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"Don't tempt me. I'd love to."
—Klah to Troy Otto about not killing him.[src]

Klah Jackson is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Black Hat Reservation.


Black Hat Reservation, California

Nothing is known about Klah's life before the outbreak began, except that he was a member of the Black Hat tribe.


Season 3


Klah Jackson is among the Natives to move onto Broke Jaw Ranch. He is patted down by Crazy Dog before being asked to hand over his knife in order to gain entry to the tent where the leaders address all of the residents in their new alliance. However, he refuses to hand over his weapon and walks away. The next day, Klah is having breakfast with Crazy Dog, John Hogan, and several others when Terrance fires his gun, prompting Klah to spring into action and throw Nick off of Crazy Dog as he attempts to stop him from killing Terrance. After the standoff in the Otto house, Klah accompanies Madison as they take Troy out to the desert to exile him. In the back of the pick-up truck, he and Troy talk before he overpowers Klah and stabs him in the shoulder, then proceeding to knock him unconscious.

"The Diviner"

Klah survived his wound from Troy and is shown at the well where members of the ranch and the Natives line up for water. After a scuffle between Kerry and angry Natives, Klah backs Crazy Dog as he approaches Nick in an attempt to seize control of the well. Later, he is in the house with Ofelia and Crazy Dog as they prepare to attack the rebelling ranchers, but Crazy Dog lowers his weapon as the ranchers give up and head over to the dig site to help dig for water.

"Brother's Keeper"

Klah is seen having breakfast outside with Lee as Ofelia and Alicia discuss the incoming horde. He then discusses the situation with Lee, Alicia, Ofelia, and Cooper when he hears one of the grenades going off in the distance. Later, he is among the ranchers and Natives to help defend the RV wall from the horde in a attempt to protect the ranch community. When the zombies break in, he is quickly overrun by zombies and killed.


Killed By

Troy secretly redirects a massive horde of walkers towards the ranch.

When the horde gets to the ranch and attacks everyone, Klah is among those devoured by walkers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Klah has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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  • The AMC summary for "Minotaur" states that Klah Jackson was killed by Troy, which is an error as he appears in "The Diviner" alive and well.
  • Although his name means "left-handed", he is however right-handed.