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Lǎopó is a character and later an antagonist in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. She is a skilled member of the Heaven Monks and Jiang Ping's wife.


Rural China

Not much is known about Lǎopó's life prior to or as the outbreak began except she and her husband, Jiang Ping, were opera singers. They danced and acted in plays for a few local villages. One of these villages was Fongyuan where Zhu witnessed them perform as a young boy; he then spent the entire summer pretending to be Sun Wukong, the monkey king.


After the outbreak began, Lǎopó and her husband became Monks to help guide survivors to Heaven.




Killed By

After Jiang Ping refuses to surrender and join the Beacon, a fight breaks out between the Wind Team and the Heaven Monks. Lǎopó attacks Ming Haobo and is about to behead him when Elena Anderson impales her from behind with her short spear.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lǎopó has killed:


Novel Series