This article is about the Tekken stage. You may be looking for the TV Series episode.

Last Day on Earth is a stage in Tekken 7. It is bundled with DLC guest fighter Negan from the AMC TV adaption of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is his personal stage.

The stage is based on and named after, the episode of the TV show where Negan first makes his full appearance, Last Day on Earth. The stage is rectangle-shaped and set in a dark forest at night; the walls consisting of barricades, vehicles (including Negan's personal trailer), trees and weapon-wielding members of Negan's survivor group, the Saviors.


  • The episode the stage is based on was the sixteenth and final episode of season 6, and marked the first appearance of Negan in the TV show. The infamous kneeling and execution scene seen in the episode's finale was even parodied in Negan's gameplay reveal trailer.
  • In certain places in the background of the stage, three zombies (or walkers) can be seen roaming around and making noises.
  • The Saviors that are spectating the fight seem to not give a reaction to anything happening in the fight, even when a character gets wall splatted near them, making this the first stage since spectators on walled stages were introduced in Tekken 4 to have this feature.
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