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Leah's Cabin is a location in Season 10 and Season 11 of The Walking Dead. It is a cabin that used to belong to Leah Shaw and where Daryl Dixon and later Negan Smith resided for a time.


The cabin's history before the outbreak is unknown.


After getting separated from the Reapers due to a massive attack by a herd, Leah flees with her adopted son Matthew, eventually finding this cabin where she settles.

Season 10

"Find Me"

Dog takes off running after something, with Daryl and Carol rushing after it. Dog leads them to an old, abandoned cabin, which Daryl clearly recognizes. He briefly remembers a woman playing with Dog on the porch. Carol suggests they stay the night, as Daryl reminisces further.

One year later, Daryl is still searching, when he stumbles upon some iron spikes protruding from a tree. Soon enough, Dog, now grown up, runs from out of the trees and beckons Daryl to follow him. The canine brings him to a nearby cabin. He busts inside an kills a walker, but is soon ambushed by a woman, who holds him at gunpoint. The woman asks for his name. Daryl attempts to leave, but the woman prevents him from doing so.

Back in the present, Dog fixates on a spot on the floor. When Carol removes the floorboards, she finds a box with a note inside. Reading it, Carol realizes the cabin belonged to the woman from Daryl's past. She asks him about this, but Daryl is dismissive, letting Carol know that he already told her everything. Carol, however, doesn't believe him. Sighing, Daryl asks what else she wants to know, to which Carol replies that she will listen to whatever Daryl wants to tell her.

Four years ago, Daryl sits tied up inside the cabin, as the woman drags the walker corpse outside. Daryl fiddles with his ropes, but is stopped by the woman. Daryl asks if she's going to kill him. She asks if she should, and believes Daryl doesn't want to die. Daryl spits back that she doesn't know anything about him, which she acknowledges, so asks for his name again, and why he is trespassing on her land. Daryl introduces himself and says that he was just trying to help, but Leah snarks that he is tied up with a shotgun pointed at his head, and rhetorically asks what kind of help could he possibly offer her. After a tense moment of silence, the woman decides to cut Daryl loose. Before he leaves, Daryl asks if she's going to tell him her name, but she tells him "no".

Six months later, Daryl is sitting at his shelter when he is startled by Dog. He takes Dog back to the cabin, where the woman thanks him for bringing her pet back. Since the woman still refuses to introduce herself, Daryl asks for the dog's name, but the woman simply calls him "Dog". The woman takes note of Daryl's scar, and says that living out in the wild isn't for everyone. Daryl supposes the lifestyle will catch up to all of them, but the woman replies that this will happen only if they let it. With that, Daryl takes his leave, and the woman tells him to be careful.

Three months after their encounter, Daryl arrives to the cabin and tosses a fish to Leah's doorstep. She invites him to spend the night at her cabin to get warm. Later that night, Daryl is woken to the sound of broken glass. He finds Leah picking up a broken picture frame. Leah explains that today is the birthday of the boy from the picture. She recounts how she didn't have a good family growing up, so she had to find her own. She fond that with her squad, with whom she fought side-by-side. When the world ended, they swore they would stay together. The squad, she says, gave her hope, and she tried to give the same to her son, Matthew. She tearfully admits that Matthew wasn't her biological son, but she adopted him after her close fried died giving birth to him. Tearfully, Leah laments that it doesn't matter, as Matthew is gone. She walks over to a window and looks over Matthew's grave. She continues her story, recounting how she was with Matthew and Dog's mother (who was pregnant) when the dead surrounded them. Leah was separated from her squad, and ran to the cabin with Matthew. It was only then that she noticed Matthew was bitten. Matthew died the same day Dog was born, which was the last time she saw another living person until Daryl. Leah asks him who he lost, so Daryl tells her it was his brother, who was lost in an accident but his body was never found. Leah asks if Daryl still thinks his brother is still alive, but he doesn't know, though promises to never stop looking until he finds out.

In the following ten months, Daryl and Leah spend a lot of time together, and even become romantically involved. Over time, however, Leah becomes increasingly frustrated with Daryl periodically leaving to look for Rick. One day, when Daryl reveals that he will be gone for a few days, Leah reaches her breaking point and asks Daryl where he belongs, whether it's by the river looking for his dead brother, with the family he left, or with her. Daryl claims he doesn't know, but Leah thinks he does, and tells him to choose.

When he comes back to the cabin, however, he finds it trashed and Leah missing, along with Matthew's picture. Dog, however, is still present, and soon joins Daryl. Daryl writes Leah a message saying "I belong with you. FIND ME.", and places it in a wooden box Leah kept under the floorboards, along with a few cans of food. He then leaves with Dog, telling his pet not to worry, as he is certain they will get Leah back.

In the present, Daryl laments that he should have been there to help Leah. Carol asks if he thinks Leah is still alive or someone took her, but Daryl doesn't know. Carol considers the possibility that Leah left on her own. Daryl denies this, and blames himself for walking away. Carol comforts Daryl that it's not his fault every time he loses someone, and that losing Leah isn't on him, nor is losing Rick or Connie. Daryl resentfully agrees to Carol's last example, as he blames Carol for losing Connie instead, since she never knows when to stop. Carol says that she is sorry for Connie, but isn't sorry for going after the horde nor making Alpha pay for killing Henry, because she was right. Daryl begrudgingly asks if her being right is all that matters. Carol realizes Daryl isn't upset with her because of Leah or Connie, so invites him to say what he really means. Daryl tells her that she shouldn't have come. Carol claims she just wanted to help, but Daryl retorts that she wanted to run instead, so that's what she did. Carol seems confused by this assertion, but Daryl thinks she ran because she couldn't deal with the guilt, so she made it his problem. Carol snaps back that Daryl's only problem is thinking he has to save everybody, and that she doesn't need a savior or a martyr, but a friend. Daryl asserts that friends don't have the same conversation over and over again, and that he is sick of it. Carol says that, in that case, Daryl should have let her get back on the boat. He coldly agrees that he shouldn't have stopped her, and gives her permission to run if she wants to, as he won't stop her this time. He, however, maintains that he knows where he is supposed to be. Carol sadly states that she was right, as their luck has indeed run out. She heads inside the cabin, leaving Daryl standing alone on the porch.

"Here's Negan"

Carol leads Negan to the cabin where she and Daryl have moved his belongings. Carol claims that the council has decided to exile Negan, but he knows that she is really acting on her own. That night, sitting by the fire, Negan drinks heavily and hallucinates his younger self who taunts Negan about his current state.

After retrieving Lucille from where the bat was buried, Negan returns to the cabin and, after saying goodbye to his wife, burns Lucille in the cabin's fireplace. The next day, Negan returns to Alexandria and requests a wagon to move his belongings back to Alexandria to live permanently. Carol promises to have Gabriel ok it, but warns Negan that if he returns, Maggie will kill him, Carol having sent him to the cabin to ease her own conscience. Negan nevertheless accepts the risks and moves back to Alexandria.

Season 11


To their mutual surprise, Daryl and Leah encounter each other again. Daryl tells Leah that he had looked everywhere for her and she explains that her family, the Reapers, had returned for her and Leah had willingly left with them.

"For Blood"

Leah asks Daryl if he ever thinks about what it would be like if they had never left the cabin and he admits that he does.

"Acts of God"

After capturing Maggie Rhee, the vengeful Leah takes Maggie back to her abandoned cabin. Maggie awakens tied to a chair where Leah aims a gun at her, but Maggie knows that Leah isn't going to kill her as it would be too easy. Leah promises to kill everyone that Maggie loves first as revenge for her killing the Reapers. The two women discuss revenge as Maggie works to untie her hands with Maggie taunting Leah into getting close to her with her gun. Free, Maggie knocks the gun from Leah's hand and Leah and Maggie engage in a brutal knife fight across the cabin, ending with Leah pinning Maggie down and Maggie desperately trying to stop Leah from stabbing her. Having tracked his ex-lover back to the cabin, Daryl enters and shoots Leah in the head to save Maggie, killing her.

As Maggie recovers, Daryl notices Lance Hornsby and a number of Commonwealth soldiers approaching outside. Daryl shoots at Lance through the window, but only succeeds in grazing his face. As the soldiers storm Leah's cabin, Maggie and Daryl escape out a window. Entering the cabin to find Maggie and Daryl gone and Leah's corpse on the floor, an enraged Lance declares that it's time to "take it all."





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