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"He forgot about what mattered. Not war, people. My people. You'd do anything to protect your family. So would I."
—Leah to Daryl why she killed Pope, also declaring her loyalty to the Reapers.[src]

Leah Shaw is a main character and later an antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She was a high-ranking member of Reapers, serving as Pope's right-hand woman and the group's second-in-command. After his death, Leah took control of the remaining Reapers. She served as the secondary antagonist for the majority of Season 11.


Leah is a stoic, hardened, but deeply traumatized woman. When she first meets Daryl, she is initially cautious and cold to him. Over the next few months she slowly begins to trust Daryl, eventually revealing the trauma and hardship she went through before the apocalypse, and also the loss of her adoptive son after it began. After some time, Leah and Daryl get romantically involved, however she becomes frustrated with Daryl constantly leaving to find his brother. She soon leaves the cabin and Daryl behind. It is later revealed she is a member of the Reapers and sees them as her family. When she sees Daryl again, she is initially unhappy with him, though he tries to tell her he never stopped looking for her. It becomes apparent that she still has some feelings for him and tries to convince to Pope that Daryl would be an asset to the Reapers.

Leah's main defining trait is the bonds she makes with the people around her, whether be with Daryl or her fellow Reapers. She is very distraught by the death of Michael Turner, who she described as the "little brother she never had." She has also stated that she sees Pope as a father figure, and Pope himself has stated he trusts Leah more than the others. Leah doesn't seem to have a problem with her group slaughtering innocent survivors. When Daryl asks why the Reapers are hunting Maggie's group even though they stole their home, she says it's so they don't try to come back for revenge and begins to defend the actions of Pope and her group. However, she still seems to retain some of her humanity, such as being unable to kill a man after being ordered by Pope to do so, allowing him to leave with his son, while also can't bring herself to put down a dying mother, prompting Daryl to do it for her.

Overtime, Leah becomes more and more uneasy with Pope's leadership. When he lashes out at Washington and Ancheta, she defends them. She later states that his behavior has been unusual. She becomes angered at him when he begins to get some of the Reapers killed, such as burning Bossie and using Wells as bait to a horde of walkers. When Daryl reveals that he is part of Maggie's group, she feels hurt and betrayed. However, she goes along with his plan to take out Pope. When Pope orders Ancheta to fire the hwacha down at the courtyard, despite his men being in the line of fire, Leah kills him. However, she ultimately decides to remain with the Reapers to save what's left of her family rather than join Daryl.

After she betrays Daryl, Leah becomes the leader of the Reapers. She shows her ruthlessness, and tries to make sure no one from Maggie's group makes it out alive. However, she still cares about the well-being of her family. She's greatly saddened at Austin's death and is unwilling to leave without Brandon Carver. During the standoff, she threatens to have Jenson snipe Maggie unless Daryl releases Carver. However, when Gabriel kills Jenson and turns the tables, Leah is shown to be a coward, trying to go back to the original deal despite being willing to kill them moments earlier. At first, she and the remaining Reapers are allowed to leave, though without Carver. However, after being reminded about the promise she made to Elijah, Maggie kills Washington, Boone, and Carver. Daryl tracks Leah down but lets her go, leaving her as the sole survivor.

Many months later, Leah is revealed to become a brutal, ruthless, and remorseless survivor with nothing left to lose. She is revealed to be the one to have stolen the Commonwealth's missing weapons. She brutally slits one of the soldier's throats despite her begging for mercy. However, when Lance Hornsby gives her the opportunity to get revenge on Maggie, she accepts. When she finally captures Maggie in her old cabin, she is shown to become more sadistic, cruel, and cunning. Instead of merely killing Maggie, she tells her she wants her to suffer as much as she has. However, this allows Maggie to get free and the two engage in a fight. Though Leah bests her, she ends up being shot by Daryl, the man she used to love, dying in the cabin they used to live in.



Not much is known about Leah's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she grew up in a dysfunctional family. As an adult, she joined a branch of the U.S. military and was fighting in Afghanistan along with the rest of her squad which included a lot of members that would eventually become the Reapers. Upon returning from war, she struggled to find jobs or deal with trauma, but the relationship between her and her comrades remained strong, especially the one between her and Michael Turner. She then decided to become a mercenary. She also adopted a boy named Matthew after his mother died in childbirth.


Rural Virginia

Sometime after the outbreak, she met up with her squad and they survived for a year together until one day their camp was overrun. Leah took Matthew and Dog's mother and fled the camp. She would later find out that he was bitten and put him out of his misery. The same day Matthew died, Dog was born.

Season 10

"Find Me"

Daryl stumbles upon some iron spikes protruding from a tree. Soon enough, Dog runs from out of the trees and beckons Daryl to follow him. The canine brings him to a nearby cabin. He busts inside and kills a walker, but is soon ambushed by a woman, who holds him at gunpoint. The woman asks for his name. Daryl attempts to leave, but the woman prevents him from doing so. Daryl sits tied up inside the cabin, as the woman drags the walker corpse outside. Daryl fiddles with his ropes, but is stopped by the woman.

Daryl asks if she's going to kill him. She asks if she should, and believes Daryl doesn't want to die. Daryl spits back that she doesn't know anything about him, which she acknowledges, so asks for his name again, and why he is trespassing on her land. Daryl introduces himself and says that he was just trying to help, but Leah snarks that he is tied up with a shotgun pointed at his head, and rhetorically asks what kind of help could he possibly offer her. After a tense moment of silence, the woman decides to cut Daryl loose. Before he leaves, Daryl asks if she's going to tell him her name, but she tells him "no".

Six months later, Daryl is sitting at his shelter when he is startled by Dog. He takes Dog back to the cabin, where the woman thanks him for bringing her pet back. Since the woman still refuses to introduce herself, Daryl asks for the dog's name, but the woman simply calls him "Dog". The woman takes note of Daryl's scar, and says that living out in the wild isn't for everyone. Daryl supposes the lifestyle will catch up to all of them, but the woman replies that this will happen only if they let it. With that, Daryl takes his leave, and the woman tells him to be careful.

Eight months after this, Daryl is gathering some wood when he is ambushed by a group of walkers. He takes out a couple, but starts to retreat when he notices there are too many. Suddenly, the woman arrives to assist him and signals Daryl to follow her. They hide together and wait for the walkers to pass by. Once the threat has subsided, Daryl sternly tells the woman to stay away from his camp. Offended, the woman introduces herself as Leah as she leaves.

Three months after their encounter, Daryl arrives to the cabin and tosses a fish to Leah's doorstep. Sometime after Daryl returns to camp, Leah tosses the fish back at him, and says that she can catch her own. Daryl says that he was trying to be nice, but Leah asserts that she doesn't need him to be nice and just wants to be left alone. Daryl bitterly promises he won't bother her again, and Leah replies that she won't visit him either anymore. Noticing that she is still lingering, Daryl says that he understands why she lives out in the woods by herself. Leah guesses that Daryl has been alone for a long time, too, which he affirms. Leah asks if Daryl has frostnip, but he brushes it off. Nonetheless, she invites him to spend the night at her cabin to get warm. Later that night, Daryl is woken to the sound of broken glass. He finds Leah picking up a broken picture frame. Leah explains that today is the birthday of the boy from the picture. She recounts how she didn't have a good family growing up, so she had to find her own. She found that with her squad, with whom she fought side-by-side. When the world ended, they swore they would stay together.

The squad, she says, gave her hope, and she tried to give the same to her son, Matthew. She tearfully admits that Matthew wasn't her biological son, but she adopted him after her close friend died giving birth to him. Tearfully, Leah laments that it doesn't matter, as Matthew is gone. She walks over to a window and looks over Matthew's grave. She continues her story, recounting how she was with Matthew and Dog's mother (who was pregnant) when the dead surrounded them. Leah was separated from her squad, and ran to the cabin with Matthew. It was only then that she noticed that Matthew was bitten. Matthew died the same day Dog was born, which was the last time she saw another living person until Daryl. Leah asks him who he lost, so Daryl tells her it was his brother, who was lost in an accident but his body was never found. Leah asks if Daryl still thinks his brother is still alive, but he doesn't know, though promises to never stop looking until he finds out.

In the following ten months, Daryl and Leah spend a lot of time together, and even become romantically involved. Over time, however, Leah becomes increasingly frustrated with Daryl periodically leaving to look for Rick. One day, when Daryl reveals that he will be gone for a few days, Leah reaches her breaking point and asks Daryl where he belongs, whether it's by the river looking for his dead brother, with the family he left, or with her. Daryl claims he doesn't know, but Leah thinks he does, and tells him to choose. When Daryl comes back to the cabin, however, he finds it trashed and Leah missing, along with Matthew's picture. Dog, however, is still present, and soon joins Daryl. Daryl writes Leah a message saying "I belong with you. FIND ME.", and places it in a wooden box Leah kept under the floorboards, along with a few cans of food. He then leaves with Dog, telling his pet not to worry, as he is certain they will get Leah back.

When Daryl returns to the cabin in the present with Carol and Dog, he finds it still abandoned and no sign that Leah has ever returned.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part II"

Leah is one of the Reapers that ambushes Daryl, Maggie, Alden, Roy, Negan, Duncan, Frost, Cole, Agatha, and Elijah on the road.


Leah takes part in the fight with Maggie's group which ends with everybody scattered or dead.


Leah is seen when Daryl comes across Dog, who is sitting next to a masked Reaper cloaked in black. Daryl orders the Reaper to release his pet, at which point the Reaper takes her mask off and reveals herself to be Leah. She is surprised to see Daryl again, and asks if he is alone. When Daryl confirms he is, Leah says that she saw him on the road with the others. She asks Daryl about them, this time holding him at gunpoint. Daryl claims this was a group he met on the road, but insists he isn't one of them. He attempts to deescalate the situation by leaving, and calls Dog back to him. When Dog doesn't go to him, Leah jokes that she always thought Dog liked Daryl better. Daryl says that, whatever the Reapers' problem is with the group, he's not a part of it. He tries to leave again, but a group of Reapers surround Daryl, and he is taken to Meridian with a bag over his head.

Alone in a call with him, Daryl lets Leah know he did, in fact, come back and looked everywhere for her, adding that he is sorry she ended up with the Reapers. Leah asserts that the Reapers are her family. They, Leah says, never stopped looking for her and, when they found her, she came home. Leah than asks if the people on the road were Daryl's family, but he claims his people were wiped out in a conflict with another group, and insists he is alone. Considering Daryl's claims, she decides to clean him, but then smothers him with a rag until he is unconscious. When he wakes up, Daryl is waterboarded by two Reapers under Leah's supervision. One of the Reapers, Carver, interrogates Daryl about the others, but Daryl sticks to his story and claims he doesn't know. Eventually, Leah decides to stop the interrogation, despite Carver's protests. Leah implores Daryl to talk, as their leader won't be so nice when he interrogates him. Daryl clarifies that he merely traded with the group by transporting their supplies in exchange for food, and claims he knew the group for less than a week. Leah is unconvinced, and Daryl is taken back to his cell.

Sometime later, Leah visits Daryl and chastises him for being stubborn and lying. Daryl swears he has never lied to her, and that he is not about to start. Leah again asks him about the group, but Daryl maintains he doesn't know anything about them, and insists that he'd help her if he could. He asks to be released along with Dog, and promises that she'll never see him again. Leah asks if that's what he wants, but their conversation is interrupted by a pair of Reapers dragging a badly-beaten Frost to his cell. When Leah inquires what the commotion is about, Carver informs her they found Bossie. When Leah asks about Michael Turner, Carver takes her down the hall, where she witnesses Bossie weeping over his failure to save Turner. Nearby, Turner lies dead, with Mancea preforming a sermon for him. Saddened, Leah preforms a small prayer for Turner. Clearly distraught, Pope proclaims that God is angry and so is he, and orders the Reapers to make the group they're hunting "feel their wrath."

Leah goes back to Daryl's cell and tells him that one of her brothers is dead. She professes, was like the little brother she never had, and this was the first time she lost someone close to her in years since she lost Daryl. Daryl interjects that she didn't lose him, as he did come back for her, but she was gone. Leah protests that Daryl is the one who left in the first place, to which he admits that he was scared of letting go. After sitting in silence for a moment, Leah asserts that it doesn't matter, as their relationship wouldn't have worked out anyway in a world like this. Daryl wonders if this is her opinion or her family's. Leah snaps that Daryl has no right to judge them based on the things he has done himself, and claims that this is, and always was, who she really is.

Daryl, however, doesn't believe her. Leah says that she can help Daryl save himself, and maintains she still cares about him despite everything. This is why, she warns, he needs to tell her something, or she won't be able to control what Pope will do, as her commander is angry about Turner and wants someone to pay. Finally, Daryl admits that the group was led by a "woman," with her lieutenants being "a tall, skinny guy who never shuts up" and a "priest who carries a shotgun." He also warns Leah that the group outnumbers the Reapers, with at least three dozen fighters. Grateful for the information, Leah promises to get Daryl out of his cell. Before she leaves, Daryl asks when he gets to meet Pope, to which Leah assures him it will be soon.

Leah goes to see Pope and conveys what Daryl told her. Furthermore, she suggests they recruit Daryl. She is frustrated when Pope ignores her, and demands a response. Pope calmly replies that not everything is about her, and blames her for losing a day of tracking so Leah could interrogate her "old boyfriend." After a moment of silence, Pope asks Leah about Daryl, to which she says that Daryl would be a good fit for their group due to being fearless. Pope, however, is skeptical, and thinks Daryl just wants to be with Leah. He then wonders why Leah didn't kill Daryl when she had the chance. Leah confesses that Daryl meant something to her at one point, but claims she severed all ties when she rejoined the Reapers, and doesn't regret her decision. Pope confides that he trusts Leah more than any of the other Reapers, and asks if she thinks they can trust Daryl. When she says yes, Pope is pleased, intends on finding out for himself.

in the interrogation room, Leah unties Daryl and says that Pope is on his way, and instructs Daryl to follow her lead. Hearing a thump on the other side of the door, Leah goes to open it, but finds it locked. She then notices liquid leaking from underneath the door, and jumps away just as it is set on fire. With the cabin in flames, Leah and Daryl scramble to find a way out. Leah is soon incapacitated by the smoke, leaving Daryl to find something to pry the windows open. Leah finds the waterboarding table, which Daryl then breaks and uses one of the legs to pry the bars off the windows. He helps Leah climb out, before evacuating himself. Outside, they find that Pope and the other Reapers watching them. Daryl is deemed "forged by fire, ordained by God" by Pope, who welcomes him into their ranks.

Leah is seen at a bonfire, where the Reapers are eating dinner. Pope then praises Bossie for carrying his fallen comrade for ten miles on his back, to which Bossie exclaims that he just did what any of them would have done. After inquiring about Bossie's wounds, Pope notes that the wounds are on his back. Despite Leah trying to calm him, Pope once again asks where Bossie was when Turner was being attacked and accuses him of abandoning Turner despite his story stating that he refused to leave his brother behind. Pope then adds that God doesn't just use fire as his baptism, but also his wrath. As a result, Pope chooses to execute him in front of the other Reapers, much to the horror of Leah and the other Reapers.

"On the Inside"

Leah is sent by Pope to scout the location, Arbor Hills, after gaining that information from Frost, with a crew of Reapers to capture Maggie's group. Leah, Daryl, Carver and a crew of Reapers approach the supply depot. The Reapers burst into the supply depot and search the house. No one is there. Leah orders them to search the entire town.

The Reapers search another house. Leah finds some wet, bloody bandages, indicating someone was recently there. Daryl notices a trap door under a rug and quietly slides the rug over the door. He offers to track Maggie's group outside. Carver suspects something and quarrels with Daryl. Leah tells them to stop arguing and sends Carver upstairs to sweep the rooms one more time, but warns Daryl not to anger Carver.

Daryl criticizes the Reapers' plan of attack and slyly incorporates intel about the Reapers as he talks, knowing that Maggie's group is listening. Carver accuses Daryl of being disloyal. Daryl admits that the only reason he joined the Reapers is because he cares about Leah, but says he will follow Pope out of fear. Carver notices the trap door and opens it. The basement is empty.

The Reapers return to Meridian. Carver tells Pope that Maggie's group got away. Pope reveals that he continued to interrogate Frost after they left and got all the information he needed. They see Frost tied to a post: he is now a walker. Pope brings Carver inside Meridian and laughs with him about something. Leah looks at Daryl, leaving both wondering what it means.

"Promises Broken"

Leah witness Pope screaming at Washington and Ancheta for failing to find Maggie and her people. Leah admonishes Pope for yelling at his soldiers and takes the blame for them. Pope tells Leah to do another sweep with Daryl. Leah and Daryl search the outskirts of Meridian. Daryl commends Leah for standing up for her crew. Leah defends Pope's behavior and says he is like a father to her.

Daryl begins asking Leah about the Reapers' history and why they're after Maggie's group; Leah says they took Meridian, justifying it since they needed a place to stay, and that they are only hunting Maggie so she doesn't try to take revenge. Leah confides in Daryl that she sees Pope as a father figure and that his recent behavior is unusual, but Daryl is privately unconvinced.

The two come across a lone survivor, who promises that he's alone and is looking for supplies for his sick wife. Leah asks Pope what to do with him over the radio, and Pope orders them to kill him and his family. The survivor leads Leah and Daryl to his hideout, where his sick wife and son are. Leah tells the man to leave with his son and never return, and he obliges as Daryl kills his wife out of mercy. Leah tells Daryl she will tell Pope he killed the family to improve his standing. Daryl tries to tell Leah something, but they are ordered to immediately return to Meridian.

"For Blood"

Leah, Daryl and Pope watch the horde from the top of Meridian's perimeter wall. Leah observes the horde is moving in a peculiar pattern. Daryl offers to lead the horde away from Meridian. Pope adopts Daryl's strategy, but sends Wells instead. When the Reapers stop hearing back from Wells over the radio, Leah insists on helping Wells, but Pope says he's already dead. Leah realizes Pope dispatched Wells as bait to confirm his hunch that Maggie is controlling the horde. Leah reminds Pope that Wells was part of their family, but Pope says it was Wells' fate to die.

The horde continues to trip the mines outside Meridian. Leah laments all the people they've lost, but Pope reasons that every war has its sacrifices. Daryl joins Leah and Ancheta on a rooftop overlooking the community. Daryl quietly asks Leah if she still believes in Pope. Leah admits that it's hard to watch Pope hurt the people that she cares about. He invites her to abandon the Reapers and run away together. When she refuses, Daryl confesses to Leah that he is with Maggie's group, and that they were hiding among the dead to lead the horde to Meridian. He begs Leah not to kill them and asks for her help to stop Pope. Despite feeling hurt and betrayed, Leah keeps his secret from Pope when he arrives on the rooftop.

Pope orders Ancheta to launch the hwacha. Leah says the hwacha will end up killing their own people, but Pope reasons that it's their time to die. Ancheta lights the fuse. Daryl unsheathes his knives to attack Pope. Leah stabs Pope in the neck. Daryl hurls a knife into Ancheta and puts out the fuse. Pope crawls on the ground. Leah stabs him once more, killing him. Daryl reaches out his hand to escape with Leah, but she instead radios everyone that Daryl killed Pope and is with the enemy. When he questions her why she did that, she tells Daryl that she would do anything to protect her family, like he did. Daryl escapes moments before Carver and Boone arrive. Leah instructs them to close the gate and kill everything inside the walls.

Leah radios the Reapers with orders to pull back. After the courtyard is cleared of Reapers, she launches rockets at Maggie's group below.

"No Other Way"

Leah fires the hwacha at walkers as they flood into the compound, but Maggie's group manage to escape alive. She radios Carver and orders him to kill everyone he finds. Leah walks through the Meridian school with Washington, and the pair come across Austin's body, having been killed by Daryl. She mourns him and declares she won't lose anyone else.

Daryl contacts Leah and arranges the trade. Maggie's group meets with Leah and the remaining Reapers. Daryl offers to release Carver if the Reapers leave Meridian, but vows to kill them if they return. Leah rejects his offer and reveals that Jenson will gun them down if they don’t release Carver. Daryl reluctantly lets Carver go. Gabriel shoots Carver in the leg and informs Leah via walkie that he killed Jenson, forcing Leah to accept Daryl's deal.

However, Maggie refuses to release Brandon and Leah says goodbye to him, promising to see him later. As Leah starts to leave with Boone and Washington, a vengeful Maggie kills the both of them in cold blood as Leah manages to flee, only being grazed in the shoulder by a bullet. Daryl tracks down Leah and states that things could've been different and tells her to go before he changes his mind about letting her live.

"The Rotten Core"

In a flashback set two weeks before the events at Riverbend, Leah ambushes the Commonwealth's weapons' convoy, killing three soldiers and slitting the throat of the fourth as she begs for her life.


At night, Leah sits in her camp, cleaning one of her stolen AR-15s. Leaning it up against another stolen weapon, Leah enters her tent before several Commonwealth soldiers enter the camp moments later and find the tent empty. Leah shoots and wounds two of the soldiers before Lance Hornsby steps forward, asking Leah to hold her fire and stating that they are there to talk. Lance notes that they have come a long way to find her and that Leah is not easy to track down. Lance asks that, since Leah has caused him "more than a handful of trouble", the least she can do is hear what he has to say before she kills them. Leah steps out into the open, pointing a gun at Lance and she orders him to talk fast. Lance introduces himself and he tells a visibly intrigued Leah that he's there to offer her a job.

"Acts of God"

Leah prepares her gear to go after Maggie, ignoring Lance's attempts at conversation. Lance tells Leah that she gets the scalp of the woman who killed Leah's family and he finally gets to do his job without interference. Leah chuckles as a swarm of locusts fly overhead and Lance tells her that he'll need to see Maggie when she's dead, handing Leah a radio. Finally acknowledging Lance, Leah promises that he will and departs with the Commonwealth soldiers that Lance has assigned to assist her.

At night, Leah's team sneaks into the Hilltop through the attic window using a grappling hook. However, three of Leah's men trigger an explosive booby trap left behind by Maggie, Lydia, Elijah and Marco, killing them. As Maggie's group prepares to go in and recover the soldiers' weapons, Leah emerges from the burning Barrington House and shoots Marco in the back of the head, killing him. Recognizing Leah from the fight in Meridian, Maggie quickly leads Lydia and Elijah in running away as Leah advances towards them.

As Leah chases them, a furious Lance contacts her over the radio, demanding to know what the hell that was. An unrepentant Leah simply tells him that she drew them out and that she's doing this her way. Lance angrily states that Leah's way got his men killed, but Leah calls it collateral damage and discards her radio. Leah hunts Maggie through the nearby woods, leading to a game of cat-and-mouse between the two women. Maggie manages to shoot Leah in the leg and follows the blood trail, trying to sneak up on Leah as she treats her wound behind a tree. However, Leah manages to sneak around the tree and ambush Maggie, knocking Maggie out with the butt of her rifle.

The next morning, Maggie wakes up, tied to a chair in Leah's old cabin. Leah aims a gun at Maggie, telling Maggie that she's waited for this moment for a long time. Maggie knows that Leah wants revenge, having wanted it herself for a long time. However, Maggie knows that Leah can't just kill her as that would be too easy and Leah would've done it already if that was what she wanted. Leah lowers her gun as Maggie goes on to say that Leah wants her to suffer and to feel everything that she felt, all of the pain. Despite this, Maggie knows that while Leah thinks that somewhere inside of her Leah thinks that it will take away her pain, it won't. Leah states that "you're wrong. It's not just you. By the time I'm done... everyone you love will be dead." Maggie guesses that that will make them even: Maggie took Leah's family and Leah will take Maggie's in return. Leah claims that nature has a way of taking care of these things, but Maggie tells her that it's not nature or fate, it's them and Maggie killed the Reapers because that's what she wanted. Maggie tells Leah that if this is what she wants to do it.

As Leah points her gun at Maggie's head, Maggie finally manages to free her hands and knocks Leah's gun away from her. The two women engage in a brutal fight with Maggie grabbing one of Leah's knives to attack her with. Leah ultimately overpowers Maggie and, straddling her, tries to stab Maggie in the chest as Maggie desperately tries to stop her. Suddenly, Daryl, having tracked Leah and Maggie back to the cabin, shoots Leah in the head, killing her and saving Maggie's life. As Maggie pushes Leah's body off of her, Daryl stares sadly for a moment at his former lover before noticing Lance and more Commonwealth soldiers outside. After Daryl attempts to kill Lance and fails, he and Maggie flee from Leah's cabin through a back window.

When Lance enters the cabin, he is shocked and angry to find Leah's corpse lying on the floor and Daryl and Maggie gone.


Killed By

After Leah knocks out Maggie and takes her to her old cabin, a fight breaks out between the two women with Leah eventually winning the upper hand. Daryl tracks them down and shoots Leah in the head before she can kill Maggie.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Leah has killed:


Daryl Dixon

When they first meet, Leah is initially cautious and untrusting of Daryl. However, over the span of a few months the two become progressively closer and eventually enter a romantic relationship. The two become open to each other about their pasts. However she becomes frustrated with Daryl constantly leaving to find his brother. She soon leaves the cabin and Daryl behind. After they reunite, Daryl finds out Leah is a member of the Reapers. She is initially unhappy with him, though he tries to tell her he never stopped looking for her. It becomes apparent that she still has some feelings for him and tries to convince to Pope that Daryl would be an asset to the Reapers. When the two are locked in a cabin that is lit on fire, Daryl saves Leah first before himself. When Daryl is confronted by Carver about his loyalty to the Reapers, Daryl outright states that he doesn't care about anyone except for Leah. Later when Daryl reveals he is with Maggie's group, Leah feels betrayed to the point of tearing up. Though she goes along with his plan to kill Pope, she betrays Daryl and frames him for killing Pope. From this point, the two have a negative relationship. Daryl still shows some care for Leah and tries to negotiate with her and the Reapers peacefully. In contrast, Leah is shown to have no qualms killing Daryl and his group. When Maggie shoots at Leah and the Reapers, Daryl is shown to be angered. Daryl tracks down a wounded Leah but chooses to spare her life, leaving her as the sole survivor. Months later, Daryl appears to have moved on from Leah. When he finds Leah about to kill Maggie, he shoots her and gives little reaction.


Initially, Pope and Leah have a stable relationship. Though Leah is shown to be frustrated with him at some moments, the two appear to trust each other. Leah states Pope is a father figure to her and Pope says that he trusts Leah more than the other Reapers. However as time goes on Leah becomes more uneasy with Pope. When he lashes at Washington and Ancheta, she defends the two. She later calls his recent behavior strange. After Leah realizes Pope used Wells as bait, she becomes angered with him. After finding out Daryl is with Maggie's group, she feels betrayed. The final straw would be when Pope orders the Hwacha to be fired at the courtyard despite some Reapers being in the line of fire. Leah goes along with Daryl's plan to kill Pope, seeing that his leadership would eventually get all the Reapers killed.

Brandon Carver

Brandon and Leah generally have a good relationship. Like the rest of the Reapers, the two knew each other before the outbreak and care about each like siblings. There are moments where Leah is annoyed with his hotheadedness. When she asks if Carver has her back, he answers always. However she answers that he didn't when Pope locked her in the cabin and lit it on fire. Despite this, the two generally seem to get along. After Leah takes over the Reapers, Carver becomes her right-hand man. When Carver is taken hostage, she fears for his safety. She orders Jenson to shoot Maggie if Carver is not let go. She objects when she is forced to leave Carver behind but reluctantly does so and tells him that she'll see him again, showing she isn't willing to abandon him.

Maggie Rhee

Maggie and Leah have a hostile relationship. Leah's group took over Meridian, Maggie's home, and killed many of her allies. Pope had ordered the Reapers to track down Maggie's remaining group and kill them. After taking over the Reapers, Leah tries to make sure that none of Maggie's group makes it out alive. When the two finally meet face to face, Leah has a sniper aim at Maggie if they do not let Carver go. After the tables are turned, Maggie initially allows Leah and the Reapers to walk away. However, Maggie changes her mind and kills the remaining Reapers. She shoots at Leah but only manages to graze her shoulder. Months later, Lance offers Leah a job to assassinate Maggie which she accepts, wanting revenge. Leah manages to capture Maggie and brings her to her old cabin. Wanting to cause Maggie as much pain and suffering as possible, she tells her that she will kill everyone she loves. Maggie manages to escape and the two get into a fight with Leah besting Maggie but being saved by Daryl.

Lance Hornsby

After Lance figures out Leah is the one responsible for the missing weapons, he and his soldiers locate her. Leah holds Lance at gunpoint but Lance offers Leah a job to kill Maggie which she accepts. Lance sees it as a win for both of them. However, Lance becomes angered at Leah when a bunch of Lance's men get killed but Leah calls it collateral damage and discards her radio. When Lance finds Leah dead, he is shown to be shocked and angered.


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  • Leah is the fourth and final major recurring secondary antagonist in the TV Series, with the first being Merle Dixon, the second being Simon, and the third being Beta.
    • Leah is the second major recurring secondary antagonist who is part of the main cast but is listed under "Also Starring", with the first being Simon.
    • Leah is currently the only major recurring secondary antagonist who killed a primary antagonist; Pope.
  • Leah is the second main character in the series to be introduced in a flashback. The first being Tara Chambler.
  • Leah is the seventh main character to later become an antagonist. The first being Shane Walsh, the second being Dwight, the third being Spencer Monroe, the fourth being Eugene Porter, the fifth being Anne, the sixth being Gregory, and the eighth being Lance Hornsby.
  • Leah's death is somewhat similar to Dwight's death in the Comic Series. Both of them are shot in the head by someone that they (at some point) trusted above others (Daryl for Leah, Rick for Dwight) and were shot in a way where they never saw their killers (Leah through the back of the head, Dwight through the side).
    • Conversely, both characters were in opposite circumstances in terms of their alignment. Leah was killed while aligned with the Commonwealth, while Dwight died while being against the Commonwealth.
  • Leah is the ninth series regular to die while being credited under "Also Starring", the first being Gareth, the second being Bob Stookey, the third being Deanna Monroe, the fourth being Jessie Anderson, the fifth being Spencer Monroe, the sixth being Simon, the seventh being Gregory, and the eighth being Siddiq.
  • Leah is the fourteenth main character to be killed by another main character, the first being Dale Horvath, the second being Shane Walsh, the third being Merle Dixon, the fourth being Hershel Greene, the fifth being Gareth, the sixth being Abraham Ford, the seventh being Glenn Rhee, the eighth being Spencer Monroe, the ninth being Simon, the tenth being Gregory, the eleventh being Enid, the twelfth being Tara Chambler, and the thirteenth being Alpha.

International Dubbers

Language Dubber Other Characters Voiced
Czech Jitka Moučková Clara
French Anne-Sophie Nallino (10)
Hélène Bizot (11)
Anne-Sophie Nallino:
Frankie (8-9)
German N/A N/A
Hungarian N/A N/A
Italian N/A N/A
Japanese N/A N/A
Portuguese N/A N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Florencia Nieto Frankie
Spanish (Spain) N/A N/A