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"What? N-no... I'm Kimmie. Who are you?"
—Kimmie to Nathan, after Nathan mistakes her for Melissa.[src]

Kimmie is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game, currently on Beta on Facebook.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Kimmie's life prior to the apocalypse, except that she lives in a house in the greater Atlanta area, near the airfield and the highway, with her father Mauricio and mother Clara.


The Walking Dead Social Game

Kimmie was holed up in her family's house but one day ventured outside and got overwhelmed by walkers. She was forced to flee and ended up a the highway where she was rescued by the hero player and Nathan. She is brought back to the camp at the airfield.

She accompanies the hero player to help Tony after he is involved in a car wreck.

When the hero player goes to meet Harlan in the woods, he offers his stockpile of food in exchange for possession of Kimmie. The Atlanta survivors reject his offer and leave.

Kimmie is later reunited with her parents, Mauricio and Clara, when the hero player brings her to her house.'


  • Chapter 3 Mission 12: Tony's Accident.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 14: Take Kimmie Home.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Kimmie has killed:

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