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Leslie's Houseboat is a location in Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this location before the apocalypse aside that Leslie Stanton may have owned it.


At some point Leslie Stanton got to this houseboat where he managed to have a huge stash of supplies. Knowing that he would be a target to other survivors, he set up a sign saying to not mess with him or else. At some point a survivor or group of survivors came across the houseboat and shot at Leslie. Although they did manage to kill him, the survivor(s) were never able to reach the boat and take his supplies.

Season 7

"Sing Me a Song"

Rick and Aaron encounter another warning sign; this time, the writer threatens to shoot anyone who comes for his food, supplies, or ammo. They move past the sign and reach a pond filled with walkers. They see a dilapidated houseboat floating in the center of the pond.

"Hearts Still Beating"

At the walker-filled pond, Rick and Aaron find a canoe riddled with bullet holes. They decide to row the canoe to the boat in the middle of the pond. Rick and Aaron paddle the sinking boat; they're surrounded by walkers. As they reach the canoe, a walker pulls Aaron underwater. Aaron escapes and swims to the houseboat. Rick paddles the canoe to the houseboat and docks it.

Rick and Aaron rummage through supplies on the houseboat. Aaron finds a note with a drawing of a middle finger: "Congrats for winning, but you still lose." Rick and Aaron get the houseboat to shore and load the cargo truck with supplies. Rick mentions how Michonne feels about their deal with the Saviors — that it isn't living. Aaron says he knows they're doing this to stay alive: "Either your heart is beating or it isn't." They finish loading the truck and prepare to leave. Someone in mismatched boots watches them from across the pond. It is later revealed this is Tamiel from the Scavengers.




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