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"Konsekans" is the first episode of the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 3, 2021, the same night as "Promises Broken", the seventh episode of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead. It was written by Matt Negrete and directed by Loren Yaconelli.[1]


Hope's commitment to the future is put to the test, jeopardizing a potential reunion. Iris and Felix meet a new group. Startling revelations are made.


Flashback to six weeks ago, the day after Monument Day. A CRM soldier places explosives around the perimeter of Omaha, and then gets lifted away by a helicopter. We see a slew of helicopters moving towards Omaha, and a giant column of empties appears on the horizon following them.

Lt. Colonel Kublek and a deputy watch Omaha from a distance. The deputy reports that they've cleared the road to the Campus Colony, and that the column will be there within 72 hours. The explosives detonate. An injured escapee crawls toward them, begging for help. The deputy shoots the man on Kublek's orders.

Iris has a nightmare about fighting an empty. She wakes up and pores over the CRM code books. Felix insists she gets some sleep.

Hope flies in a chopper with Kublek and Huck. To Hope and Huck's surprise, the chopper lands in Albany instead of the CRM facility. Kublek reveals that a column of over 100,000 empties decimated Omaha and the Campus Colony. She says Hope is not ready to join the CRM unless she fully commits herself to furthering their research for a new future. Reeling from the news as well as Kublek's deceit, Hope strikes off on her own. Kublek gives Hope a walkie and tells her to reach out by dawn if she decides to join the CRM.

Will debriefs Felix and Iris on the CRM. He explains that he started to question the CRM after he stopped receiving security updates from Omaha. In a flashback, Will heads out with a CRM team to investigate the break in communication. He realizes it's a setup to kill him and escapes.

Will tells Felix that after he escaped, he saw CRM helicopters dropping off blood-splattered containers filled with supplies from the Campus Colony and Omaha. He says he overheard CRM soldiers talk about a giant column running through Omaha. He says he joined up with a group several days after he escaped the CRM.

Iris, Felix, and Will ride a wagon to the Perimeter, a former artist colony. Will introduces them to Indira, the head of the council. Indira invites them to stay as long as they need to.

Iris adjourns to her bed. Felix and Will embrace and kiss in their room.

Will tells Felix that the CRM provides supplies to the Perimeter and stays out of its territory. In exchange, the Perimeter clears the area of empties and keeps strangers away from the CRM facility. Iris announces that she deciphered the CRM codes and learned about supply depots, fuel inventories, and other valuable information. Iris suggests they scout the CRM facility after dark, but Will says it's extremely well-guarded. He suggests they be more cautious, rather than put their hosts at risk.

Hope enters an abandoned school and is attacked by an empty. She gets a concussion while fighting the empty and dreams about her house at the Campus Colony. She wakes up and finds herself fighting the empty. She notices a sign for a missing woman named Candice. A hooded figure watches her from the top of the stairwell.

Kublek asks Huck if she's thinking of helping Hope. Huck points out that Kublek had wanted to recruit Hope. Elizabeth reminds Huck that it was her suggestion to take Hope across the country to try and change her. Huck says Hope did change, but Kublek says it wasn't enough.

Hope wanders outside the school in a concussed daze. The hooded figure comes toward her. Empties approach from the other direction. Hope flees.

Huck asks why Kublek didn't tell her that Omaha and the Campus Colony were destroyed. Kublek says it would have been a distraction. She tells Huck that they captured Silas, but that he's been stonewalling their interrogation. She warns Huck that if Hope's group knows too much about the CRM, they must be dealt with. Huck remembers the CRM code books that were discovered, but doesn't say anything.

Hope flees into a building, and empties follow her and fill up the area behind a caged door. The hooded figure attacks her and demands clothes and food. Hope recognizes her as Candice. Hope slashes Candice's leg in self-defense. Candice falls backwards into the caged door and gets mauled by empties. Hope curls up into a ball.

Hope dreams that she's in her home, but everything is destroyed. She wakes up and sees the caged empties. She picks up the walkie to radio Elizabeth.

CRM soldiers escort Hope back to Kublek and Huck. Hope asks to see her father. Kublek offers to let Felix and Iris live in the CRM community. Huck realizes that Kublek had been testing her to see if she would join Hope. As they head to the chopper, Huck tells Kublek she's been thinking about how to handle Silas.

Kublek visits Dr. Bennett and says she has bad news about the Campus Colony, but good news about his family.

Huck visits Hope in a holding cell and says she had directed Iris and Felix to a nearby farmhouse where they will be safe. She insists everyone will be safe as long as they don't divulge what they learned about Huck's mission and the CRM code books. Hope refuses to work with the CRM.

Iris studies the CRM code books and wonders why the CRM would cover up the destruction of their colony. She recalls Will's puzzling description of the column destroying their city.

Iris walks through the woods at night and sees a CRM soldier on patrol. Iris shoots him with a crossbow then stabs him.

CRM soldiers bring Hope to Dr. Bennett's apartment. They reunite.

Iris stares down at the soldier as he dies. She announces that it was the CRM, not the column, that destroyed the Campus Colony. She stabs him dead.

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