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"Dawn's afraid she'll look weak in front of us. Thinks it will tip things against her.... It will. She'll see this trade as a rip-off if she thinks you took out one of our guys. So it's a good thing Lamson got his by rotters."
—Licari to Rick Grimes.[src]

Licari (first name unknown) is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a police officer at Grady Memorial Hospital.


Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing is known about Licari's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was an officer for the Atlanta Police Department.


Season 5


After Officer Amanda Shepherd and Sergeant Bob Lamson are captured by survivors Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Noah, Tyreese Williams, and Sasha Williams, Officer Licari shows up to the rescue in his car, firing at Rick's group, allowing Shepherd and Lamson to escape in the vehicle. However, Sasha is able to shoot out one of the tires, disabling the vehicle a short distance away. While Shepherd and Lamson flee, Licari retreats into a nearby trailer and attacks Daryl as he investigates the crash site. The two men get into a fight, with Licari choking Daryl until he receives a blow to the head with a skull Daryl rips off of a nearby zombie burnt to the ground. Before Licari can recuperate, Rick holds him at gunpoint.

Licari, along with the re-captured Lamson and Shepherd, are brought inside a building overseeing the FEMA evacuation site. He and the other officers attempt to persuade Rick's group to let them go in exchange for Beth Greene and Carol Peletier, who are in the possession of the hospital and whom Rick's group are trying to rescue, but are unsuccessful. He is then tied to a post in the building, separated from Shepherd and Lamson.


After Lamson, who attempted to escape back to the hospital, is killed by Rick, Licari agrees to support the group's exchange plan and claim Lamson was eaten by walkers. Licari remains in captivity until he is brought to the hospital to complete the trade. True to his word, Licari tells his lieutenant Dawn Lerner that walkers killed Lamson, and is turned over to the other officers. After he witnesses the deaths of Dawn and Beth, he remains behind at the hospital (which is now apparently under Shepherd's leadership) with Dr. Steven Edwards, the patients, and the other officers.

Season 9

"Who Are You Now?"

With the multi-year time skip, the community of survivors at Grady Memorial eventually fell and everyone was killed, including Licari.[1]


Killed By
  • Unknown causes

At some point, Licari and all the other Grady Memorial residents died due to unknown causes.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Officer Licari has killed:


TV Series

Season 5


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  1. During a live Q&A with Gregory Nicotero hosted by Shindig.com on May 29, 2020, a user asked Nicotero about the status of the hospital survivors and Nicotero confirmed they are all dead.