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La Colonia ("The Colony") is a survivor community in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is led by Alejandro Nuñez. La Colonia is based out of a hillside neighborhood on the outskirts of Tijuana, Baja California. Its inhabitants are members of a cult calling themselves Los Hijos de la Resurrección ("The Children of Resurrection").


Little is known about La Colonia before the apocalypse, except that the hillside where the community was established was once a neighborhood in the city of Tijuana, Baja California. Among the homes are a open-air market where residents could buy goods from stalls and vendors could barter their products to passerby. The market is a popular place for impromptu soccer games for the children living in La Colonia. There is also a clinic run by Alejandro Nuñez, who would often make house calls to treat the sick and help whoever needed assistance at his clinic.[1]


After the outbreak began wreaking havoc in the city, residents of this hillside neighborhood began to wall off the area, creating the well-protected survivor community known as La Colonia. At the edge of town leading into the overrun parts of the city, a barrier was created between the wall and the safe zone, filled with the reanimated friends, neighbors, and family members who once lived in the neighborhood. With this barrier, those who wish to enter or leave the community must pass through the zombies, creating a impromptu security system against invaders.

While on the run, Luciana and other scouts find Nick Clark on the highway on the outskirts of the city and take him into the community. Since joining La Colonia, Nick has begun to embrace the residents' view on death and how death is not to be feared but simply the next step in life. He also helps out around the community, from tending to the sick at the infirmary and going on runs to the gang-controlled supermarket in East Tijuana with Luciana. Whenever a resident, such as Alonso, is sacrificed to "the wall," many of the other residents will join Alejandro at the fence and chant as a means of goodbye.

The community is home to over seventy people and needs an abundance of water for its residents as well as medicine for those who are sick. However, with Tijuana overrun and the community running low on supplies, Luciana and other scouts regularly make runs to a supermarket controlled by a gang to trade goods for water and medicine. Since Nick's initial visit to the supermarket, they have come up with a deal to regularly trade Oxy for additional water to satisfy La Colonia's needs. What the gang does not know is that Nick and Alejandro have been creating diluted versions of the Oxy pills to get as much water and other supplies as possible. Recently, morale in the community has been suffering due to the lack of water, and scouts are thinking about leaving for other settlements that they've come across while on runs. One of these scouts include Francisco, who fled La Colonia one morning with his wife and daughter. Since Alejandro found out about Francisco and his family deserting La Colonia, he is struggling to keep the community together and has ordered Luciana and the scouts to stay within the community despite Nick's pleas to complete the trade for water. Meanwhile, Marco and his gang have been searching the streets of Tijuana for La Colonia since they have not been receiving their Oxy. After capturing Francisco's family, they've been able to locate La Colonia and confirm that Nick is living there with the Oxy.

Eventually, Nick and Reynaldo make the trade with Marco's gang, but it is too late as he made an alliance with a rival gang, gaining access to more drugs and firepower. He threatens Nick and Reynaldo to flee La Colonia or die as he shows them the bodies of Francisco's family. While Alejandro refuses to let the townspeople run, Nick desperately tries to convince him and Luciana to run. However, after a patient at the infirmary turns and bites three people, Alejandro's condition worsens as he was truly infected this time. The infected man is killed, and the two bitten residents are sacrificed to the wall. While Luciana refuses to flee, Nick leaves by himself but returns once he sees a helicopter flying in the distance by the border, giving him hope of some sort of refugee camp. He returns to La Colonia and convinces Alejandro to order the townspeople to flee in order to avoid being slaughtered in the impending attack.

Later that day, Marco and a couple dozen other gang members invade La Colonia by tearing a hole open in the wall and crossing through the bus into town. They find it abandoned and celebrate their victory. At the same time, Alejandro sneaks towards the bus and moves it forward, allowing zombies to invade the community and kill Marco, Antonio, Ramiro, and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Nick and Luciana are traveling through the streets of Tijuana towards the border with Reynaldo and sixty-eight other residents from La Colonia. As they approach the border crossing, they are attacked by a group of militia. The terrified townspeople flee back towards the city as Reynaldo is killed and Nick and a wounded Luciana are captured by the militiamen.

Ultimately, with the exception of Nick and Luciana, all of the townspeople have been killed off by the militia or were left stranded in an overrun Tijuana. Their ultimate fate remains unknown.





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  • This community is also referred to as Colonia el Porvenir (the future colony) in the Story Sync for "Grotesque". Alejandro later refers to the community as "El Porvenir" during his final speech in "North".
  • A definitive number was never given in regards to the population of La Colonia, which is primarily made up of mostly recurring background extras. As of "North", a total of seventy-one people (including Nick, Luciana, and Reynaldo) were seen traveling towards the border. Accounting for all identifiable extras as well as the credited main and minor cast, there are at least one hundred nine people living in La Colonia.
  • Despite Luciana leaving Broke Jaw Ranch to find out what happened to the survivors of La Colonia, their fate has never been revealed since she returned to the show or if she found them at all. All that is mentioned about La Colonia or its residents afterwards is that Nick helped her to realize that La Colonia wasn't the good place that she thought it was.
  • It can be argued that Nick and Francisco are responsible for the community's fall. In "Grotesque", Nick catches the interest of the Los Hermanos gang with his offer of an Oxy trade which Luciana points out is bad as they had no interest in the community before. Because Francisco took off in "Pillar of Salt", the paranoid Alejandro forbade making the trade, enraging the gangsters and making them desperate which Nick warned could happen. They also discovered its location by spotting Nick on a rooftop inside the community. By the time Nick and Reynaldo tried to make the trade in "Wrath", the gang was only interested in taking over.
  • Its suggested that aside from Nick, very few of the residents speak English. In "Pablo & Jessica", Nick tells Luciana that he is learning Spanish so he can talk to someone other than her and Alejandro. In "Pillar of Salt", when Nick approaches Reynaldo, he addresses him in Spanish before Reynaldo reveals he can speak some English. As a result, the only known English speakers in the community were Nick, Alejandro, Luciana, and Reynaldo.
  • Towards the end, people in the community appeared to have developed an unknown illness as the infirmary was filled and Nick mentions that part of the reason Francisco left was that his daughter was ill and the infirmary was full of sick people. As the community sacrificed anyone bitten to "the wall", these people were unlikely to have been bitten.