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The Kingdom cottage is a location in Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Little is known about this place before the apocalypse. This location came into existence by at least 1912. It was a cemetery where people were buried in. A small cottage was built on the land so that the gravekeeper can look over the cemetery. Some of the people buried in this location are Cornelius Jones, Heather Sheedy, Elenora Craftovrere, and Alexander.


Season 7

"The Well"

Carol regains consciousness in the bed of a horse drawn wagon. Her wounds are fresh; it's only been a couple hours since she was shot repeatedly by Roman. The men on horseback, who previously offered to get Carol medical assistance, lead the way. Morgan walks alongside the wagon. Carol falls back asleep.

She awakens, disoriented; she sees Morgan fighting walkers with help from the men on horseback. She confuses walkers for humans in her hallucinatory state. Weak and distraught, she sneaks away. She comes across a cemetery and approaches the caretaker's abandoned cottage. An old woman beckons her through the window… then Carol suddenly realizes the old woman is actually a decrepit walker. Several people ride in on horseback, just in time to kill the walkers swarming Carol. Morgan and Carol join their group. Morgan raises the flag on the mailbox

Some time later, Morgan escorts Carol to the cemetery. At the caretaker's cottage, Morgan lowers the flag on the mailbox and rides back to town.

Carol enters the cottage and kills the old woman walker. She buries her outside, amidst the tombstones.

Carol stokes a fire in the fireplace in her new home. There's a knock at the door; it's Ezekiel and Shiva. He offers her a pomegranate, telling her how good they are. She smiles.

"Hearts Still Beating"

Carol reads in her cottage. She hears a noise outside and sees Morgan leaving a sack of produce on her porch. She invites Morgan inside and reveals that Ezekiel has also been bringing her produce. Richard stops by to speak with them.

Richard reveals his fears to Carol and Morgan; he doesn't think the Kingdom can coexist with the Saviors. He believes they will inevitably destroy the Kingdom. Richard asks Carol and Morgan to help him convince Ezekiel to strike first.

Carol refuses to help Richard and insists on being left alone. Morgan hesitates to disrupt the peace with the Saviors. Richard dejectedly leaves. Carol tells Morgan to leave and forbids him from telling anyone where she is.

"New Best Friends"

Outside the Kingdom walls, Ezekiel and Jerry deliver cobbler to Carol's cottage. She accepts it and tells them to go.

Carol reads a book in her cottage. She answers a knock at her door: It's Daryl. She hugs him. Daryl claims that he discovered her by chance.

In her cabin, Carol tells Daryl that she left Alexandria because she didn't want to lose anyone. She no longer wished to kill and she would have if the Saviors killed anyone she loved. She asks if anyone in Alexandria was harmed. Predicting that Carol would seek revenge if she knew about Glenn and Abraham's deaths, Daryl lies and tells her that everyone survived.

After they enjoy a quiet dinner, Daryl hugs Carol and leaves the cottage.

"Bury Me Here"

Carol leaves her cottage and heads toward the Kingdom to go speak to Morgan.

Ezekiel's crew drives to Carol's cottage and rushes Benjamin inside. They try to treat his wound. Richard stands back, watching in shock.

Benjamin's dead body is covered with a white, blood-stained sheet. Morgan cleans a knife, used to stop Benjamin from turning and abruptly leaves the cottage. Carol looks after him, a sad look on her face.

Later, Morgan visits Carol at her cottage. He confesses that he killed Richard for his actions. He explains that Negan had killed Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, and Olivia. He explains that Rick wants to fight the Saviors, and that's why he was at the Kingdom. Then Morgan prepares to go, intending to go after the Saviors. But Carol tries to convince him to stay.

Meanwhile, Morgan sits alone on the cottage porch, whittling the end of Benjamin's fighting stick into a sharp point, preparing for the fight ahead.





TV Series

Season 7


  • Several graves are seen on the property where the cottage is located, with some belonging to Elenora Craftovrere, who passed away in 1912, Cornelius Beyward Harmond Jones, Heather Sheedy, and Alexander.