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"La Doña" is the sixth and final episode of the first season of AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. It is the last episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 18, 2022. It was written by Lindsey Villarreal and directed by Deborah Kampmeier.


A haunting tale of an apocalypse-traumatized couple who may or may not be tormented by a haunted house; frightening memories coupled with inexplicable phenomena in the house take a toll on the couple's psyche and their relationship.


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Idalia and Eric have murdered a group of people, including a woman named Maria. Desperate, cold, and hungry, the couple find a house in the woods, belonging to an old woman named Alma. After Alma is accidentally killed by Eric when he frightened her during dinner, Idalia and Eric decide to make the house their new home. Though Idalia is hesitant, Eric is confident. While living in the house, Eric befriends a parrot named Paco. Idalia begins to suffer from delusions and hallucinations in the house, believing she is seeing and hearing Alma's ghost and the zombified corpses of Maria and the other people they murdered, and Eric convinces her she is just seeing things. Eric, however, later believes he sees Maria alive when it is in fact another one of the dead. They suffer extreme guilt over the things they have done, which causes them both to hear voices and see things: their subconscious blaming them for their sins. Eric refuses to believe he is imagining things and says it is all in Idalia's head. In a severe hallucinatory episode, both Eric and Idalia stab each other to death in the basement of Alma's home.

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  • Only appearance of Idalia.
  • Only appearance of Eric.
  • Only appearance of Maria.
  • Only appearance of Alma.
  • Only appearance of Paco.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on September 11, 2022.
  • This was originally the fourth episode of the season, however it was rearranged for unknown reasons.[1]
  • The original plot summary for the episode was as follows: Idalia (Daniella Pineda) and Eric (Danny Ramirez) are a young, traumatized couple in desperate need of a safe haven. The two discover a secluded house otherwise known as La Doña Alma's home, where unexplainable sinister events begin to occur. Idalia and Eric must find a way forward or risk being rooted in death forever.
  • This is the only episode in Tales of the Walking Dead in which every character seen is killed, as well as the only one where the main protagonist dies.
    • It is also the only episode in Tales of the Walking Dead which is not named after the main character(s) of the episode.
      • In addition, it's the only episode to use a character's nickname instead of their actual name.
    • This is the only episode where its placement in the Timeline is unknown.
    • This is the only episode where it's unknown where in the world it exactly took place in.
  • This episode is the least viewed episode in the entire The Walking Dead franchise.

Episode Highlights[]