kimmie was holed up in her family's house but one day ventured outside and got overwhelmed by walkers. She was forced to flee and ended up a the highway where she was rescued by the hero player and Nathan. She is brought back to the camp at the airfield.

She accompanies the hero player to help Tony after he is involved in a car wreck.

When the hero player goes to meet Harlan in the woods, he offers his stockpile of food in exchange for possession of Kimmie. The Atlanta survivors reject his offer and leave.

Kimmie is later reunited with her parents, Mauricio and Clara, when the hero player brings her to her house. Not long after she was reunited with her family, Dave and Tony's Group tries to attack Mauricio's Family. Hero Player saves her family from Dave and Tony's Group and Kimmie, along with her family, joins Hero Play back to the airport.

A few missions later they switch location to a store, hoping to not get discovered by Dave and Tony's Group. As the plane is ready for take off, Kimmie, along with her family (and Kara), gets the spot on the plane. She thanks everyone for the help and wishes Hero Player, Marla, Trucker and Max good luck.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Kimmie has killed:


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"Gross! When you save someone's life, you'd think they could wait five minutes before hitting on you. We should've left his ass for the walkers!"
—Kimmie upon returning to camp, on rescuing Tony.[src]

Kimmie was appalled by Tony and had no need to be with the heavy set man. After rescuing him from a car crash after driving recklessly, Hero Player, he starts hitting on her. The two would never see each other again, but Harlan would offer his groups food for giving them Kimmie.


"I know I'm, like, young for him, but he's kinda hot. Kinda."
—Kimmie on Ed[src]

Coming Soon


  • Chapter 3 Mission 12: Tony's Accident.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 14: Take Kimmie Home.

As Playable Character

  • Chapter 3 Mission 12: Tony's Accident.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 14: Take Kimmie Home.


Social Game


  • Kimmie is a vegetarian.
  • One of Kimmie's favorite bands is Black Flag.
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