La Manas is a highway gang that was established before the apocalypse in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. According to Sofia they are one of the most feared gangs in the area.


Nothing is known about La Manas aside from the fact that they were one of the most feared gangs in the region surrounding Tijuana, Baja California. They were involved in the drug trade and potentially committed murders and armed robberies. They also managed to acquire some guns before the outbreak in order to use in any possible situation.


After the zombie outbreak ravaged Baja California, La Manas took advantage of the lawlessness in the region, robbing and murdering survivors as they roam the highways. Based on their treacherous behavior, survivors try to avoid contact with La Manas, as mentioned by Sofia when she warns Nick of the hazards he will encounter while traveling to Tijuana. During their second encounter with Nick, two of La Manas drug runners, including their leader Gael, were killed by a zombie horde on the highway. The third member escaped in the Jeep, leaving his status and location unknown.


Killed Victims


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