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This lighthouse is a location that first appeared in Season 7 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known of this location's history.


Season 7

At some point following the outbreak, the lighthouse becomes home to an unnamed survivor. The man eventually dies, possibly because he runs out of supplies and starves.

"The Beacon"

While looking for Padre, Will comes across the lighthouse and puts down the reanimated survivor that had been living here. Finding nothing useful, Will departs soon afterwards.

After parting ways from Will, Victor Strand makes his way to the lighthouse where he finds a map that shows him the location of the Franklin Hotel in relation to the lighthouse. As Strand tries to leave, Will arrives, knowing that the lighthouse is one of the few places nearby that someone can take shelter in. After a confrontation between the two men, Will starts to leave, only to have a herd approach through the fog made up of cultists that he recognizes from the bunker. Wanting to see if Alicia Clark is one of them, Will fires up the lighthouse beacon to light a path for Strand who begins putting the walkers down with his sword. When the beacon goes out, Will joins Strand and together they put down all of the reanimated cultists. However, none of them are Alicia and the two men depart for the bunker to find out what happened.

After finding the bunker completely abandoned, Will and Strand briefly return to the bunker and remove the beacon using a sled pulled by walkers to drag it to Strand's Tower.


  • 1 unnamed survivor


  • 1 unnamed survivor (Alive and Zombified)
  • 18 unnamed cultists (Zombified)


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Season 7