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Larry Mainland is a professional actor and stuntman based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Best known as a featured zombie in AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Larry has been affectionately tagged "The GQ Zombie" after his notable “undead” appearances in world-famous fashion publication- GQ Magazine. His infamous “Walking Dead Walker” image was the first to be released from the set before the show aired and has since been used extensively for advertising by AMC in the US and in more than one hundred and thirty five countries by Fox International and others.  He has been on the cover of numerous magazines, such as Entertainment Weekly in the US and SFX: the number one Sci-Fi magazine in the United Kingdom and has appeared in countless other articles worldwide.  His image can be found on t-shirts, mugs, buttons and virtually anything you can put an image on, including board games, video games and even on Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Other Works

Larry’s Film and TV credits also include such as:

  • Contagion
  • The Three Stooges
  • Sick People
  • Level Up
  • Home


TV Series

Season 1

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