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The Kingdom-Savior drop-off point is a location in Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


This was a car lot for a business before the apocalypse.


Season 7

"The Well"

Morgan, Ezekiel and a small team wait in a parking lot with a shipment of slaughtered pigs. A group of Saviors arrives. Gavin, the leader, counts the pigs and is pleased to find that they're bigger than the last shipment. Richard remarks that they fed the pigs well. When Dianne, a Kingdommer, starts explaining to Morgan who the Saviors are, he interjects, "I know who they are."

As they load up the trucks, a Savior Jared picks a fight with Richard. Ezekiel orders his people to lower their weapons and Gavin tells Jared to stop punching Richard and reminds him on how good Ezekiel has been to them. Gavin reminds Ezekiel that the following week is a produce week. He warns Ezekiel that Richard will be the first to die if they deliver less than requested.

"New Best Friends"

Ezekiel and his knights rendezvous with the Saviors at an abandoned parking lot. Gavin, the lead Savior, sees their tribute and announces that it looks light. Ezekiel assures him they've met their obligations. Gavin counts the watermelons and admits Ezekiel is right.

Jared, the Savior Richard fought during a previous delivery, plants himself obnoxiously close to Richard and demands he hand his weapon over. Richard and Jared draw their guns. Ezekiel and Gavin order their men to stand down. Per Ezekiel's command, Richard relinquishes his weapon. Jared takes the gun and swings it at him, only to be blocked by Morgan's fighting stick. When Jared grabs Morgan's stick and attacks him in turn, Benjamin takes the Savior down. Ezekiel orders them to stop fighting. When the Saviors leave, Jared keeps Morgan's fighting stick.

"Bury Me Here"

They arrive at the meeting point, where the Saviors await. Gavin reprimands Ezekiel for arriving late. Gavin interjects as Ezekiel begins explaining their delayed arrival. Jerry tells him not to interrupt the King. Annoyed, Jared hits Jerry over the head with Morgan's fighting stick, which he took during their last drop. Benjamin mutters under his breath, "rat-faced prick". Jared hears this and glares at him. Gavin inspects the offering, then demands their guns.

The two groups draw their weapons on each other. Richard advises Ezekiel to disarm and is promptly mocked by Jared.

Ezekiel reluctantly complies. Gavin explains that he took their guns because things are going to get emotional. He points out that they're short one cantaloupe. Ezekiel insists there are twelve cantaloupes. On inspection he counts them and realizes there are eleven. Gavin explains he's going to teach them a lesson so they understand the stakes. Jared raises his gun and points it at Richard, point blank. "Just do it," Richard tells him. Jared shifts his hand at the last second before pulling the trigger, and shoots Benjamin in the legs twice.

Shocked by the turn of events, Gavin chastises Jared and tells him to return Morgan's fighting stick. Keeping with the lesson, Gavin orders Ezekiel to bring him the twelfth cantaloupe the next day. Meanwhile, Benjamin is bleeding out on the ground. After Ezekiel acknowledges what he owes Gavin, the crew quickly loads Benjamin onto the truck.

At the drop, Gavin asks after Benjamin. When no one replies, Gavin realizes that he has died. Upset and furious, he orders Jared to walk home and threatens to kill him should he disobey. As Richard brings the cantaloupe to Gavin, Morgan attacks Richard from behind using his stick. There is little resistance as Morgan strangles Richard to death. He tells everyone that Richard staged the missing cantaloupe in order to incite a war. He assures Gavin that they "get it" – and the Kingdom will honor their relationship going forward.

After the Saviors leave, Morgan explains that Richard wanted to sacrifice himself. In his confusion and his grief he calls Benjamin Duane, confusing Ezekiel. Morgan gets emotional and tears begin rolling down his face. Ezekiel attempts to console him. Morgan shouts at Ezekiel to leave him alone. After Ezekiel leaves, Morgan stabs Richard in the head to keep him from reanimating.


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