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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the Fear episode of the same name or the Destinies location.

King County, Georgia, is the home town of Rick Grimes and his family. The hospital where Rick stayed while he was in a coma is located in this town, as well as the King County Elementary School where his son Carl went to school and the police station, King County Sheriff's Department, where he and his partner, Shane Walsh, worked.


Rural Georgia[]

King County was a rural county in the state of Georgia and was policed by the King County Sheriff's Department. It was on the periphery of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The county was like any other county which had several farms and crops.

Season 1[]

"Days Gone Bye"[]

During a routine day at work, deputy officers (and friends) Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh were on patrol when a call came in about a high speed pursuit involving the neighboring county police, the Linden County Sheriff's Department. Rick and Shane joined the pursuit along with fellow officers Lambert Kendal and Leon Basset. During the shoot-out, a criminal manages to injure Rick and he is taken to a hospital.

Season 2[]


At the King County Elementary School, parents are picking up their children. Lori and Paula have a conversation about their relationships with their husbands. Shane, Leon and Lambert arrive to inform Lori of Rick's incident. She passes the news onto Carl and the two embrace each other.



"Torn Apart"[]

Hannah was driving her car with her children when someone jumped in front her car forcing her to swerve and crash, rendering her unconscious. Hannah awakens from a car crash to find her children missing as she searches for them, she stumbles across a group of walkers feeding on a victim. She is pursued only to be rescued from them by her ex-husband, Andrew who takes her back to his house, where her children fled to after the crash. Andrew tends to her wounds and explains to her what's been happening while she was unconscious. With the growing risks, Hannah and her family decide that they have to try to get to a safe zone in Atlanta. When Andrew does not return from his supply run, Hannah decides to take her children and run. However, while attempting to enter a vehicle, Hannah is bitten by a walker and sacrifices herself to the herd in order to save her children.

TV Series[]

"Days Gone Bye"[]

Rick wakes up in the hospital weeks after the outbreak occurs and leaves only to discover a half decaying body of Hannah groaning at him. He runs and heads back to his house in hopes to find his wife, Lori, and son, Carl, there but instead is rendered unconscious by Duane and Morgan Jones. Morgan explains the situation to Rick and what has become of the world around them and develop strategies in fight the undead. The next day, Rick takes Morgan and Duane to the King County Sheriff's Department station where they get guns, ammo, and a hot shower. They split off, going their separate ways, Rick heading to Atlanta in search for his family (killing Hannah before he leaves) and Morgan returning home and fortifying it.


Rick returns to King County on a scavenging mission with Carl and Michonne. They discover that the police gun cell has been picked clean. Rick suggests checking out the nearby bars and liquor stores in the area to find guns. They notice the town has been heavily fortified with warnings painted onto the walls. A man on top of one of the buildings in town tries to hold them at gun point ordering them to surrender their weapons. Rick opens fire while Michonne runs around back to try and get the man down from the roof. Carl shoots the would be assailant, who is wearing body armor, on the street. The man turns out to be Morgan Jones. Morgan has lost his sanity and has accumulated a large collection of munitions. Rick tries to convince him to come with them but to no avail. Carl goes to get the last known picture of his mother Lori for Judith's sake as well as a crib for the baby. The group leaves, leaving Morgan behind as he burns walker corpses.

"Here's Not Here"[]

Morgan is seen in his base in King County during the opening of this episode, but he is forced to abandon it after a lamp is knocked over and sets the building on fire.

"Bury Me Here"[]

King County is seen in multiple flashbacks when Morgan has a breakdown after the death of Benjamin.

"What We Become"[]

After being drugged by Virgil, Michonne hallucinates herself encountering Rick, Carl, and Daryl who ignore her pleads for help and continue into town.

Fear the Walking Dead[]

"King County"[]

Over a decade after leaving, Morgan returns to King County in order to finally put his son down. Without Morgan around to take care of the walkers, King County has become overrun by small herds and it has also been partially reclaimed by nature. However, Morgan struggles to even enter the house where he had left Duane before being joined by Grace and Mo, the latter of whom had deduced that Morgan was going back to King County for some reason after seeing it mentioned on the walls of Morgan's Houseboat along with Jenny and Duane's names.

Dwight and Sherry arrive, hunting Morgan for PADRE. Morgan leads his family back to the house where he and Duane had lived after Jenny's death, hiding out from both the PADRE forces and a herd. At night, the PADRE forces draw in more walkers with flares and threaten to set the house on fire to force them out. After a failed escape attempt, Dwight agrees to take Morgan to the house where he had left Duane so that he can put his son to rest. However, while Morgan finds Jenny's corpse, there is no sign of Duane, leading Morgan to conclude that Duane had gotten out a long time ago and he has lost his chance to lay Duane to rest. After betraying PADRE, Dwight and Sherry leave town to get their son.

After learning that the flares have set the house where Mo's trapped on fire, Morgan rushes back and takes out the walkers outside. Fleeing to the attic, Mo finds a zombified Duane chained up, having been moved by Morgan at some point, the memory of which he had blocked out. With Mo in danger, Morgan finally shoots Duane with the gun that Rick Grimes had given him, laying Duane to rest. Morgan subsequently buries Jenny and Duane outside of the ruins of the house before he, Grace and Mo are forced to leave to seek June's help after Grace is bitten by a surviving walker.

"More Time Than You Know"[]

The Drake Family Home briefly appears in a flashback. In addition, Shrike mentions that she had visited King County and saw what Morgan did to the walkers there.





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