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No, they won't. Be damn sure they never will. (...) No, I'm past talking about it. The plan's already in motion, one that involves help from the outside and uses the CRM's own security protocols against them. We're working to stop the monsters and to save people from turning into monsters. We need to save ourselves first.
―Leo to his fellow researchers about the plan against the CRM.[src]

Dr. Leopold Bennett, better known as Leo, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the husband of Kari and adoptive father of Iris and Hope. He is also a former resident of the Campus Colony of Omaha, one of three cities part of the Alliance of the Three. After being transferred to a research facility in New York to continue his progress in finding a cure to the Wildfire Virus, Leo quickly formed a romantic relationship with fellow colleague, Dr. Lyla Belshaw.


Leo is a solid family man and respected professor with a generous heart and unwavering optimism for the future. He'd risk his life to save the people he cares about.

Leo is said to be the "smartest man alive" as his quest for finding a cure to the virus has greatly progressed within the past decade. While continuing his studies at the Campus Colony, he was requested by the Civic Republic of Philadelphia to be taken to a research facility in New York to share his findings for the greater good of humanity.


Cambridge, Massachusetts[]

Leopold Bennett was born in the early 1970s and had in interest in science and education growing up. In his early adulthood, he earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and eventually became a professor at Nebraska State University. Leo then fell in love and married a woman named Kari. In the early 2000s, both of them wanted to start a family but were unable to do so naturally. After arriving to an orphanage to adopt a child, they found two infant girls, Iris and Hope, who despite not being related shared the same crib and were inseparable. Leo and Kari then decided to adopt them both.

In the fall of 2010, Leo had a student in his class named Felix Carlucci. Felix had been living at home with his unemployed father and mother, taking a sales job to help pay for school and the bills at home. After his father kicked him out after discovering he was gay on his son's computer, Felix was homeless. Leo then took Felix into his home where Kari, Iris, and Hope treated him as a member of the family and accepting him as who he was.


Season 1[]


A picture of Leo appears in his office when Hope and Iris visit it. Hope and Iris receive secret messages from their father from where he's working at the Civic Republic Research Facility stating that there's and his safety is not assured and that its gone bad. After being given a coded map to the research facility's location in New York by Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek, Hope, Iris, Elton and Silas set out to find and help him.

In flashback to the Night the Sky Fell, Leo and Kari run through the chaos with their daughters, trying desperately to get to safety. However, after a plane full of walkers crashes, Iris freezes and she and Leo get separated from Kari and Hope.

"The Tyger and the Lamb"[]

While cleaning up Leo's lab, Silas finds a picture of Leo with his daughters.

"The Wrong End of a Telescope"[]

In a flashback, Hope angrily confronts Leo for not showing up in Principal Kallenbach's office despite Hope waiting for him all day. Hope is angry when Leo's response makes it clear that he forgot and Leo explains that he was going to go between classes, but then he came up with the exact right phrase for the start of the Advanced Immunology textbook preface, the one that was giving him all of the trouble. As a result, he forgot about the meeting. After that, Leo had another class and then he thought that if she sat there all day, Hope might think twice before setting off stink bombs to try to get a day off of school. He had then gotten distracted by wondering if it was just a product of the background processes of his brain which had made Leo forget again until right now.

Leo asks Hope what's going on with her since this is getting to be a regular thing with her, but Hope reveals that they weren't just stink bombs but time-release stink bombs that had taken two weeks to perfect. Leo returns to his work without a word and Hope accuses him of kicking himself some days for "picking a dud like me" and that he had at least done well with picking Iris. Getting up, Leo tells her daughter that the adoption agency had told Leo and her mother that Hope and Iris had shared a crib and that they were inseparable, bonded before the Bennett’s had ever met them. From the moment that Leo and Kari had laid eyes on them both, they had wanted to protect Hope and Iris and they knew that if they couldn't, that Hope and Iris would protect each other instead. Hope has done well with Iris and vice versa and Leo promises Hope that he has never wished for another Iris and he loves Hope unconditionally, but he hates that Hope doesn't see herself the way that her father does because she is exceptional.Hope leaves with the excuse of helping Iris before her sister burns dinner, but Leo stops her, asking about the composition of her stink bombs. Hope corrects Leo's assumption and while he admits that it wasn't what he would've done, it's not bad. Smiling, Hope leaves without another word.

In another flashback, Leo apologizes to Hope as he gathers things from his office, but tells her that he has to go. Hope argues against her father putting himself in danger who knows where for people that he doesn't even know, but Leo states that the CRM are good people, or they seem to be at least. The Civic Republic shares the same goals as the Campus Colony and they need to trust them. Hope points out that good people would tell you where they are taking you and she accuses her father of not seeing things clearly. However, Leo trusts his brain and his brain is telling Leo that the clear thing is to trust the CRM. Leo feels that any chance he gets to teach emerging minds to train more people in the things that they all need to know is the only way forward. Hope insists that the world that her father is trying to save is over, but Leo tells her that it's not the end because if it was the end, it would be easy, but it's not. Leo is sure that humanity still has a shot and he intends to take it.

Tearfully, Hope promises to be better and to stop being a screw up, but Leo reassures his daughter that he isn't going on this trip because of her and that Hope isn't a screw up. However, Hope isn't convinced that she's not a screw up, but Leo tells Hope that she's just frustrated and it's not her fault. Leo has intended to talk to Hope about a lot of things for a long time and he promises that they will talk about them when he gets back. While it's big stuff that he needs to say, Leo promises that it's not bad stuff. Leo brings up how the CRM has said that they can't communicate because the CRM doesn't allow any messages to go in or out before revealing that he's figured out a way around it using a tweak on some old technology. Leo will be sharing it with the Omaha Council when he gets back, but not until then. Leo will show this device to Hope, Iris and Felix, stating that Felix is family too. Hope is impressed that her father has made a communications device and he jokes that he can be bad too. Leo promises Hope that it's gonna be fine and that he loves her more than she'll ever know and the two hug.

He later appears in a picture on Dr. Lyla Belshaw's desk alongside Lyla, Samuel Abbot and another scientist.

"Shadow Puppets"[]

Leo will appear in this episode.

"The Deepest Cut"[]

In a flashback, Felix and Will eat dinner with Hope, Iris and Leo. Felix brings up how the CRM is adding a second person to join Romano on Leo's security detail which Leo confirms. While Felix had thought that it might be Dwyer, he had asked and she said that it wasn't her. Felix is surprised that Leo isn't just asking who he wants before Will admits that the second person is him. Felix is shocked and Leo quickly asks Hope and Iris to get dessert ready so that the three adults can talk alone. Felix asks why Leo would do this, but Will explains that it's not Leo's fault as Will had asked to be the one to go. Leo explains that Will had told him that this is what Felix really wanted but was too afraid to ask. Leo promises Felix that he's only ever wanted what's best for him and leaves to go check on Hope and Iris in order to give Felix and Will time alone together.

In another flashback, Iris asks Felix if the transport to Omaha is ready to go and he confirms it, stating that a CRM helicopter will pick them up there. Felix asks where Hope is, but Iris tells her that she's not coming. Leo enters and explains that Hope is still angry that he's leaving. Iris leaves to get the rest of Leo's bags, leaving Felix, Will and Leo alone. Felix apologizes to Leo about Hope and Leo tells him that he keeps reminding himself that anger is just the soul's attempt to avoid sadness and that some people can't bear to say goodbye. Leo warns Felix that you can't outrun pain which will just sit patiently waiting for you to get too tired to run. Leo then leaves Felix and Will alone to say goodbye.

"In This Life"[]

In a flashback, Leo and Kari are introduced to their daughter Iris for the first time by an adoption agent. Leo notices Iris sharing a crib with another baby and the agent explains that the baby is Hope and that she and Iris have been looking out for each other from the moment that they met. Leo and Kari share a smile as they decide to adopt both girls.

In another flashback, a distracted Leo sits at dinner with Lyla Belshaw. Leo apologizes for being so scatterbrained and admits that he just thinking about the girls. Lyla reassures Leo that he doesn't have to apologize for missing his daughters and Leo states that he gets lost thinking about what they're doing. Lyla recognizes just how much Leo loves his daughter and tells him that that is just one of the things that she loves about him. Lyla suggests that Leo pretend that he's with Hope and Iris now and asks what he would be doing with them on a Tuesday night at 8:30. After thinking about it for a moment, Leo is sure that Iris is helping someone or working on her assignment from school while he's sure that Hope is with friends getting into some kind of trouble.

Later, Lyla gets up to get more food and Leo asks her if she had ever heard from Dr. Samuel Abbott since he went back to Portland. After a moment's hesitation, Lyla claims not to have heard a word from him, stating that they were sad to lose him. Leo comments on how sudden Samuel's departure was since before Samuel left, he wouldn't stop talking about how much he loved it at the research facility and the opportunity to mold the best young scientific minds. Lyla claims that Samuel had gotten word that his sister wasn't well and quickly changes the subject by giving Leo his next helping of lentils. Lyla realizes from Leo's reaction that her cooking really is terrible, but he promises that she's still incredible. The two kiss, promise each other no more lies and laugh.

After dinner, Leo and Lyla share a glass of wine and Leo suggests that Hope might want to be a vintner, having found a few books on winemaking in her room before he left which Leo realizes could just be Hope wanting to drink booze. Leo begins to explain how he knew how brilliant Hope really is.

In another flashback, Leo walks into the study to find processor chips and circuitry everywhere with a 6-year-old Hope working on dismantling a computer. While Leo thinks at first that Hope is just being disruptive to try to get his attention, he was wrong. Hope was just doing what Hope does and being curious. When Leo walks in the next day, he discovers that Hope had put the whole computer back together by herself. Leo later tells Kari that this isn't something that normal kids do and Hope is extraordinary while Leo and Kari watch their daughters playing together.

In the present, at dinner, Lyla is distracted and Leo asks what's on her mind. However, Lyla hesitates and tells Leo that it's nothing. Leo opens up to Lyla, telling her that this place is important to them both and the Civic Republic's civilian government is doing great things, but Leo has his suspicions about the military. Will's scouting expedition with the CRM was due back a few days ago and although Lyla tries to dismiss it, Leo questions how Lyla can be sure that Samuel went to visit a sister and he thinks it's possible that they are being lied to. Leo has an idea of how they can know for certain, but he needs Lyla's help.

Season 2[]


In Leo's apartment, Elizabeth delivers to him the tragic news that the Campus Colony has been destroyed as well as some good news about his family. That night, two CRM soldiers lead Hope to Leo's apartment where she is tearfully reunited with her father at last.


Lying in bed with Lyla, Leo wonders if he should even ask Hope questions or just let her tell him when she's ready. Leo is worried about what Hope saw out there and had to do before learning about the deaths of everyone in the Campus Colony. Lyla reassures Leo that Hope will be there which is what's important and that, by this time tomorrow, the CRM will have Iris and Felix at the research facility too, safe, just like Hope. Leo promises Lyla that he does want his daughters to know about them, but when the time is something close to right which Lyla says will be soon. Lyla becomes upset, telling Leo that she can't stop thinking about how the CRM wouldn't have gone after Hope if Lyla hadn't mentioned her to Sergeant Mills. Lyla claims that she should've known as "no useful data here goes to waste." Leo suggests that, from a more scientific standpoint, Lyla's indiscretions saved his daughters' lives. If Hope and Iris hadn't left home when they did, they would've died when the Campus Colony was destroyed. Leo and Lyla kiss before she leaves.

Leo makes Hope a birthday breakfast, but annoys her when he keeps adding food to her plate. Leo worries that Hope had been going hungry, but Hope reassures her father that she didn't because Felix had taken really good care of them and they were luckier than most. Leo wonders if they were ever in any kind of danger and Hope remembers fighting empties in the Blaze of Gory, being held hostage by Walter and being attacked by an empty in the school in Albany. Hope asks not to talk about it, but, getting emotional, she admits that the hardest part of being out there was worrying about Leo and not knowing. However, seeing that Leo is alright makes it all worth it. Leo wishes he knew for sure that Iris and Felix are alright too, but Hope reassures her father that they are. The Endlings had toughened up a lot out there and Iris has gotten particularly good at killing empties. Leo tells Hope that the CRM approaches everything with an ice-cold pragmatism that he was never on board with and while Leo had always made sure to never push Hope so that she could choose her own path, there was always a part of him that had hoped that Hope would choose to follow Leo's. "And now here you are, with me, in the exact same place, without any choices at all," Leo laments. Hope wonders if they just have to go along with it, but Leo isn't sure.

As Elizabeth Kublek looks through some paperwork, she receives word that Leo is asking to see her and has Frank Newton send him in. Elizabeth asks after Hope and Leo tells her that Hope found out that everyone back home was killed after she was tricked into coming to the research facility so there won't be any settling in until Iris and Felix are brought to safety. Elizabeth reassures Leo that finding them is the CRM's top priority, but Leo wants to join the team that's going to get them, pointing out that they should be met by a familiar face rather than by a bunch of helmets. However, Elizabeth tells Leo that that's not going to be possible as she had already dispatched the extraction team as soon as she had heard. Although Elizabeth promises to update him personally, a dubious Leo points out the lack of information she has given him on his security detail. Elizabeth lies that air reconnaissance had shown a large herd passing through the area which had delayed their return, but she is sure that, like the others, she's sure that they will get to the research facility safe and sound soon.

However, Leo is not satisfied and confronts Elizabeth about manipulating his daughters into traveling over a thousand miles completely unprotected, but Elizabeth states that Staff Sergeant Mallick is more than capable of dealing with any threat. This only makes Leo angrier as he now knows that Huck was the CRM's mole and he accuses Elizabeth of the CRM caring so little about Hope and Iris' safety that she sent only one soldier to protect them. Elizabeth reveals that that one soldier means more to her than one million soldiers as Jennifer Mallick is her daughter. Leo demands that Iris and Felix be brought to him by tonight or he will stop working for her. Elizabeth tells Leo that he doesn't work for her and that his efforts are for the Civic Republic as are her own. The CRM protects the Civic Republic and secures resources with Hope being one such resource. When they had opted to deliver Hope to Leo, it was on the condition that she change. They knew that both Hope and Leo would eventually discover that. Hope was raised behind walls and Elizabeth needed her to experience and see the world as it really is in order for her to understand the stakes and see her role and they were willing to do that even if it meant Leo forgetting his. The CRM wouldn't enter into a plan like this without running a full psychological profile on both Leo and Hope. They knew however angry and betrayed they would be, Leo and Hope would still continue working towards what was most important -- building an apparatus of knowledge and research to save humanity. Leo reiterates that nothing is more important to him than his family and Elizabeth reveals that the CRM had intercepted the transmissions that Leo had sent to his daughters. Leo had left his daughters despite them being more important to them than anything and he broke the CRM's laws and put his family at risk. The CRM chose to look away and Leo called it an error in judgment and Elizabeth warns him not to make any more such errors in judgment. Leo leaves, less than happy with the outcome of the meeting.

Later, as a way of still having Leo fill Hope in on his research, Lyla shows her a video recorded by Leo of his work on alongside several other scientists, including Samuel Abbott and Lyla, on a viral recorder attached to an empty's brainstem that can transmit and record the dead's biological responses to environmental stimuli and provides them tracking data to approximate and predict behavior. Lyla tells Hope that she and the other scientists had tried for years to create a viral recorder, but Leo had cracked it in just two months, "his mind is truly something else." Amazed, Hope watches her father's video on his research with interest. Leo talks about his work on infecting the undead with strains of fungi that grow on necrotic flesh in the hopes of modifying an existing fungus to one day accelerate the dead's rate of decay, virtually neutralizing them as an active mobile threat.

That night, Hope looks at a copy of Leo's manuscript and starts crying after reading the dedication to her and Iris. Leo enters and apologizes for the mess, but Hope tells him that it feels like home with his stuff everywhere. Leo explains that he has been trying to get an update on Iris and Felix and has been trying to clear his head. Leo asks what Hope thinks of Lyla's tour and she admits that she'd thought that there would be a lot more guard towers and attack dogs. The two share a laugh before Hope teases her father about his girlfriend, having deduced the true nature of Leo and Lyla's relationship. Hope gives Leo her approval on his relationship with Lyla and promises that if his work is important to him, it's important to her too. However, Leo is more concerned about Iris and Felix. The CRM found the Red Maple empty and no sign of Iris and Felix in the area. As Hope and Huck had taken the truck and Felix could barely walk, Leo is afraid of the implications, but Hope tells him that if Felix felt like they should move, they would have. Leo recognizes that Hope is leaving something out and asks Hope to be honest with him about it.

"Exit Wounds"[]

Huck is approached by Leo who she is pleased to see again. Leo tells Huck that he needs to talk to her about Iris and Felix who aren't where Huck said they'd be. Huck tries to reassure Leo that Elizabeth has teams out there searching, but Leo is aware that Elizabeth is Huck's mother. Leo tells Huck that he heard that Elizabeth isn't even searching and is instead off in the Civic Republic on official business. Leo angrily accuses both Huck and her mother of lying and of manipulating Hope into lying too. Leo wonders if brainwashing is part of how Huck got Hope to the research facility, but Huck insists that Hope is alive because of what she did and there and Iris and Felix will be too. Leo furiously states that his daughters and Felix had trusted her and were innocents and what Huck took from them they will never be able to get back. Leo doesn't care about how Huck justifies her lies, who her mother is or what name Huck gives herself, she needs to find his daughter. Leo leaves and, upset, Huck walks off herself.

Later, Leo admits that he had never considered yeast before and is dubious about how Hope had just come up with it out of the blue. Hope unconvincingly claims that she has never thought about brewing yeast before in her life. Leo tells Hope that he knows what she's doing, but Hope insists that she's not going to try to brew alcohol at the research facility and suggests that the kids would probably just use it to sanitize stuff. However, Leo knows that Hope is just trying to keep him distracted from everything. Hope reminds Leo that he'd said that there was nothing that they can do so all they can do is just wait and trust that Iris and Felix are okay. For all they know, Iris and Felix could be way closer than they think. Leo is aware that Hope knows something that she isn't sharing with him. Leo brings up the fact that he talked to Huck, worrying Hope and Leo demands to know if Huck is threatening Hope and if she's done something to Iris and Felix. Snapping, Hope asks her father to just trust her and Leo promises her that he does. Hope admits that it was really hard in the outside world and it is really hard in the research facility and she wanted this to be a distraction for her too. Leo knows that none of them asked for this and he wishes that he could give her a bigger distraction.


In a nightmare, Leo wakes Hope up to tell her that a team is heading out to look for Iris and Felix and they're finally letting him join them. Hope protests, but Leo tells her that raising a little hell and not taking no for an answer has finally paid off just like it did with Will. Behind Leo, two CRM soldiers raise their guns and shoot him in the head.

Hope awakens from her nightmare and makes her way to Leo's lab where Leo, Lyla, Terry Ellis and another scientist are working. Ellis warmly greets Hope, stating she's just the young mind that they were looking for. Seeing that her father is busy, Hope goes to leave, but Leo stops her, telling Hope that he's still trying to find answers about Iris and Felix, but Ellis had called earlier that morning. Hope is initially worried that she's in trouble as Leo invites her in, but Ellis explains that he had decided to do a little extracurricular work and apply Hope's yeast theory to Leo's fungal decay research. Lyla introduces Hope to Dr. Amanda Siegel, one of the most well-respected mycologists. Once Leo and Ellis had looped Lyla in, she asked Siegel to tag along in case something were to come of it. Ellis reveals that they have identified three strains of yeast that they believe with some augmentation, could gravely accelerate necrotic decomposition. Siegel tells Hope that, while there's still a lot of work to be done, it's sparks like this that will light a path to a new world where the dead have been neutralized as a threat. Lyla adds that Hope should be proud and Leo states that it's early, but this discovery could be big. Hope is initially excited but, remembering her nightmare, asks to talk to Leo alone and the three scientists leave.

Leo starts to tell Hope that knows that this potential breakthrough is bad timing, but Hope interrupts him to reveal that she had seen Iris the other night. Leo is shocked by this, and Hope tells him that Huck took her to see Iris and that Felix and Will are there too and it's not that far. As Leo reels from the news, Hope admits that there's a lot that she hasn't told him.

In Leo's apartment, Leo, having been informed of the whole truth by his daughter, is enraged at what he has learned. Leo pictures them running away, but the research facility is a prison which Hope agrees with, but she wonders if it's also the future. Hope doesn't mean the CRM, but the researchers themselves and their research. Their discussion is interrupted by a phone call.

In the holding area, Leo shares a tearful reunion with Iris and Felix. Hope is surprised by Iris' presence there and even more by Percy being dressed up as Elton. Hugging her sister, Iris promises to explain everything to her.

In Leo's apartment, having been informed the escape plan, Leo is surprised that they want to leave now while Hope asks why 2 p.m. that day. Felix explains that the guard shift happens at 2 and Will has got this all mapped out and it's the only way to get out of the research facility without anyone noticing. Percy adds that if they do, he's going to hang back and give them some cover while Iris states that it's also when Silas is meeting them at the Detritus Service Terminal. Hope is surprised that the others were with Silas and Iris confirms that Silas is coming with them. Leo worries that it's a long, dangerous walk to Portland, but Iris tells her father that they got to the research facility, and they'll get to Portland too. Portland needs to know what their Alliance partner did. Leo is afraid that if the CRM catches them, they could kill everyone, but Felix suggests that, if they get caught, they leverage the fact that the CRM want Leo and Hope working towards the future for their safety. With about 40 minutes left until the deadline, Iris states that this is their best and only chance to be a family again on their terms. Leo checks with Hope who reminds Leo that he said that it was about making their own choices and, right now, this is the only choice that they've got. After a moment, Leo decides that he needs to say goodbye to Lyla, suggesting that maybe she can come with them. Leo calls Lyla the only person outside of this room that they can trust, and he needs to talk to her.

A frazzled Leo comes out of Lyla's office, having been unable to find her and bumps into Ellis who tells Leo that he thinks that he saw Lyla in the teaching lab about an hour ago. As Leo prepares to open the door to the lab, he is stopped by Huck who insists that they need to talk now, and she wouldn't be coming to him if it wasn't life or death. Entering a storage closet, Leo gives Huck less than one minute to explain herself. Huck doesn't know what Hope has told Leo about Omaha and the Campus Colony, but she shows him coded CRM transmissions proving that the military brought in the empties that overran both locations. Huck points out that the letters and numbers aren't a part of the CRM code and Leo recognizes them as the coding system for test subjects. Huck doesn't know how it all fits, but some of the people killed in Omaha and the Campus Colony were being used for research, research that Huck thinks is still being done right here in the research facility. Huck needs Leo's help to figure out what the hell's going on and who's involved so they can stop it.

"Who Are You?"[]

In a flashback, Leo, Lyla, Will, Romano, Samuel Abbott, Dr. Ebersol, two other scientists and a squad of CRM soldiers led by Corporal Diane Pierce run through the woods, fleeing a small herd. However, the soldiers, Will and Romano are able to put all of the nearby empties down. Leo jokes that it's just another day at the office while Diane apologizes, stating that a small herd they'd been tracking had dipped south a little too close for comfort. Diane tells the scientists that they'll wait it out there for a few minutes until the CRM's disruption charges turn the empties around. Will warns that the charges might draw more empties from the south and he leaves with Romano to scout it out.

Leo jokingly asks if all of her research expeditions are this exciting and, with a laugh, Lyla tells him that they are almost never. Another empty approaches, but Lyla stops the soldiers from shooting it as it's one of their test subjects. The soldiers capture the empty instead and Leo begins recording with a video camera. Approaching the empty, Lyla states that its geo tracker must've malfunctioned again while Ebersol had thought that the hard reset coding would've fixed the issue. Ebersol activates a command on his control pad, but the empty's bio recorder just shorts out. Ebersol has the soldiers hold the empty while he runs a diagnostic and Lyla reassures Leo that they had the bio recorder's data box fireproofed just in case. Lyla drops some papers and, as Lep bends down to help her, he tells her to call him Leo rather than Dr. Bennett. Lyla asks for Leo's opinion on the research facility so far and Leo calls it remarkable with the infrastructure and the equipment being beyond anything that he'd imagined. The geo glitches aside, Leo can't wait to see more.

In the present, at 1:57 p.m., Leo tells Hope, Iris, Felix and Percy that, from what he can tell, the transmissions describe field tests conducted in the aftermath of some sort of large-scale chemical event. Leo guesses that the V symbol on the papers refers to a specific project at the research facility. Hope and Iris realize that the CRM used some kind of chemical weapon to kill everyone in Omaha and the Campus Colony and then used the empties to cover it up. Felix warns everyone that they now have exactly two minutes to meet Silas at the back terminal while Percy wonders if the documents are legitimate and not some kind of new con that Huck is planning. However, Leo insists that whatever this is, the specificity involved is real. Hope suggests that the scientists in on it didn't know or working against their will, but Iris' more cynical opinion is that they might've known exactly what they were doing and just didn't care.

Felix warns the others that they must make an immediate decision on whether to stay or go and Hope votes to stay, stating that these are people's lives they're talking about. Portland needs to know and they have to figure out what's going on and what all of this means. Felix agrees and tells the others that they need to leave word for Will and Elton and asks what they're going to do about Silas. Iris explains that she told Silas to leave if they didn't show up and to go back to the culling facility until they figure things out and that's hopefully what he did. Percy's surprised that they're scrapping the escape plan, but Iris admits that Hope's right and they need answers. Percy wonders what then and Iris firmly tells the others that they make sure that the CRM doesn't get away with it. Leo agrees and says that they're going to get some answers.

Later, Leo continues to look over the transmissions, before he has to take a break when his eyes begin bothering him. Lyla enters the lab, having just heard the news about Iris and Felix being found. Leo tells his girlfriend that they had just come in and he was about to tell her. Lyla knows that Leo must be incredibly relieved and shows him some clothes that she's picked out for Iris and Felix from the stockpile. Noticing how distracted Leo is, Lyla offers a raincheck on dinner that night which Leo has completely forgotten about. However, Leo decides to have dinner with her anyways, thinking that a dose of domestic normalcy might help, and it might be good for Lyla to meet them. Lyla drops the bag of clothes and as Leo goes to help her pick it up, he remembers doing the exact same thing when she dropped the papers during their research expedition and that those papers had also talked about Project V. Leo is stunned by the realization that Lyla is involved in the CRM's genocide of Omaha and the Campus Colony, but he agrees to see her at 7 p.m. for dinner.

After composing himself in the bathroom of his apartment, Leo tells the others that he needs to know just how much Lyla knows. Leo explains that Lyla being there for dinner means that she won't be in her lab. Leo tells Felix that he needs Felix to do something for him, but not just Felix.

At dinner, Iris tries to brag to Lyla that she could've been an amazing chef, but Leo refuses to back her up. Watching Leo and Lyla hold hands as they laugh, Iris asks what Lyla did for a living before all of this. Lyla reveals that she worked for big pharma on treatment for a variety of diseases, but she doesn't want to bore them with all of that. Iris asks if Lyla tested on animals which she confirms is unfortunately true, calling it industry standard. Iris suggests that if it was so unfortunate that it shouldn't have been standard while Leo and Hope exchange a look while Lyla tells Iris that in most cases, testing on isolated cells doesn't produce reliable results. Lyla asks if it isn't worth it if sacrificing a few mice means saving thousands of lives. Iris suggests that it depends on where you're willing to draw the line and what if what you're doing is worse than the disease you're trying to cure. Leo interrupts, suggesting that this might be a discussion that's better suited for a classroom. However, Lyla acknowledges that Iris has a point, but it all comes down to how much of your humanity and soul you are willing to sacrifice for the greater good. While they all do things that they wish they didn't have to, that's just life. Iris angrily tells Lyla that it's not just life, but a choice to do those things and to say that it's not is just an excuse. Standing, Hope suggests that they go check on Felix and see if he's doing any better. Iris refuses, but Leo reinforces Hope's suggestion and Iris reluctantly leaves with Hope. Lyla tries to leave, but Leo convinces her that Iris just needs some time to cool off and to stay.

When Huck knocks out the power to the facility, the power surge causes one of the bulbs in Leo's apartment to blow, startling Leo and Lyla. Lighting a candle, Leo guesses from the flickering lights that the grid is trying to come back on. Looking distressed, Lyla comments that she should go check on her lab, but Leo reassures Lyla that all of the labs are run by backup generators. Lyla reveals that tonight has just brought up some things for her and Leo asks her what they are. Lyla admits that there is something that she hasn't been honest with Leo about, but he'll need to come with her as it's better if Lyla shows him. Leo follows her out, but he first grabs a knife.

Lyla leads Leo to a bench beneath a tree, confusing him. Lyla reminds Leo that he had asked in the past if she had a family before all of this and, while she's barely said a word about it before, she should tell Leo what happened to them. Lyla tearfully explains that it was right at the start of the outbreak and Mia, her daughter, was six. Mia was bitten by an empty who had gotten into their backyard and Lyla's husband Kevin slept with Mia in her bed that night. Mia had gotten so sick so fast, and Kevin loved her deeply. When Lyla went to check on them the next morning, Kevin was on the floor, bleeding out, after his neck had been almost chewed through and Mia wasn't her daughter anymore and a few hours later, Kevin wasn't her husband anymore as they both became empties. By that point, the phones had stopped working and most of the neighbors were gone so Lyla just kept them there. One day, there was a crash and Kevin and Mia were pinned beneath a bookcase and that was when Lyla knew what she needed to do. Using an extension cord and some belts from her closet, Lyla made it so they couldn't attack her, got her old medical kit from the garage and did everything she could to fix them. Getting even more emotional, Lyla admits that she did horrible things to her family, whatever she could think of to try to bring her husband and baby girl back, but she couldn't. Lyla spent her life looking for cures to diseases, but she couldn't cure her family. Lyla touches the tree where her initials, Mia's and Kevin's are carved into it in the form of three overlapping circles similar to the symbol for the Alliance of the Three. Lyla explains that her lost family is the reason that she's doing what she's doing and, while she couldn't fix her family, maybe someday she can help fix the world. Leo pulls the crying Lyla into a hug, comforting her.

"Blood and Lies"[]

In his lab, Leo takes a swab of the liquid in the vial that Felix stole and adds it to a beaker as Hope and Iris watch with Hope glancing at the equations on the whiteboard in Leo's lab. The liquid in the beaker turns a light shade of purple and Leo identifies the liquid as chlorine. "They gassed everybody back home. That's how they did it," realizes Hope with Iris realizing that chlorine gas is how the CRM was able to kill over a hundred thousand people. Leo tells his daughters that massive amounts of chlorine gas can be produced with very little effort and expensive resources before describing how the gas kills its victims. Angry, Hope states that the CRM can't just get away with this, but Iris tells her that the CRM already has unless they do something about it. Hope is confused as liquid chlorine is supposed to be colorless which Leo agrees with, guessing that something must've been added to it. Putting the vial away, Leo tells Hope and Iris that they need to keep this safe until they can figure it out.

In his apartment, Leo does research on chemical warfare when he's interrupted by an urgent knock at the door. Quickly hiding his research, Leo opens the door to find Lyla who warns Leo that the CRM is coming at any second to take him in for questioning. Lyla knows that Leo, Felix or the girls somehow stole the vial from her lab, although she doesn't know how they did it. Leo tries to deny it, but Lyla interrupts him, telling Leo that she was brought in for questioning that morning. All of the vials containing important specimens associated with CRM operations are stored in a refrigerator with security sensors. As a result, the CRM knows that a vial went missing during the blackout. Leo starts to ask what she means by specimens associated with CRM operations, but Lyla stops him, telling Leo that he doesn't have to pretend, and Leo needs to listen as the CRM is coming. Lyla told them that she misplaced the vial and, if he just gives it back to her, Lyla won't be in danger anymore and neither will Leo and his daughters. A knock sounds at the door and Lyla pleads for Leo to lie to the soldiers that she was an hour late for dinner. Leo reluctantly orders Lyla to hide and answers the door to be greeted by Lieutenant Frank Newton and two CRM soldiers. Frank tells Leo that he needs to come with them, as they have some questions for him.

Outside, Felix demands to know where Frank is taking Leo, but Frank tells Felix that he can go back to his apartment. Leo tells Felix that it's ok, but Felix refuses to stop, citing that he's Leo's security detail and refusing to let the CRM take Leo anywhere without him. Felix tries to shove past Frank, but Frank and another soldier restrain him and take Felix with them. Frank wonders out loud "what is it with Dr. Bennett and his security detail, huh? They just keep asking for it." Approaching Iris and Percy, Felix warns Iris that the CRM has her dad and orders her to tell Hope as he's led away.

Under interrogation by Huck and Jadis, Leo insists that he doesn't know anything about any missing research, and he refuses to answer any more questions until his security detail is there. Jadis tells Leo that Felix is there, but he won't be joining them. Leo cites how the Science Exchange Agreement stipulates that he's not to be denied access to his security detail, but Jadis reminds Leo that it also stipulates no unauthorized communication in or out of CR jurisdictions which Leo violated on 16 separate occasions. With each being punishable by long terms of imprisonment, Jadis suggests that Leo give the CRM a pass on having Felix sit in an adjacent room.

Jadis asks where Leo was the night before between 7 p.m. and midnight and looks to Huck to continue with the questioning. Noting that Leo is in a relationship with Lyla Belshaw, Huck asks if Leo had seen her at all last night and Leo admits to inviting Lyla over to meet Iris and that Hope was with them. Huck asks about "Elton" and Felix and Leo states that Felix was with Huck on patrol. Huck asks what time Lyla showed up and Leo hesitates to answer. After some prompting from Huck, Leo lies that dinner was at 7, but Lyla got caught up in some work and showed up an hour later. Huck asks if Leo dated much after his wife died and he admits that he didn't which both Leo and Huck acknowledge that she already knows. Huck wonders what it was about Lyla that Leo found so special after ten years of being a single father. Under Huck's prompting, Leo calls Lyla someone who was smart and kind and would laugh at his jokes. Leo was able to tell Lyla things about himself and stories about his family, the smallest things. Lyla would absorb every last detail like she was part of the family, like she wanted to be a part of it and so Leo wanted her to be a part of it. Huck points out that it sounds like Leo loved Lyla and Leo admits that maybe he did. Jadis notes the past tense and asks if Leo had fallen out of love with Lyla. Leo claims that Jadis is twisting his words, but Jadis points out that Leo did that himself before leaving with Huck.

Having come to the conclusion that Leo and Lyla are covering up the theft of the vial, Jadis returns to interrogate Leo who insists that he's not working with Lyla to cover up anything. However, Jadis tells Leo that it's obvious that he is, and Huck helped her to see it. Jadis tells Leo about something interesting that she had read in his file, that Leo had confided in Lyla about Hope's gifts and Lyla went straight to Elizabeth Kublek with it. Leo is shocked by this revelation and Jadis suggests that Leo doesn't really know Lyla.

Frank enters the interrogation room with Lyla who is carrying the missing vial. Lyla presents the vial to Jadis who dismisses all of the other soldiers aside from Frank and asks where she found it. Looking at the vial, Lyla decides to be honest and tells Jadis that Leo stole it with the help of his daughters and his security detail. The group became suspicious that she was involved in classified experiments and took it from the storage freezer. Jadis has Frank take the vial from Lyla who apologizes to the furious Leo, telling him that there's no more lies and deceit. Lyla had thought that she could manage this to everyone's benefit, and she tells Jadis that she can't hurt Leo who is too valuable as they need him, and Leo can help with Project Votus. Interested, Huck asks about Project Votus and, over Jadis' orders not to speak, Lyla explains that it's a project that studies live test subjects through death to further research on reanimation. Leo is shocked as Lyla explains that this is what's she's been hiding, and Leo now knows the truth.

Lyla tells Jadis that Jadis is now going to let Leo go as Lyla thinks that she's on the verge of a significant breakthrough: her test subject is going on a full eight hours without reanimating. Jadis calls it rare, but not unheard of, but Lyla thinks that this could be the step forward that they've been waiting for and with Leo helping her openly and passing on that knowledge to his daughter, they could make a lot of progress. Lyla insists that they need Leo and Hope's help and Jadis states that in the position she holds, Jadis has proven her use to the CRM by making the right deals on their behalf. Jadis believes what Lyla says and per Elizabeth, Project Votus is the ultimate priority. Jadis tells Leo that the deal is that Leo will walk today and get away with another capital crime as will Hope, Iris and Felix and in return, they focus his efforts on Project Votus. Glaring at Lyla, Leo reluctantly agrees and Jadis asks if Leo is motivated, and can he move past all of this and see what he's doing for what it is. Leo states that he can and that what it is is "saving what's left. Whatever it is." Jadis tells him that it's a war of life versus death and it doesn't mean that some of them won't die along the way. Jadis orders Frank to release Felix and he leaves to do so. Jadis looks forward to seeing the fruits of Leo and Lyla's labor and she orders Lyla to stick around so that they can go see about her test subject after Jadis deals with some business with her team. It does sound like historic progress and Jadis would love to share the news with Major General Beale.

Sitting in Leo's living room, Hope asks what they do now. Leo isn't sure and tells Hope, Iris and Felix that Elizabeth Kublek wasn't there and Jadis told him to take a couple of days and report back to work on Monday. Leo doesn't know if he's going to have armed guards at his elbows or not and Felix suggests that they get out of the research facility before then and have Huck get word to Silas. Iris reveals that Percy went to talk to Huck that morning and she hasn't seen him since.

Answering a knock on the door, Iris is relieved to find Percy and becomes concerned at what he did after seeing how distressed Percy is. Percy explains to the Endlings that there's not gonna be an Alliance of the Three anymore and Felix asks what he means. Percy suggests that maybe the CRM never intended to have allies and maybe they had just wanted to find out who their competition was. Iris asks what he's telling them, and Percy reveals that it's just going to be the Civic Republic, the CRM is going to wipe out Portland using the chlorine gas and the empties to cover it up just like they did in Omaha and the Campus Colony. The CRM intends to kill 87,000 people and they have no way to warn them as a wire would get intercepted and it would take months to reach Portland on foot. Portland won't see it coming and they won't know what hit them. Percy tells the others that it will be soon, and Hope asks how soon, but Percy doesn't know as Jadis had only said that it would be soon. Felix points out that they know where the gas is, and Iris realizes that he wants to destroy the gas. Hope decides that they must destroy the research facility as well. This isn't just about saving Portland and escaping, they can't let the CRM keep the research facility. Hope wants to get the scientists and their research out and keep it going. Iris wonders how they're going to do that.

"Returning Point"[]

Leo shows Amanda Siegel, Terry Ellis and Dr. Ebersol the stolen communications proving that the CRM had wiped out Omaha and the Campus Colony. Leo tells the others that their entire purpose now is to find their way to a healed planet, not them, but for their children, and maybe their grandchildren. They can still give their families that life and they owe it to them, but not at the research facility with the people responsible for genocide. Amanda and Terry wonder how, pointing out that the CRM won't just let them leave. Leo acknowledges this, stating that they can be damn sure that the CRM will never let them go.

Ebersol realizes that Leo is talking about an escape, but Leo clarifies that he's past talking about it and that a plan's already in motion with help from the outside and using the CRM's own security protocols against them. Ebersol worries about what will happen to them in the long term, and Leo knows that he's asking them to take a giant leap and doesn't have every answer, but they can't stay at the research facility either. Leo reveals to the other scientists that Lyla Belshaw wasn't killed in a laboratory accident, but rather that she was murdered by the CRM, just like Samuel Abbott and Leo's security detail. Although Ebersol is still hesitant, Amanda agrees with Leo, pointing out that the CRM has committed genocide and intends to again which they have proof of. If the scientists stay, they will become a party to all that the CRM does or they will be killed too. Leo promises Ebersol that they are working to stop the monsters and to stop people from turning into monsters, but they need to save themselves from that fate first. Leo asks if the scientists are in, and they agree.

In Huck's apartment, Huck rolls up a blueprint and tells Leo and Felix that, if things roll the Endlings' way, it'll be just enough to pull this off and get everyone out and someplace where the CRM can't get them. Felix wonders what happens to Huck if this works and she suggests that if she can get back to the Civic Republic, Huck can let the civilian government know what the military's done. Leo admits that Huck almost had him fooled the day before and Huck starts to bring up what Jadis had her do to Lyla. However, Leo reassures Huck that Lyla did it to herself and that if Lyla had to die at someone else's hands, Leo wishes that they had been his, but Huck tells Leo that he doesn't want that on his conscience.

Felix wonders how this plays out without the CRM killing Huck and Huck reveals that she is pretty sure that the empty that Jadis had her use to kill Lyla was a soldier that was tied to Omaha who had been trying to talk. If there's one, there's more, a resistance that can help Huck get to the people that she needs to talk to. It won't be easy, but Huck has to try "and who knows. Maybe in the end, it'll be me and Dennis, trying together." Felix silently acknowledges this, and Huck provides the two men with radios and guns, ordering them to wait for her go. Leo asks if they're all set up for them on the outside and Huck explains that Dennis and Silas are on their way to relay the plan to Indira and her people. Once they radio that they're on board, the Endlings will make their move.

As an evacuation is announced, Leo leads the other scientists, their security details to the biocontainment unit where Iris, Felix and Percy are waiting for him. Felix informs Leo that the others are already inside, but Iris admits that Hope isn't, but she promises that Hope will be there. Felix and Percy join the others in entering the biocontainment unit as Leo and Iris anxiously wait outside for Hope. Pacing, Leo becomes concerned that something's wrong just before all of the doors begin to close as the facility goes into full lockdown. Leo orders Iris to stay with the others as he needs to find Hope, but Hope rushes in at that moment with Mason Beale and they make it inside just before the door seals. Looking around at the gathered people in alarm and confusion, Mason asks Hope what's going on. Hope apologizes, wishing that there was another way, but the Endlings' plan doesn't work without Mason. Felix and Percy grab Mason and drag him away, calling out for Hope and Percy welcomes Mason to the biocontainment unit.

Leo and Felix move around some shelves to make room and Felix quips that it's a good thing that he told Will that he wouldn't do anything reckless. Leo believes that they didn't have a choice, but Felix suggests that it's all a choice: Leo chose to give Felix a life and Felix is choosing to make it count. Leo reassures Felix that he already has and promises that they're going to get Felix back to Will and then Felix is finally going to start living for himself. Stating that that goes for Leo too, Felix and Leo start smashing the floor apart with sledgehammers.

Hope and Iris go over a blueprint with Felix and Leo, mapping out the direction that they will be traveling in. Leo warns the others that they only have 12 minutes until the CRM gets in and Leo heads off to get everybody ready while Felix goes to set the C4. Nearby, Percy unties Mason who angrily refuses to go anywhere until they tell him where they're taking him. Hope tries to intervene as Percy roughly drags Mason away, but Iris stops her. Hope protests that Mason didn't do anything, but Iris tells her that neither did and they and that there is too much at stake and they need to get it done.

When the CRM soldiers enter the biocontainment unit, four of them are killed by C4 that Felix had set. They discover that everyone has escaped into the old mining tunnels beneath the facility, having counted on the CRM initiating lockdown protocols. The Endlings had known that sealing the containment door would buy them time to escape into the old mining tunnels and used the explosives to stop the CRM from following them in. They also stole all of the research to take it with them and wiped it from the facility's central server. Jadis realizes that their actions are not just an escape plan, but a rebellion. Jadis orders Corporal Diane Pierce to shoot to kill if she sees the Bennetts or any of the scientists.

"Death and the Dead"[]

Having escaped into Lyla Belshaw's secret lab, Leo passes around controllers for the viral recorders strapped to the backs of several of the CRM test subjects which the Endlings have released into the mining tunnels with C4 strapped to their backs. Leo declares to the others that the CRM is sending them a signal so they're sending one back, reassuring the group that the CRM has brought them to this. While the others watch, Leo, Iris, Terry Ellis, Amanda Siegel and Dr. Ebersol detonate the C4, killing the fireteams searching for them in the tunnels who have just encountered and put down all of the empties. "No going back now," notes Felix. After exchanging a look with Mason, Hope detonates hers last.

Leo calls in over the radio, asking to speak to Jadis. Answering his call, Jadis admonishes Leo for killing her men, telling him that their lives might mean nothing to Leo, but they had dedicated their lives to fighting for a future, a future that the Endlings are putting at great risk for every living person on the planet. Leo tells her that the trap was only for show, and they're prepared to escalate even further. Jadis states that Leo has crossed a very serious line, but Leo tells her that the CRM destroyed their home and an entire surviving city full of living people and then tried to hide that from everyone.

Leo announces that they're done with the CRM and that they're all leaving today. Jadis doesn't think that Leo is any position to bargain with her, but Leo reveals that they have Mason Beale, giving Jadis pause. After a moment, Jadis accuses Leo of lying as Mason had left on an evacuation transport with the other students. Leo holds up the radio to Mason who hesitates to respond before Hope pleads with him to. After a moment, Mason speaks to Jadis and asks her to get him out of there. Increasingly angry but unable to do anything but bargain, Jadis asks what Leo wants and he asks for the two biggest transport trucks that she has with full tanks of gas and no tricks.

Jadis asks where they plan on going and if Leo plans on abandoning his role in finding a cure and in someday saving their entire species. However, Leo reiterates that the CRM are murderers and liars, and the scientists are no longer willing to continue working for them. Leo promises that if the CRM lets them go, the scientists will find another way to save everyone eventually, even the CRM. Jadis questions if everyone with him feels the same way and if they are all so quick to abandon the safety and security that the CRM has given them. Jadis insists that they won't find that outside of the CRM's walls and that "there is no progress out there. Only death and the dead." Jadis tells Leo to ask Hope as she's seen it. Iris, Felix and Leo give Hope surprised looks, but Leo simply tells Jadis that she has 30 minutes to get the trucks backed up to the service entrance near Guard Gate 1 and while they don't want to hurt Mason, they're prepared to escalate, causing Mason to give a worried look to Hope. Jadis agrees to give the Endlings the trucks and, as Felix heads off to meet them, furiously congratulates on Leo on roping a lot of smart people into a breathlessly stupid suicide mission.

Looking at the empty test subjects, Mason asks Iris and Percy what goes on in the lab. Percy suggests that Mason ask his father, sarcastically calling Major General Beale a real standup guy. Iris is then called away by Leo to where Hope is packing C4 into a bag and the others are preparing to leave. Felix tells Leo that the trucks are ready and Leo states he and the others are heading out and they should keep radio communications to a minimum. Iris promises to let her father know when they've made it out and reassures him that he's got this. Leo tells Hope, Iris and Felix that as long as the CRM thinks that they're all leaving and that they've got Mason, they shouldn't try anything. Hope tells her father to be safe and he jokes that he should be saying that to her and Iris. Iris promises Leo that, if this works, they'll be right behind him. The three agree to no goodbyes and Leo asks Felix to take care of his daughters which Felix agrees to and asks Leo to take care of the other scientists, reminding Leo that all eyes are going to be on Leo for this part. Stating that that's the plan, Leo and the scientists leave.

After finding Leo and the scientists not at the rendezvous point, Felix tries to raise Leo on the radio again and Leo reveals that they got stuck after a tire blew on one of the trucks due to spikes in the road. Leo and the others have loaded as many people as they could onto the second truck and sent it ahead. Felix asks for Leo's location and Leo explains that they're about 2 miles due west of the rendezvous point, having lost some time detouring around a herd. Leo thinks that they can patch the tire, but whoever left the spikes can't be far behind. Felix orders Leo to sit tight as he's coming which Leo acknowledges.

"The Last Light"[]

At the roadside, Leo puts down an empty an S-Pole before Felix joins him and the others. Felix asks if everyone is safe, and Leo informs him that the rest of the scientists got to safety on the second truck. It's just them, two others and a decade's worth of research left. Spotting a CRM jeep pulling up, the four men quickly hide in the woods. Lieutenant Frank Newton emerges with two CRM soldiers and Frank calls for them to surrender, stating that they can't win this.

Exchanging a look, Leo and Felix emerge from hiding and open fire on the CRM soldiers, sparking a gunfight. Suddenly, Will joins them, armed with a CRM rifle. Will explains that he was headed to the underground mall with the others, but he doubled back after hearing Leo's distress call. Still under fire, Leo states that they can't do this forever, and Will orders the other two to split the soldiers up as it will be easier to pick them off. Felix decides to circle around as a decoy and cut through the trees, stating that Frank is an asshole who is sure to take the bait. As Leo and Will provide covering fire, Felix grabs Leo's S-Pole and heads off through the trees, chased by Frank.

As Leo, Will and the two soldiers continue to exchange fire, one of the men runs out of ammo and is forced to reload. Sneaking around the truck, Will attempts to shoot him, only to discover that he has run out of ammo as well. The two men enter into a physical fight, ending with Will snapping the soldier's neck, killing him. The other soldier moves into the woods where he finds and prepares to shoot the other two men. Will sneaks up on the soldier, but hearing him, the man turns and fires at Will who hides behind a tree. As the soldier is distracted with Will, Leo shoots and kills him from the side.

That night, Felix stands guard with a pair of binoculars outside of Dolsons. Walking inside, Felix approaches the cot where an unconscious Elton is laying with Asha at his side and Leo tending to him following the amputation of part of his left arm due to an empty bite. Leo leads Felix over to where Hope and Iris are standing and tells him that Elton's breathing shallow and has lost a lot of blood, maybe too much to survive. Leo suggests that they should secure Elton just in case he dies and Hope tells Felix that Elton had saved her life. Will calls Indira over and hands her two boxes of vials that were in Elton's bag which Elton had stolen from the research facility. Indira tells the others that it's the medicine that she needs to live with her kidney failure.

Later, Iris approaches Hope as she sits vigil at a still unconscious Elton's bedside, reading a book. Hope tells her sister that the book is Elton's and that he had started writing a book. Leo approaches his daughters and Iris tells him that she was talking with some of Indira's people and a bunch of them want to leave and head to Portland to warn them once it's safe in a few days. Leo asks if Iris wants the scientists to go with them, and Hope objects that they can't leave Elton. However, Iris isn't suggesting that they should. While Iris knows that the underground mall isn't permanent, it seems safe, and Cornell University is nearby and there must be lab equipment there. If the scientists stay, they can keep working on this place and the science for years.

Leo realizes that Iris wants to go with the people that are leaving, and she admits that she thinks that it's what she's supposed to do. Iris knows that she might not be making any sense right now, but Hope feels that she is: this isn't about them, but the future. Not the CRM's future, but the future of everybody. That's how Hope feels and she's sure that it's how Elton feels too. Leo tells Iris that he loves her, but he can't just let her go. Iris promises that she'd come back with reinforcements from Portland. Will suggests that maybe he and Felix can go with Iris too, but Iris refuses as there's too much at stake here, too much that needs to be protected. Felix agrees with Iris, stating that the CRM's close and the scientists aren't fighters, but Iris is.

A few days later, Iris and several people prepare to depart for Portland while Hope, Indira, Felix, Will, and some of the others stay with Leo. Indira reassures Leo that Iris is in good hands with her people and vice versa as they watch Iris say goodbye to Felix and Will. Iris gives Will a map showing her route to Portland in case he needs to find her for any reason and Felix asks Iris to take care of herself to which Iris returns the sentiment, asking Felix and Will to take care of each other. Iris tearfully turns to her sister and Hope remembers how she said that they would save the world together. Hope still thinks that they could with Iris adding that they can even if they're not together anymore. "All this... it didn't change us. It just showed us that who we are is who we were," comments Iris. Hope and Iris hug each other and exchange I love yous before Iris begins to leave. Stopping Iris, Hope gives her a double middle finger, causing Leo and Indira to laugh. Hope tells her sister to "grin, girl" and Iris returns the middle finger with a laugh. Leo waves goodbye with Will blows Iris a kiss and she begins ascending the escalator out. Suddenly, Asha runs in with the news that Elton is awake, stopping Iris' departure. Elated by the news, everyone rushes to Elton's side.

After everyone else's departure, Hope works with her father and the other scientists in continuing their experiments on an empty using Hope's earlier yeast theory which shows some promising results.

Killed Victims[]

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