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Lewis Medical Supplies is a location seen in Season 8 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


This was a medical supply building before the apocalypse.


Season 8

"The Key"

Negan awakens in his overturned car, covered in walker guts. Rick Grimes stumbles out of his smashed vehicle, approaches and shoots at Negan, who uses the car for cover.

Negan escapes into an nearby abandoned building with Rick hot on his heels.

Inside, Rick continues firing at Negan but quickly runs out of bullets. On a staircase, he throws his hatchet at Negan and narrowly misses. Negan breaks through the railing on the stair landing and dangles from the edge by his fingers.

Rick grabs his hatchet and chops at Negan's hands, but Negan releases his grip and plummets into the basement.

Rick hunts for Negan in the basement. He discovers a barricaded storage room full of walkers. Negan makes Rick an offer: If Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom fall in line, they'll only be required to send the Saviors a quarter of their supplies as long as Rick works at the Sanctuary as a janitor. Rick retorts that Negan lost his credibility after the Saviors killed all the Scavengers. Negan reels at the news of the massacre. Rick finds Lucille on the ground.

Simon and Dwight find Negan's wrecked car. They decide to abandon their search and return to the Saviors. Dwight lights the car on fire.

Rick tells Negan he has Lucille. Negan forbids Rick from touching her. Rick sets Lucille on fire and bashes the barricade to the storage room, busting it open. Negan charges at him.

Rick swings at Negan. Meanwhile, walkers flood out of the storage room and attack. Negan tackles Rick, grabs his beloved bat and escapes. Rick chases him through a window. He runs outside and finds his car gone.


TV Series

Season 8