"Last Stop" is the seventh episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


Running out of time and options, we take a dangerous path through the subways of DC.


With the Anderson Camp burned down, Anderson's group get into Caleb's truck and leave, but discover other members of the group left with Reina. Reina says she can radio an ally of her's for help, named Sarah Bridger, who has her own camp and also hates the Brigade. The survivors have to go through a walker infested subway to get to the camp, with Bridger guiding them.

Bridger radios in, telling the survivors she'll try to guide them through the subway and to safety. The survivors fight their way through walkers to get to the subway, however they have to get through a train that requires power to lift up, the survivors have to fix the fusebox and restore the power, after this is done, they activate the crane switch to lift the train. Once they get into the subway, they have to activate the correct switches to open the subway doors (getting one wrong will restart all the switches). When the doors open the survivors continue to make their way through the subway, they call an elevator, however the Brigade find them and the survivors have to survive the assault for a minute and a half and keep the generator running for the elevator. After this is done, the survivors escape into the elevator and to safety.



  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade


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