Lemon Hill is a town featured in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Town History

Lemon Hill hosts the Summer Festival every year with a spectacular fireworks show. The town also had a Lucky Les' gas station and a church.


Summer Festival

The Summer Festival ended up drawing walkers to the town and caused it to be overrun. Daryl and Merle arrive in town to get to the bar in Barksdale for help, but are cut off by a herd of walkers. Daryl is called to the Lucky Les' gas station by Merle to discuss their plans. When he arrives Merle tells him that he plans to use fireworks to blow up the church when the walkers have been lured inside by the bell and that Daryl will be doing it for him.

Daryl then sets off to gather five boxes of fireworks from various places. He finds all the necessary fireworks and makes in to the church, where he rings the bell to draw them in and sets of the fireworks. Daryl then makes his escape by climbing out of a window and running through the remnants of the herd back to his car.

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