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"L'âme Perdue" is the first episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. It is the first episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 10, 2023. It was written by David Zabel and directed by Daniel Percival.


Daryl Dixon's arrival to France sets off a violent chain of events that inadvertently puts a young boy at the heart of a growing religious movement in danger; Daryl agrees to help shepherd the boy to safety in exchange for help returning to America.


An unconscious and injured Daryl Dixon floats tied to an overturned rowboat as it moves towards land. Daryl recalls Judith telling him that Daryl deserves happiness too. Daryl rolls off of the rowboat near land and crawls on shore, collapsing on the beach as his boat is washed away by the waves. After drinking from an abandoned bucket, Daryl limps his way inland and spots a road sign which is in French.

In the nearby village, which lies in ruins, Daryl finds an abandoned motorboat with some empty alcohol bottles, water, medical supplies, a large blanket and a tape recorder. Looking at a picture of the family who owned the boat, Daryl listens to the boat owner's logs and his desperate attempts to find a safe place for his family during the early days of the Trials, spending 19 months at sea and finding Spain to be no good. The man decides to try Marseille next, hoping that the south of France will be good. Looking at a map marking out the man's route, Daryl realizes that he's in France. As night falls, Daryl cooks a fish that he caught and continues to listen as the man talks about losing his wife Sue to a heart attack and having to keep her from reanimating. The man sadly notes that their 10th anniversary would've been in June and their daughter Holly won't stop crying because she wants her mother back, to go home and for things to be the way that they were again. Sadly, holding Holly's stuffed penguin, Daryl looks at his reflection in a cracked mirror nearby.

The next morning, Daryl packs up his belongings, including his wing vest, as well as the supplies that he's gathered from the boat, and traces a route on the boat owner's map from Marselle across to the other side of the country, the side closest to the United States of America. Daryl records a message on the tape recorder as he leaves: "My name is Daryl Dixon. I come from a place called the Commonwealth. It's in America. I went out looking for something. All I found was trouble. If I don't make it back, I want them to know I tried. Hell, I'm still trying."

Daryl pulls a boat hook out of a nearby skeleton and sets off on his journey. Daryl's journey takes him across country, over the Pont du Gard and through various ruins until he finds the abandoned Midi-Pyrénées Market. As Daryl explores, he draws the attention of a nearby burner which knocks over a vase of flowers, alerting Daryl to its presence. A small herd of burners rises from various places around the factory and Daryl quickly puts two of them down with his boat hook, the acidic blood of one sizzling as it hits the floor. As the fight continues, one grabs Daryl by the arm, burning his arm before Daryl manages to break free and put the burner down. Standing on a table, Daryl stabs several burners as they surround him, but his boat hook gets stuck when he stabs it through the table into a burner underneath. Daryl breaks off the hook of weapon while trying to free it, but he manages to finish off the last few burners with his knife and the broken end of the boat hook, throwing his knife into the head of the last burner. Retrieving his knife and examining the corpse, Daryl is shocked by the zombie's acidic blood as well as the hand shaped burn on his arm from being grabbed.

As Daryl continues his journey, he stops to treat his burn wound, observed by Isabelle from a nearby hill. In the window of the car that Daryl stops next to is a small sign reading "dieu vous aime". Although Daryl spots his watcher, he chooses to ignore them and continue with his journey, stopping by a sign that shows that Lourdes is 15 kilometers away while two other locations, partially faded away, are 28 and 55 kilometers away respectively, also with a small sign below the town names. Using a French to English dictionary, Daryl translates the sign out loud as "God loves you" and, with a final look at Isabelle, he resumes walking. Isabelle posts another sign and then departs herself.

Daryl reaches a farm where he spots Maribelle working and accidentally trips an alarm as he backs away. Maribelle is joined by the apparently blind Guillaume as she calls out to Daryl in French. After Daryl admits that he doesn't know French, Maribelle recognizes him as American and reveals herself to speak English. Daryl hesitantly approaches the pair as Maribelle introduces Guillaume as her grandfather who only speaks a little English and has an injured ankle. The pair offer to trade an apple or a rabbit for medical supplies and Daryl makes the trade. Daryl explains that he intends to return to America and Maribelle introduces herself and Guillaume, asking to go together, suggesting that they can help each other. Much to Maribelle's amusement, as Guillaume always talks about World War II, her grandfather brings up their countries like friends and fighting together. However, Daryl just packs up the pair's apples and Guillaume accuses him of being no friend to which Daryl retorts that there's no more countries either.

A jeep arrives with Henri and Michel who force Daryl to disarm himself and sit down. After a heated exchange, Michel grabs Maribelle and begins dragging her off. Drawing his knife, Daryl overpowers Henri and stabs him in the throat, holding the dying man as a human shield. Michel shoots at Daryl, slightly grazing his neck and causing him to drop Henri. As Michel prepares to shoot Daryl, Maribelle hits him from behind with Henri's spear, subduing him. Before Daryl can shoot the man, Maribelle tells him to save the powder and impales Michel in the chest with the spear, killing him in revenge for what he had tried to do to her. Revealing himself to have been faking his blindness and his injury, Guillaume hits Daryl from behind with his walking stick before he and Maribelle begin to rob Daryl of all of his belongings and Maribelle stabs Henri in the head in order to keep him from reanimating. As Daryl passes out, Isabelle enters and scares off the thieves with a gunshot.

As Daryl lies unconscious, he flashes back to promising Judith, who tells Daryl that he deserves a happy ending too, to find Rick and Michonne and bring them home and saying goodbye to Carol before setting off on his journey. A disoriented Daryl wakes in an abbey where a couple of nuns tend to him, cauterizing Daryl's burn with a hot poker. Daryl's screams distract the other nuns before Véronique draws their attention back to their singing.

Daryl awakens tied to a bed and Isabelle, now dressed in her nun's clothes, introduces herself and reassures Daryl that he's a guest, having only been tied up for his own safety. Isabelle tells Daryl that he's lucky to still have his arm as Daryl had a wound from a burner and cauterization is the best way to prevent the spread of it and that they call zombies "the hungry ones" in France with burners being just one kind. As she checks on Daryl's wound, Isabelle explains that they're a small community of nuns, very small now after 12 years of the outbreak, which survives by farming, gardening and scavenging. Having found Daryl's tape recorder, Isabelle knows that he's from the Commonwealth in America and asks how he came to be in France, but Daryl only tells her that it was "a bunch of bad decisions." With the cauterization holding, Isabelle tells him to clean up so that he can avoid infection from the wound. As Isabelle leaves to get more bandages, locking him in, Daryl tells her that she can call him Daryl rather than Mr. Dixon. Looking out the window, Daryl observes the nuns playing around with a young boy who is dressed up pretending to be a knight. Daryl falls asleep in the bathtub and has a nightmare of floating in the ocean.

When he wakes up again, Isabelle brings Daryl some new clothes and uses honey garlic to treat his head wound in order to fight infection. Looking at the wall decorations, Daryl quips that the nuns have kept all of their options open, and Isabelle explains that, over the years, the abbey has become a part of a group called the Union of Hope which is open to all messengers of faith and perseverance. The Union believes that humanity is enduring a test from which they will soon be delivered. Daryl admits that he's never put much stock in God, but Isabelle tells him that God has put stock in him. Isabelle asks about the scars on his back, and Daryl tells her that his father was a smoker and he used to have a brother with Isabelle in turn revealing that she had a sister. Daryl notices scars on Isabelle's wrist, and she tells him that the "parish priest used to say our scars show that we have suffered, but more importantly, that we have healed from our suffering."

Isabelle shows Daryl around the abbey, and he asks about the little boy that he saw. Isabelle explains that Laurent grew up there, having been orphaned. The other nuns are afraid of Daryl, but he reassures Isabelle that he'll be gone soon. Daryl comes across the abbey's armory and Isabelle explains that medieval churches often had weapons rooms because they were often needed back then and the nuns have trained themselves to use the medieval weapons stored there, just in case. Daryl is impressed by the killer nuns with Isabelle confirming that they can defend themselves if they need to. Daryl notices a medieval gun collection and Isabelle explains that Père Jean was a collector as his grandfather fought in the Maquis with the missing gun being the one that Isabelle uses. Daryl checks out Père Jean's office behind the armory and asks if the nun knows how to use the CB radio inside. Isabelle admits that it's been awhile since she's been able to reach anyone on it and agrees to let Daryl give it a try once he gets better. Locking the door, Isabelle offers to try reaching out to a Spainard that she had spoken to a few months ago who speaks a bit of English. Isabelle's own English is good as her parents worked for Médecins Sans Frontières and they traveled all over including to Bosnia, Chechnya and Rwanda. Isabelle and her sister finished up their schooling in Paris and she ended up at the abbey because of a bunch of good decisions.

Continuing the tour, Isabelle explains that the abbey was already being modernized before she came with the hope of converting the land into an agricultural property that would support them and fund their mission which has been enough to keep the nuns going. Seeing Véronique signaling her over, Isabelle tells Daryl to take a seat while she talks to the Mother Superior. Sylvie brings Daryl a tray of food and he observes the goings on of the abbey with Laurent watching and mirroring Daryl's actions from across the way. Véronique berates Isabelle, telling her that Daryl doesn't belong here, but Isabelle defends asks what good are they if they can't offer shelter to a wounded pilgrim. Véronique realizes that Isabelle thinks that Daryl might be "the one" which she confirms, having seen Daryl fight the Guerriers and how strong he is. However, Véronique believes that Daryl belongs out there with the faithless and the violent and not with them, calling Daryl a person who lives without God. Isabelle simply retorts that so was she once.

Laurent approaches Daryl with a completed Rubik's cube and tells him to try it out, stating that his record is 3 minutes and 12 seconds. Daryl returns the cube, telling the boy that he's not good at shit like that. Laurent reveals that he's incredibly intelligent and good at math problems, science, music, geography, and he knows all of the countries and the capitals from back in the Before Time, having been taught by Père Jean. Laurent officially introduces himself to Daryl and asks how many people he thinks lives within the boundaries of what was once France. When Daryl simply shrugs, Laurent speculates a current French population of fewer than 200,000 starting from 67 million people before the Fall. Daryl admits that he was going to say much less than that, and Laurent tells him that it will take six generations, perhaps seven, to repopulate that many people which greatly bothers Laurent, something that Daryl agrees with. Laurent asks if Daryl has children, parents, or a wife, noting that Daryl is homesick when Daryl states that he doesn't have anything like that. Stating that he feels things in his stomach like Daryl's sadness, Laurent encourages Daryl not to despair as he deserves a happy ending too, echoing what Judith had told Daryl before his departure. Laurent is called away for poetry with Père Jean and leaves Daryl with his Rubik's cube to try.

On the road, Maribelle reads American idioms from Daryl's book to her grandfather with amusement. Stéphane drives up with Martin and Phillippe and asks after two men who went out on this road a few days before. Guillaume claims not to have seen them, but Stéphane hits the old man in the face with his spear and tells the two that there's a reward for information. Maribelle pleads that Guillaume is old and weak and wants to stay out of trouble, but Stéphane makes it clear that the other option is punishment for deceit, stomping on Guillaume's hand. Maribelle lies that a man had tried to rob them and two men like Stéphane had come to their aid, but Maribelle and her grandfather ran away without seeing what had happened with Guillaume adding that they were terrified. Stéphane asks where it happened, but Guillaume takes the chance to ask about the reward. Taking a spear, Stéphane stabs Guillaume to death and orders a shocked and horrified Maribelle to take them to where she had encountered his people, leaving Guillaume's body lying on the side of the road.

Daryl tries to pick the lock on the priest's office before hearing a walker growling and Laurent talking. Daryl is shocked to find Laurent reading to a walker locked up in a cell and the boy explains that the walker is Père Jean, and they are waiting for him to rise again. Isabelle joins them and she orders Laurent to wait for her in the garden and attempts to explain to Daryl who is uninterested, telling her that "you've got a lot of witchy shit going on around here. Dead priest in a closet and a creepy kid? No thanks."

Daryl begins packing up, but Isabelle insists that he can't leave without them and that the nuns have been waiting for him. Isabelle calls Daryl the messenger to deliver Laurent and shows him a crude drawing of Daryl on the beach, something that the boy had drawn three weeks ago, before Daryl ever came to the abbey. Daryl is dubious of the importance of Laurent having drawn a guy on a beach, but Isabelle has seen Daryl fight the gurreiers and she knows that Daryl can get Laurent there safely. Their leader is a Buddhist monk who came through on a pilgrimage some years ago and recognized something in Laurent which the nuns believe to be an answer to a prophecy. The Union of Hope has a base up north with a community that will raise and nurture the boy to be who he was born to be. Six months before, Lama Rinpoche said that it was time and Père Jean was supposed to escort him, but he died and reanimated with a disgusted Daryl noting that the nuns think that prayers and poetry is gonna fix him. In the armory, Daryl gathers more weapons including a crossbow, a knife and a morning star while Isabelle continues trying to convince him. Isabelle insists that Laurent is special, having lost his mother in childbirth which he shouldn't have survived, but he did. Laurent has shown abilities, perception and compassion beyond any child and he sees into people. Daryl sarcastically remarks that he knew a kid like that in grade school who got his ass kicked a lot. Isabelle tells Daryl that Laurent needs teaching and guidance that the nuns can't provide, and he'll be safer with the Union and nurtured until he's ready to be the new Messiah and lead the revival of humanity.

Entering Père Jean's office, Isabelle tells Daryl that this is why Daryl is here, why he washed ashore, why she was on the road that day and why Daryl was saved, stating that everything happens for a reason. Daryl tries to get the radio working, but Isabelle admits that the tube broke a month ago and she has been trying to get a replacement. Daryl accuses Isabelle of fucking with him, and she tells him that there's a port up north that might still be active, Le Havre, and she shows Daryl it on a wall map. The nuns have heard rumors of ships that come and go, but it's just rumors. Daryl asks about a route that's marked out on the map leading to Paris and Isabelle explains that it's Père Jean's plan to get Laurent up north showing stops, places where they have friends who can help connect them and radio frequencies. Isabelle warns Daryl that it's a treacherous path north and hard to find your way, especially for someone who doesn't speak French. Without a word, Daryl grabs his weapons and leaves the room.

At the farm, Maribelle claims that she and her grandfather were minding their own business when the man came begging for food. Philippe recognizes Henri, having gone to school with him, and Stéphane demands to know where Michel, who is his brother, is. Stéphane frantically calls for his brother and a zombified Michel emerges from a doorway, the spear still in his chest. Pulling his brother close by the spear, Stéphane stabs Michel in the head with the bayonet on his pistol, putting Michel down. Cradling his brother's body, Stéphane breaks down in tears. Stéphane demands to know who did it, and Maribelle tells him that it was an American while Martin finds tracks of blood and one of Isabelle's God loves you signs. Philippe recognizes it as something that Sister Isabelle at the abbey puts up all around. A vengeful Stéphane decides to pay the abbey a visit and tells Maribelle that her reward is their mercy.

As Isabelle continues to try to convince him to stay, Daryl makes his way out of the abbey, telling the nun that it's going to be fine and Laurent like it here, noting that the kid is safe, and he got lucky. However, Isabelle counters that Laurent is lonely, having grown up with no friends or father figure. Laurent needs other children and teachers, but Daryl thinks that staying alive is more important. Isabelle insists that Laurent has a greater destiny than just surviving, with Laurent calling out a goodbye to Daryl from nearby, promising that they will meet again. Isabelle admits that Laurent doesn't know about any of their plan as he's too young and it's too much to put on him. However, Daryl has already made plans and he isn't looking to make any more. "The world is lost. We know that. Hope fades gradually, and then all at once. If we're wrong, at least you will have helped a boy get to a better place. But if we're right... why not bet on hope?" pleads Isabelle. Stating that it's not his problem, Daryl leaves and Véronique tells Isabelle that there's no shame in wanting it to be so, but Daryl left so he's not the one. A short way down the road, Daryl is forced to take cover as vehicles carrying Guerriers from the Power of the Living drive towards the abbey. Realizing that the nuns are in trouble, Daryl hesitates to go.

At the gate, Stéphane asks Véronique about an American at large, but she tells him that they're in afternoon prayers. Stéphane makes it clear they're coming in one way or another and Véronique reluctantly orders two nuns to open the gate, but she instructs Isabelle and Sylvie to hide Laurent and be ready. As the Guerriers are led into the abbey, Isabelle hides Laurent in Père Jean's office, ordering him to stay there and to not come out, telling the boy that they will protect themselves from the Guerriers. Giving him the keys to lock the door behind her and a reminder not to come out, Isabelle leaves and Sylvie and the other nuns begin gathering weapons from the armory.

Isabelle joins the nuns and gurreriers, telling Stéphane that there is no man at the abbey. Stéphane shows Isabelle her sign that was found where two of their men were murdered, including his brother, but Isabelle simply tells him that she puts them up wherever she goes. Stéphane instructs Martin to keep watch while Richard and Philippe go left and the rest come with him. Inside, Stéphane has Jèrèmie come with him as his other two men spread out. Hearing Stéphane and Jèrèmie in the armory, Laurent belatedly locks the door which Stéphane hears. Stéphane prepares to shoot the lock off, but is distracted by shouting from Philippe.

Stéphane, the other men, Isabelle and Véronique join Philippe who has discovered the zombified Père Jean. Véronique explains that they are keeping him because they have certain beliefs about the redemption of souls, even the wicked and the hungry ones. Stéphane orders Philippe to aim his bayonet at Père Jean, but the young man is reluctant as he recognizes the priest. Knowing that Isabelle was there when his men were killed, Stéphane demands that she start talking or the Guerriers will start doing what they do. When Isabelle refuses to answer, Stéphane orders Philippe to finish it. Véronique recognizes the young man as Philippe Poulin whose family worshipped at the abbey, and who was taught the catechism by the Mother Superior and had his confession taken by Père Jean and she pleads with him not to do it. After some hesitation and asking the priest to forgive him, Philippe stabs Père Jean in the right eye with his bayonet, putting him down. Drawn his curiosity and the ongoing commotion, a horrified Laurent runs up, exposing his existence to the Power of the Living. As Isabelle comforts Laurent, Stéphane demands to know who the boy is and where his parents are, and Isabelle explains that Laurent's parents died, and the nuns took him in. Stéphane orders Laurent taken with them to be made a Guerrier for Genet.

Laurent and Isabelle struggle with Martin as he tries to drag the boy away. As Martin prepares to hit Isabelle with the butt of his rifle, Daryl suddenly throws an axe into his back, killing Martin, before running away. Isabelle flees with Laurent and Stéphane sends Richard, Jèrèmie, and another Guerrier after them and the sisters while the rest go with Stéphane after Daryl. In the courtyard, Sylvie and the eight other nuns confront the three men armed with a variety of weapons. In the battle that follows, Sylvie stabs Jèrèmie to death and attacks the other Guerrier, but most of the nuns are downed by the men's gunfire. Inside, Stéphane, Philippe, and another Guerrier split up to look for Daryl, but Daryl manages to ambush and kill the third man while Stéphane and Philippe are elsewhere. Outside, Isabelle grabs the axe from Martin's back to join the fight after having hidden Laurent away.

Seeing the Guerrier fall, Stéphane and Philippe search the room for Daryl, splitting up again. Daryl ambushes Philippe, knocking the young man's rifle from his hands with a morning star and using him as a human shield when Stéphane shoots at him, causing Stéphane to accidentally kill his comrade. Daryl and Stéphane engage in a brief fight that ends with the Guerrier viscously kicking Daryl and retrieving his gun to shoot him. However, Isabelle knocks Stéphane's gun from his hand with the axe and he flees. Grabbing the gun, Daryl shoots at Stéphane, hitting him in the shoulder, and chasing Stéphane despite a mortally wounded Véronique's attempts to stop him. Daryl runs out of bullets before he catches up with Stéphane and can only watch him make an escape in one of the Power of the Living's jeeps. In the courtyard, Daryl finds Richard, Jèrèmie, and the other Guerrier dead, along with the eight other nuns, having killed each other in the battle aside from Sylvie. Seeing a zombified Martin approaching, Daryl picks up a dropped gun and shoots Martin in the head, blowing the top of his head apart and putting him down.

Inside, Daryl finds Isabelle tending to the dying Mother Superior. Taking Daryl's hand, Véronique tells him that "you never believed. Maybe you never saw a reason to. But one thing I know -- reasons are everywhere." Sylvie and Laurent join them and Véronique calls the boy the cure for a sick world, acknowledging that perhaps Daryl is the one after all before dying of her wounds, much to everyone's grief.

That night, Daryl and Isabelle join Sylvie and Laurent by a fire and Isabelle tells Sylvie that they've buried the nuns. Stating that the nuns are with the angels now, Laurent wonders if they're lost now, but Isabelle reassures him that they're never lost. Accompanied by Laurent on guitar, Sylvie begins singing. Recalling that she'd asked him how he got here, Daryl explains to Isabelle that "I left home, looking for something. I figured there had to be something out there worth finding. And I ran into some bad people. They put me on a boat. That didn't go well. And I washed ashore here, and I ran into a nun." After Isabelle confirms that she can take him to the port, Daryl agrees to take the group where they need to go. Stéphane watches the abbey from nearby before hobbling back to his jeep, still intent upon revenge on Daryl.

At Le Havre, a ship's captain explains to Guerriers that they were in the Gulf of Cadiz when the prisoners escaped, and it was beyond their control. Genet joins them, asking the captain who is in control of his ship if not him. The man insists that a captain is only as good as his crew, and Genet recalls that her father fished these waters for days at a time in a small trawler, knowing only one thing no matter how hard it got: the crew is only as good as their captain. The doctor reports that their research is largely destroyed, but some of the test subjects may still be of use to them as five chained up walkers are led onto the dock. Whoever did this made a real mess of things for them, and Genet is angered that after three years to get this ship seaworthy, things have been messed up because of one American. The captain states that they did manage to stop the mutiny while the American went overboard and is presumed dead by him. Genet is obviously doubtful that the man is dead and the captain reveals that the American responsible is Daryl Dixon. Calling it a start, Genet orders one of her men to find Daryl if he's not dead and leaves.

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  • First appearance (in Daryl Dixon continuity) of Daryl Dixon.
  • First appearance (in Daryl Dixon continuity) of Carol Peletier. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Isabelle Carriere.
  • First appearance of Sylvie.
  • First appearance of Laurent Carriere.
  • First appearance of Stéphane Codron.
  • First appearance of Père Jean. (Zombified)
  • First appearance of Capo.
  • First appearance of Marion Genet.
  • First appearance of Dr. Lafleur.
  • Only appearance of Sue. (Photograph)
  • Only appearance of Holly. (Photograph)
  • Only appearance of Henri.
  • Only appearance of Michel Codron.
  • Only appearance of Guillaume.
  • Only appearance of François.
  • Only appearance of Maribelle. (Unknown)
  • Only appearance of Jèrèmie. (Alive)
  • Only appearance of Philippe Poulin.
  • Only appearance of William. (Alive)
  • Only appearance of Richard. (Alive)
  • Only appearance of Martin.
  • Only appearance of Dell. (Alive)
  • Only appearance of Lucci.
  • Only appearance of Köping.
  • Only appearance of Véronique. (Alive)
  • Only appearance (in Daryl Dixon continuity) of Judith Grimes. (Flashback)
  • The title of the episode, "L'âme Perdue", is French and means "the lost soul". It refers to Daryl being lost in a foreign country all by himself.
  • Laurent speculates that France's population of 67 million in 2010 has dwindled to below 200,000 by 2023, or 0.0029% of its original population. This could be a reference to Robert Kirkman's statistic in The Walking Dead Comic Universe of there being 1 living person for every 5000 zombies, making the current population 0.0002% that of the global population in 2003 when the world ended in the Comic Universe.
    • There were 6.9 billion people by 2010 before the world ended in The Walking Dead Television Universe. By Laurent's calculations, the global population, as of 2023, could be at around 2 million people.
    • Laurent predicts that it will take 6-7 generations for France's original population to return. If Laurent's calculations are correct, the population should return by around 2150.

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