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Lawton, Oklahoma is a large, fortified town that appears in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is an established community part of Virginia's network, and serves as the capital settlement and base of operations of the Pioneers.


Nothing is known about Lawton prior to the onset of the outbreak, except that it was a city in Oklahoma. Lawton previously had a population over 96,000, with much of its economy being based around the Fort Sill U.S. Military reserve.


Nothing is known about Lawton as the outbreak began. At some point, Virginia's Pioneers came across and occupied this town, and assisted it into converting it into a settlement, as a part of their expanding network. It eventually became the headquarters and capital for Virginia's growing network of communities, and it is where she chose to pick up residence, living in a house with her daughter, Dakota. Due to Lawton's prominence of being the main hub of activity for the Pioneers, many high-ranking rangers live here, and are seen frequently attending to various tasks, including Hill and Marcus. Rangers constantly patrol the fences surrounding the town, keeping the area clear of walkers. The town has a old chapel, a canteen and a saloon, a wide variety of other shops that line the main plaza, as well as a stable for the many horses that the rangers keep. It also has an armory, and a jail cell for those who break laws. The town also apparently lacks functioning plumbing infrastructure, as Strand and Alicia were burning human waste in barrels from the latrines.

Season 6[]

"Welcome to the Club"[]

It is a busy day in Lawton with many people out and about as Hill and Cameron escort a handcuffed Victor and Alicia through town to Virginia's office. Virginia's office is a white building located along the main street in the center of town where she conducts official business with her second-in-command, Ranger Hill and other members of the council. Many other houses and shops line the main street and the side streets.

"The Key"[]

Each day in Lawton, there are always residents walking about as seen as Ranger Dorie conducts his rounds while on guard duty. Dorie himself lives in a small house off a side street. Nearby is the guard post, located along the town perimeter fence, as well as the laundry center where Janis works. The Lawton armory and jail are located along the main street in town.

"Damage From the Inside"[]

After losing her arm in Tank Town, Virginia is brought back to her home in Lawton where her injury is tended to.

"The Door"[]

Virginia radios Morgan while from the Lawton jail as six of his friends including Grace, June, Sarah, Luciana, Wes, and Daniel, are being held captive.

"Things Left to Do"[]

Lawton will appear in this episode.

"The Beginning"[]

Lawton was able to survive the initial devastation brought upon by the launched missiles at the hands of the doomsday cult, as the state of Oklahoma was out of range, however, it is unknown if the community remained active in the months that followed.[1]





Fear the Walking Dead[]

Season 6[]


  • In "The Key", John mentions that 246 days had passed without a single death in town, though the timer was reset after Cameron was found dead.
  • Filming for Lawton took place at Star Hill Ranch in Austin, Texas.