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The dead were born here.
―Graffiti on the laboratory's celing. (Translated from French)[src]

La Biomédicine DDMI is an abandoned biomedicine laboratory and research center in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond, located in France. It's heavily implied to be the source of the Wildfire virus and a particular variant contagion. The purpose of the lab and its creation of Wildfire is currently unknown. At some point in early 2010, the virus became an airborne pathogen and leaked from the lab, eventually causing the Trials that led to the collapse of human civilization.

The Primrose team, the scientists responsible for creating the virus, traveled to Ohio for a conference shortly before the Fall. Meanwhile, the other scientists of the Violet team collaborated with the Center for Disease Control in the United States of America and worked on using cardiac plaques to stop resurrection. However, this led to a much more aggressive strain of Wildfire. A vigilante group imprisoned the scientists found in the lab, and are currently hunting members of Primrose team to execute them for their crimes.



Nothing is known about la Biomédicine DDMI prior to or as the outbreak began, except that it was the research lab located in France where, similarly to the Center for Disease Control in the United States, was responsible for protecting public health and safety by providing information to enhance health decisions, and it promotes health through partnerships with state health departments and other organizations.


During the onset of the Trials, scientists at la Biomédicine DDMI worked tirelessly to find a cure like the Center for Disease Control and were even in contact with and worked with each other. In early September, Team Violet was close to discovering the cure for the Wildfire Virus while the best scientists traveled in America to reportedly assist the CDC into finding a cure. When the work was almost done, the team accidentally created a new variant of the virus while experimenting that strengthened walkers agility, strength and intelligence. It is predominant in Eurasia, with no traces of the variant in the Americas. In 2022, cases of the new variant were reported in the North-Eastern United States.

The power grid failed at the end of September, (while at the CDC in late October) but in this case the laboratory did not explode. After that, it was abandoned for good, and occasionally raided by a group of French survivors who allegedly imprisoned the Violet Team. Confidential files and materials are kept in a storage locked with special keys assigned to scientists. To note also that due to the collapse of civilization and lack of technological progress, the laptops still contain Windows XP and Vista systems. The facility, just like the CDC, has special protections such as reinforced doors and walls.

Season 2[]

"The Last Light"[]

Ten years after the declaration of the pandemic, a lone scientist would return with the hope of finding the Primrose Team, and by watching recordings from Dr. Edwin Jenner before being killed by a vigilante and the facility being abandoned for good. The scientist then reanimated into a stronger version of walkers never seen in the Americas.



World Beyond[]

Season 2[]


  • There is a strong possibility that la Biomédicine DDMI might appear in the Daryl series, due to the series taking place in France.